The danger in Seoul had been solved as the bombs were discovered with the use of high technology equipment. The guests of the ceremony had also returned home. 

Due to the incident, the wedding ceremony between the Park family and Kim family at Jogyesa was unlikely to take place.

Back at the Park residence, Park Cheon had just got off the phone with the person in charge. 

Judging from his furrowed brows, the Parks and Kims knew that they were not allowed to proceed with the wedding ceremony.

Kim Yang said, “Sir, we can’t do anything about it. After all, no one would’ve expected the terrorist attack. We can just do it on another day.”

“Yes, yes, Grandpa! It’s too rushed to change the location of the wedding ceremony. Besides, the emergency had just ended. It’s not a good omen for a wedding,” Zhenxiu said eagerly. She wanted to seize the opportunity and call off the wedding.

On the other hand, Kim Jip seemed calm as if he was not bothered by it.

Noticing the joy on Zhenxiu’s face, Park Cheon recalled something which made him grit his teeth. “No! The invitations have been sent out. All the preparations have been completed. Tomorrow is a good day, so the wedding must go on!”

The Parks were not surprised by it since they were familiar with Park Cheon’s personality. He was never one to give up easily.

Frustrated, Zhenxiu stomped her feet. “Grandpa! Why are you in such a hurry to marry me off?! I don’t like Kim Jip!”

“Quiet! How could you say that here!” Park Cheon chastised her.

Kim Yang smiled and said, “It’s not surprising that Ms. Zhenxiu doesn’t like my son. It’s all right. Most marriages in families like ours are marriages of convenience. It takes time for their feelings to develop.”

“You should be thankful that the Kims are forgiving. When will you understand your duty as the heir?” Park Cheon shook his head and sighed.

Zhenxiu clenched her teeth and glared at them. “I hate all of you!”

With that, she stalked upstairs.

Eunjung went after her worriedly, calling Zhenxiu’s name as she did.

Kim Jip, who had been silent the whole time, glanced upstairs silently with an odd gleam in his eyes.

“Dad, since we can’t use Jogyesa, do you need me to look for a new venue?” Park Cheon’s second daughter, Park Jiyeon asked.

Ever since the incident with Park Jonghyun, no one in the Park family dared to rebel against Park Cheon. Besides, Park Cheon had recovered and chose Zhenxiu as his heir. They knew their place and dared not cross the line, for fear of upsetting Park Cheon.

“Contact all the guests and tell them we will have the ceremony at Starmoon Villa. Carry all the stuff there tonight. I need it to be perfectly done!”

Park Jiyeon nodded and proceeded to carry out his orders with her husband.

On the second floor, Zhenxiu was throwing a tantrum, hitting her bed vigorously. 

Eunjung stood at the doorway helplessly. She knew Zhenxiu would not listen to her, so she could only watch her.

Suddenly, Zhenxiu sat up, tidied her hair, and picked up her phone from the desk.

“Miss, who are you calling?”

While dialing the number, Zhenxiu replied, “I want to ask if Brother Yang has returned. I want him to bring me out of here.”


On the other hand, Jane sat in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel the whole afternoon. While waiting for Yang Chen, she took out her tablet and drew on it for a while. Some rich young man even walked over and tried hitting on her, but she did not entertain them.

Jane was not worried about Yang Chen. Probably because she had admired him since young, she believed that he would survive past all hardships and return unharmed.

After yawning for the umpteenth time, a familiar figure finally showed up in front of her.

“Yang Chen?” Immediately, she could sense something different about him from his expression. “Dear, you’ve recovered your cultivation?!” she exclaimed.

Yang Chen chuckled and pecked her on the lips.

“I gained a lot this time. Honey, it was a blessing in disguise. I think God really likes me.” Yang Chen smiled smugly.

Jane was happy for him. Curious, she urged, “Quick, tell me what happened!”

Having nothing to hide, Yang Chen recounted the whole incident to her.

Wide-eyed, Jane uttered in disbelief, “That Zihao… I mean, Master Insect, he’s so good at hiding that he tricked all of us.”

“It’s because of the Blinding Leaf. I can conceal my cultivation with it and even change my appearance. It’s truly fascinating,” Yang Chen praised.

Just when he wanted to talk about the resources, his phone rang.

Yang Chen answered the call, “Zhenxiu? What’s wrong?”

“Brother Yang, are you all right?” Zhenxiu asked.

“Yeah, of course, I’m fine.” Yang Chen smiled. She still cares a lot about me although she ignored me in the morning.

“That’s great! Brother Yang, bring me away, please. I really don’t want to marry Kim Jip. Grandpa said he’s changing the venue and that the wedding has to go in. I… I really don’t want to marry him…” Zhenxiu’s voice was shaky.

Yang Chen was silent for a while. After taking a deep breath, he said, “Zhenxiu, I’m just an outsider. Even though I want to take care of you, you have a real family. Your grandfather won’t harm you. He only wants you to have everything. You should be more considerate of his feelings. Try to get to know Kim Jip. He’s not a bad person…”

“No! I don’t want to hear this! Brother Yang, you’re the same as them! No one understands me! I hate you!”

Zhenxiu threw her phone away in a fit of anger.

Yang Chen shrugged. Zhenxiu’s call had suppressed his earlier joy.

“Are you sure you won’t regret it? Even if you’re unwilling to accept her feelings for you, you shouldn’t force her to marry someone she doesn’t like,” Jane said.

Yang Chen touched his forehead in exasperation. “To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about Zhenxiu. Sometimes I think of her as my childish younger sister, but sometimes she acts so maturely that I can't read her mind. You know that I can’t give her a title or a complete love. What if afterward, she realized her feelings for me stemmed from gratitude? Won’t I be blamed for changing her life? Besides, I’m not the right person for her. When Hui Lin and I started dating, Ruoxi said I was worse than a beast. I felt the same too. I… I dare not imagine the guilt I’ll feel if Zhenxiu insists on being with me…”

“In the end, you still care about Lin Ruoxi’s feelings. Even though your marriage is practically over, you can’t stop thinking about her. That’s disheartening.” Jane pouted.

Yang Chen smiled sheepishly. “I can’t stop myself from feeling guilty. How did someone like me manage to win your heart? Besides, my further enemies could be very dangerous at an unimaginable level. Zhenxiu might be in danger if we get together. From the book I received from Master Insect, it showed that the Kims, Parks and Gongs do not have members of the North Bureo clan. So, although I know she doesn’t like Kim Jip, I don’t wish to stop the wedding. Because I know it’ll be a peaceful life for her.”

Jane did not say anything since she was not fond of the idea of having another woman date Yang Chen. She then wrapped her arms around his arm to go upstairs, hoping to see the things Yang Chen had brought back.

Yang Chen had a different plan. “Jane, go back to the room first. I need to make a trip to Zhonghai and ask Qing’er to verify something for me. I’ll be back when it’s settled.”