"Poisoned? How is that possible!" Park Cheon was horrified.

Jane did not bother to respond to him. Instead, she turned to Yang Chen and said, "Hubby, bring Zhenxiu somewhere quiet."

Yang Chen couldn't care less and carried Zhenxiu to the nearest bungalow. Although his movements were fast, he tried to be as careful as possible so that the girl in his arms would not feel uncomfortable.

Jane followed him quickly. Once they entered the bungalow, Jane told him, "Based on my experience and understanding, Zhenxiu is displaying symptoms of potassium cyanide poisoning. Upon coming into contact with heat in the air, it can absorb water and carbon dioxide and release hydrogen cyanide. It can cause body spasms, difficulty in breathing and affect blood circulation leading to death!"

Yang Chen put Zhenxiu down on the sofa. Seeing that she was spasming uncontrollably, her pupils dilating, he yelled, "I don't care what poisoned her! How should we save her?"  

Frowning, Jane pondered for a moment before saying, "It's too late for any emergency treatment. Hubby, why don't you use the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture and the pills? Inject the spiritual energy into her meridians to strengthen her cells. Once they are strong enough, they could metabolize and eliminate the toxin quickly! Then Zhenxiu may survive past this critical period!"

Yang Chen knew there was no time for delay. He had done toxin elimination before, but not with something as complex as this! Swiftly, he took out a dragon guarding pill and fed it to Zhenxiu. At that moment, its rarity could not bother him. 

If anyone from the cultivation world saw that, they would have berated him for wasting such a precious treasure.

As the dragon guarding pill could strengthen one's physique and speed up the process of the spiritual energy coursing through the body, it was the best time to use it.

After feeding it to Zhenxiu, Yang Chen started operating the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture and helped her dissolve the pill so that it could reach all her meridians.

At that moment, the Parks and a big group of guests had arrived at the building. Jane walked out to the door to keep them outside. "Sir, if you believe in us, do not come in! Or you'll have to pay the price!"

In that instance, Jane was emitting an aura of nobility that stirred up reverence within them.

Shaking with fear, Park Cheon was dying to look inside. However, when he recalled Jane's outstanding medical skills and Yang Chen's magical abilities, he gritted his teeth and said, "All right! No one is allowed to go in!"

The bodyguards immediately surrounded the area. At that, the guests left one by one.

"Sir, I advise you to seal off the area in which Zhenxiu had stayed before. Everyone here is a suspect. Once Zhenxiu is out of danger, we have to catch the culprit," Jane said calmly.

Park Cheon finally snapped out of his trance and ordered his people to take care of it.

"Dr. Jane, Zhenxiu is my life. She can't be in danger... I... Please, save her!"

While saying so, Park Cheon bent his knees to kneel before her.

Jane held his arms and comforted him, "Don't worry. According to my observations, the dose of poison wasn't huge. That's why she didn't die immediately. She has a high chance of recovery."

Jane dared not be too confident. After all, with a poison like potassium cyanide, she could not have saved Zhenxiu without ye.

Whoever it was, the culprit must be dead set on killing her!

Reminded of something, she told Park Cheon, "Sir, I need some equipment and medicine. I know someone in the local institute of chemistry. Please send someone to retrieve the items for me."

Knowing that Jane wanted to locate the crime scene, he agreed to her request immediately.

Time ticked away. The supposedly joyous occasion turned gloomy as the band stopped playing. The vibrantly dressed servers stood in the yard with blank expressions on their faces. 

The guests had yet to leave. Although they appeared to be concerned about the bride's safety, in truth, they had different opinions about it. Those who had collaborations with the Parks wished only the best for them, while those preying on them wished the opposite. 

Nonetheless, they were all waiting to hear from Zhenxiu.

On the sofa in the living room where the trio was, Yang Chen had been eliminating the toxin from Zhenxiu's body, round after round. Beads of black blood were formed on her skin. Other than the chemical toxins, he had also eliminated other toxins from her body.

A nasty stench filled the room, but Yang Chen was relieved to see that her heart rate and breathing rate had stabilised. Color had returned to her face too.

