Initially, Yang Chen did not feel anything when he swallowed the sariras. Once it entered his stomach, Yang Chen used the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to absorb it.

Something surprising happened!

The Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture used the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy as the medium to absorb the Buddha’s power from the sariras. With a reddish-golden glow, the power flowed through Yang Chen’s body.

Yang Chen’s soul was the first to feel its benefit as it thickened with Buddha’s power. With that, Chaos would not be able to sway him as easily.

As for his dantian, Yang Chen could feel the Chaos Energy being oppressed by the tranquil power of the sariras.

He let out a breath.

The monks were not utterly useless after all. Although Yang Chen did not know the sariras came from which monk, he reckoned the monk must be from the Great Ancient times to have such great energy.

At that moment, Yang Chen felt soothed. He could easily control his cultivation, without feeling threatened by Chaos.

He balled his fists. There was a high similarity between Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and Chaos Energy, so once he subdued Chaos, its energy mixed with him and was transformed into Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy.

He ascended to the Full Yang Chen of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage at once. Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning tribulation once felt unimaginable to him, but at that instant, Yang Chen could feel a subtle change.

Although Chaos was still around,  it was practically a caged beast. Since it would not affect his mind and soul, Yang Chen could not care less about it. In fact, he could use it like an ATM for more Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy.

Surprised by the scripture’s ability to absorb and break down an artifact, Yang Chen was even considering collecting more artifacts and swallowing them.

Overjoyed that his cultivation was back, Yang Chen threw his head back and guffawed.

After that, he looked at Zihao with a mocking gaze.

Zihao was scared out of his wits, wondering about Yang Chen’s identity. He knew the sariras were precious, so he kept scheming to get them without exposing himself. He was planning to research it afterward. 

But Yang Chen showed up out of nowhere, snatched the sariras, and even ate it!

That was the heart of a giant Buddha! It might even be from the Great Ancient times, so it was impossible to find another treasure like that.

However, Zihao could not think about those. He only wanted to get out of there alive. The man before him was too powerful. His cultivation was on another level than him.

Noticing Yang Chen’s gaze, Zihao thought he was thinking of a way to torment him.

“You have unparalleled cultivation, Master! I’m sorry for being a fool. Please let me go!” Zihao flattered him to get out of the dangerous situation.

Yang Chen said, “Answer my questions honestly, and I’ll consider letting you go.”

“Please ask!” Zihao dared not hide anything, for he knew with the disparity in their cultivation, it was hard to lie without getting caught.

Yang Chen pondered for a moment before asking, “Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you the head of the North Bureo clan? Why did you steal the sariras? Also, what did you use to conceal your cultivation?”

“Master, my real name is Master Insect. Zihao is just a fake name. I’m a Huang phase cultivator in Hongmeng. A hundred years ago, I was the Hongmeng Messenger. When I was traveling around China, I found an artifact from the Great Ancient times in the Kunlun Mountains. I call it Blinding Leaf. This artifact can conceal aura, change a person’s physical appearance and whatnot. Even those with cultivation superior to could not sense it. That was how I thought of leaving Hongmeng and going overseas…”

Listening to Master Insect’s recount, Yang Chen had a rough idea of his experience.

He knew that the other countries have more resources for cultivators which were far better than being constantly restricted in Hongmeng.

With Blinding Leaf, he came overseas. While he was in Korea, he met the head of the North Bureo clan which gave him the idea of using the clan’s connections to scavenge resources from all over the world.

He used a hundred years to expand the clan, using the leader as a puppet to handle the affairs while he traveled all over the world to earn money to buy to even steal resources.

With the North Bureo clan, he was able to advance into the Li Fire tribulation despite his mediocre talent. However, it was tough to improve further.

The sariras were exactly what he needed. Although he was skilled at poison and curses, he was also familiar with Buddhism. Hence, he wanted to research the sariras for a chance of a breakthrough.

Unexpectedly, Yang Chen, who also needed the sariras, ruined his plan!

Yang Chen was in deep thought for a moment, and he asked thoughtfully, “So, you must have gathered a lot of resources for the past years?” 

Master Insect understood that immediately. He nodded and replied, “That’s right. Master, I have a treasury. If you want them, you can take them. Please let me go!”

“You’re quick-witted. I also want Blinding Leaf. Also… give me the list of the important people in the North Bureo clan. Hmm… also… I can’t think of anything now. That’s all for now,” Yang Chen said.

Master Insect was close to tears. He had given Yang Chen almost everything, and he was still asking for more.

Still, Master Insect figured he still had a chance to live since Yang Chen only wanted the resources. Although it would be hard to conceal himself without Blinding Leaf, he only needed to be careful and refrain from using his cultivation. Besides, the fight with Yang Chen did not attract any Gods or cultivators.

Unbeknownst to him, the Gods’ absence was mostly related to Yang Chen. If Master Insect was alone, he could not have been that lucky.

Yang Chen made Master Insect hand in Blinding Leaf to him. He figured it should be similar to the missing Cap of Invisibility.

True to its name, it was a small golden leaf. Although it was considered a low-tiered artifact as it could not be used for offense and defense, its function was fascinating.

Whether he was carrying in on his body or in the space ring, it could still conceal his aura and cultivation. Moreover, depending on the amount of True Yuan used, he could also change his apparent cultivation and physical appearance.

Yang Chen snickered. He would be able to trick others into thinking he was only in Ruo Water. Then, suddenly he turned out to be in the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage! That would be exhilarating!

To stay low profile, Yang Chen changed his apparent cultivation to the starting phase of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage, which was his cultivation before entering the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

Then, he returned to the ship and treated Jiang Xiaobai’s gunshot wound. Yang Chen transferred to him a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy, and he was immediately rejuvenated.

“Don’t remember too much about today. I can save you, and I can kill you. Bring them back to Korea. I need to do something.”

Yang Chen ignored Jiang Xiaobai’s expression of gratitude and ordered Master Insect to bring him to the treasury.

Having lost Blinding Leaf, Master Insect recovered his original appearance—a scrawny old monk with a wretched face. Yang Chen thought it was fitting with his poisonous insects. After all, for him to reach Li Fire after three hundred years, he would surely be old.

Master Insect’s treasury was built on an uninhabited island in Korea. It was his private territory and inside a small mountain contained his treasury. 

“Master, these are all the resources I’ve gathered in the past years, including the herbs, fruits, iron, and spring water. I’ve used some of it to feed my kids while the rest are…”

As Master Insect introduced his treasure, he walked into the inner region and opened a heavy bronze door with his True Yuan.