Zhang Ru nodded immediately and said, “Yes, Ms. Jane. His name is Jiang Xiaobai.”

Yang Chen tutted and remarked, “You two are so lovey-dovey now. Jiang Xiaobai is pretty quick huh.”

The couple felt embarrassed.

After returning to Seoul last night, the joy of escaping the jaws of death made the couple bury the hatchet. Their hearts were reconnected.

For the rest of the night, they had a passionate lovemaking session. Since Yang Chen healed Jiang Xiaobai, he was rejuvenated. As if he wanted to make it up for their lost time, he did not stop until he was thoroughly satisfied.

That was why Zhang Ru looked as if she was glowing, prompting Jane and Yang Chen to tease her.

Still, the couple was thankful to Yang Chen for saving them last night. If it wasn’t for him, they would have died in the sea. Naturally, they would not say a word about the incident.

Once they arrived at the lobby, Yang Chen found out that Zhang Ru was about to resign from her work before the couple returned to Zhonghai.

After some hesitation, Jiang Xiaobai beckoned Yang Chen to a corner and bowed to him.

“There's no need to thank me. I’d rather you leave me alone the next time I kill someone in Zhonghai,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Jiang Xiaobai grinned. “Young Master Yang, I work for the government. Even though I’m indebted to you, I’ll still separate work and personal life. You might not care about my gratitude, but I still want to thank you formally. Thank you, Young Master Yang. You made me believe that as long as I love my wife and treat her well, she would surely understand my feelings.”

Yang Chen was startled. Then, he shook his head. “That’s not completely true. It’s because you two still love each other.”

Jiang Xiaobai replied, “Maybe. But if we didn’t have feelings for each other, we wouldn’t have gotten married. No matter what happens in the future, I’ll always treat Xiao Ru well even if she’s angry with me or misunderstands me. Regardless of what she thinks, I’m determined to treat her well.”

While looking at the confident look on Jiang Xiaobai’s face, Yang Chen was reminded of him and Lin Ruoxi.

Yeah, regardless of what she thinks, I have the freedom to treat her well. There’s no need to overthink things…

After bidding farewell to Jiang Xiaobai and Zhang Ru, Yang Chen listened to Jane’s advice and went to buy a Giorgio Armani suit as the outfit to wear to the wedding.

As for Jane, she chose a simple white BV dress to not overshine the bride. Coincidentally, it matched Yang Chen’s outfit.

Once everything was settled, they headed to Starmoon villa—a vast and glamourous villa built by Starmoon Group in Seoul. As it contained all sorts of basic facilities, they did not need to make many preparations for the wedding.

Park Cheon was initially talking to some big shots in the political and corporate world, but upon seeing Yang Chen and Jane, he immediately left them to greet Yang Chen.

For someone as influential as him, he knew a thing or two about the incident on the high seas.

Once the military arrived at the two yachts, they bumped into a New Zealand warship and found the clan members whose corpses were in an awful state.

According to the survivors from the North Bureo clan, one person broke into the commanding room and did the deeds.

Park Cheon put the pieces together and reckoned it must have something to do with Yang Chen.

Since Yang Chen was a true elite, Park Cheon was eager to curry favor with him.

“Mr. Yang, Dr. Jane, you two are late. I was worried you would miss out on the wedding,” he said in a very friendly tone. 

“Of course, I have to attend Zhenxiu’s wedding. Sir, you can just greet the other guests. We’ll just walk around.”

Park Cheon was displeased to hear that. “Are you saying that a businessman like me isn’t worthy of your company? No guests in this wedding are comparable to you!”

Yang Chen frowned slightly. Then, he smiled when he realized Park Cheon must have known about his doings on the high seas.

Park Cheon tried to get more information from him, but Yang Chen only gave him vague replies. After all, if he really admitted it, it would be equivalent to telling him he took the sariras. Although Yang Chen was not afraid of trouble, he preferred to be careful.

Knowing that his presence was not welcomed, Park Cheon chuckled dryly and left them alone.

Yang Chen and Jane asked about the bride’s room and moved on in search of Zhenxiu.

When they arrived at a white house within the villa, a bodyguard stopped them.

Eunjung ran out of the house and said with an apologetic expression, “Mr. Yang, Ms. Jane, I’m sorry. Miss said she doesn’t want to meet you two.”

Although Yang Chen was mentally prepared to hear that, he was still disappointed. Even so, he was not angry at her, merely feeling sorry for rejecting her.

At that, they returned to the yard, sat on their seats near to the first row, and waited for the wedding ceremony to start.

On the other hand, Zhenxiu was sitting before the mirror, dressed in a wedding dress while the maids did the finishing touches.

However, the dark look on the bride’s face was evident. Her eyes were slightly red from not having a good night’s sleep last night.

Eunjung walked in and reported, “Miss, I’ve stopped Mr. Yang and Ms. Jane from coming in as per your order.”

Zhenxiu hummed as a response. Still, her heart was aching. He really didn’t come in just because I said so. Does he care about me at all?

At that thought, Zhenxiu’s heart turned cold. The feeling of disappointment was making her feel stuffy.

Yang Chen, who was sitting in his seat, felt restless for no reason. The thought of Zhenxiu becoming someone else’s wife made him shake his legs uncontrollably.

Jane saw his odd behavior but merely shook her head and said nothing. 

Finally, with the melodious piano sound playing, the wedding ceremony officially began.

The whole villa was decorated with pink and white flowers. As the professional band from Vienna played the Wedding March, the guests tilted their heads to watch the groom and bride walk towards the altar.

Yang Chen was in a daze when Jane pulled him up. In the next second, he saw Zhenxiu, who was dressed as a princess, walking forward with her hand in Park Cheon’s. 

The petals were floating in the air, adding a festive mood to the wedding, but everything felt so far away from him.

He felt as if he was in a vacuumed space where he could smell or hear nothing. The only person he could see was Zhenxiu’s approaching figure.

With the veil covering her face, her expression was concealed. Still, he could see the reluctance in her steps.

Kim Jip, donning a white suit, was already waiting for her at the altar. As usual, he had an aloof expression which made it seem as if he was just the bodyguard for the groom instead of the groom himself.

Finally, with Park Cheon’s support, Zhenxiu walked before Kim Jip. She glanced at Yang Chen briefly before turning to face her groom.

Park Cheon smiled a little as if glad that the wedding was going on smoothly. 

Just when he was about to give Zhenxiu’s hand to Kim Jip, something happened suddenly!

Zhenxiu staggered and collapsed to the floor as if she lost all her energy.

That caused an uproar in the crowd.

Everyone including Park Cheon, Kim Yang, and Kim Jip were shocked.


Yang Chen was the first one to snap out of it. He dashed towards Zhenxiu and pulled her veil off, revealing her ghastly pale face. She was struggling to breathe, her pupils constricting as her body spasmed violently. 

“Zhenxiu! Wh-what happened! Don’t frighten me!” Park Cheon cried and knelt next to her.

“Get out of the way! I’m a doctor!”

Jane squeezed past the crowd and rushed toward Zhenxiu. Then, she checked her eyes to examine her condition. With a sharp gaze, she uttered, “She has been poisoned!”