He then converted a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to a water spiritual energy to clean the toxins off her skin.

Jane, who had been guarding the door, was relieved to see that. She patted her chest and approached him. "Thank goodness you're here, or Zhenxiu would've died today."

Gently, Yang Chen reached out to touch Zhenxiu's warm cheek and tucked her hair behind her ear.

It was supposed to be her wedding, but she almost died.

The fact that someone had tried to kill her caused a dark look to creep into Yang Chen's eyes.

"Did you go out to survey the crime scene just now?" Yang Chen asked.

"Yeah. I've found out the mode of operation, but I still haven't found out the culprit," Jane replied while furrowing her brows.

Yang Chen sneered, "They can't do it without attending the wedding. The culprit must be someone in the villa. Investigate them one by one, and we'll surely catch them."

As soon as the couple walked out of the bungalow, a group of people surrounded them.

Upon knowing that Zhenxiu was safe, Park Cheon kneeled before Yang Chen out of joy.

"Mr. Yang, can I go in and look at Zhenxiu?" Yang Chen asked expectantly.

"No!" Yang Chen announced, "Everyone here is a suspect until the culprit is caught.  I forbid anyone from coming close to the bungalow! Stay far away!"

Most of the people were displeased to hear his orders. 

"Who are you? Why should we listen to you?" An influential official jeered. 

Yang Chen's face was dark as he uttered, "Come nearer if you dare, and I'll treat you as the prime suspect."

That gave them the shudders. However, they did not know Yang Chen's words bore murderous intent. On the contrary, the experienced bodyguards sensed it and cowered.

Knowing that Yang Chen was speaking the truth, he took the lead to leave first. 

The guests did not want to be treated as suspects, so they retreated to the yard.

At that moment, Jane raised Zhenxiu's veil that had been sealed in a plastic bag and said, "Everyone, please have a look at this. This is the item used to poison Ms. Zhenxiu. The culprit applied potassium cyanide on the veil. When Ms. Zhenxiu heated the veil with her breath, the potassium cyanide on it released hydrogen cyanide. I've asked around. The wedding gown was not guarded. So, most guests had the opportunity to touch the veil and poison it when the wedding gown was transported to the villa and the bride's room. It does not require any complicated technique, so anyone could do it. Hence, we'd like to ask for everyone's cooperation in the investigation."

Yang Chen stood before the crowd and raised his voice. "No one is allowed to leave until we complete the investigations. Those who have grudges with the Parks, whether in private or in public, current or the past, step forth!"

"You've got to be kidding me! You should start with the maids and makeup artists first. They are the most logical suspects!" A guest snapped.

"I don't need you to tell me that. They would have to undergo an investigation, too. Besides, why would they poison the wedding gown when they would be the first to be suspected?"

That guest's face turned red with shame. "If you want to know who bears the biggest grudge against the Parks, it would surely be the Gongs!"

Gong Gyechung and Gong Woo glared at that guest. If he were not from a traditional noble family, they would have fought him there and then.

"We would not do something as despicable as this! Ms. Zhenxiu may have rejected my son, but my father is close to President Park. Our families are close with each other," Gong Gyechung defended himself.

Another guest tutted and taunted, "Please, no one would believe that. Everyone knew how much you wanted President Park to stay on his sickbed and how you coerced them to marry Ms. Zhenxiu to your son. We're not fools!"

At that moment, all the guests only wanted to get out of the problematic situation. Since Park Cheon was furious, it was the best time to deal a blow to other families.

The Gongs knew they were the prime target. Because of the past incidents, they had the most plausible motives to commit such a crime.

At that, they were swelled with indignation. "We did not do it! Father, there's no need to entertain them. No one would dare to stop us from walking out of here!" Gong Woo uttered coldly and gave Yang Chen a side-eye.

Gong Gyechung cackled. "That's right! You guys are a bunch of rabid dogs who target others to save yourselves. Do you really think we would be afraid of you guys?!"

Then, he pointed at Yang Chen and smirked. "How dare a Chinese man intervene with our matters? Keep spewing nonsense, and I'll have the police arrest you!"