Upon hearing that, the crowd finally remembered their identities in the upper-class society of Korea. Most of them were millionaires in Asia, so why should they listen to Yang Chen?

Plus, they only attended the wedding out of respect for Park Cheon.

The Gongs were gloating over it. They pushed the guests out of the way and stalked to the parking lot. 

The guests felt humiliated for being frightened by Yang Chen. Displeased with the fact that Gong Gyechung could pull off such a heroic act, they glared at Yang Chen in disdain.

Park Cheon, too, realized this. Some of the guests were more influential than him and could not be coerced to cooperate with the investigations.

As the crowd dispersed, some were starting to discuss their next gathering, deliberately annoying Yang Chen.

However, Yang Chen seemed unfazed and caught up to the Gongs.

Seeing Yang Chen following them, Gong Gyechung turned around and jeered, “Why? Are you still trying to confine us? Don’t you know that we’re a lawful country? You’ll be jailed for confining the citizens…”

Yang Chen ignored him and walked to the wedding car which was parked at the side of the yard.

Under everyone’s curious gaze, Yang Chen put his hands on the bonnet and the undercarriage.

What is he trying to do? Move the car?! The crowd thought in unison.

At that next second, the scene that unfolded before them baffled them.

As if he was crying a giant bubble wrap, the wedding car was lifted over Yang Chen’s head with metal creaking sounds.

The car which weighed two tonnes was light as a feather on Yang Chen’s hands!

It was nothing for Yang Chen and Jane, but in the eyes of the guests, Yang Chen was no different from a monster.

The Gongs finally recollected themselves, their mouths slacked as they took a few steps back. 

“You… What are you trying to do?!” Gong Gyechung asked with a shaky voice.  

……Emotionlessly, Yang Chen strode to them with the car raised above his head. 

Overwhelmed with shock, Gong Gyechung failed to realize that the car had cast a shadow over him.

A thunderous thud sounded right after Yang Chen swung the car towards Gong Gyechung like a bat.

Immediately, his brain exploded into blood and flesh, his bones cracking into pieces one by one.

Yang Chen ignored all the horrified shrieks and continued to pound Gong Gyechung with the car.

It was like he was mincing his body, using the car as a knife.

Gong Gyechung died before he even realized it. His corpse was flattened to a pile of flesh, his bones broken to shards. Even his intestines and blood were splattered across the yard. 

Yang Chen was stained with blood, some of the flesh even fell onto his face.

When Yang Chen threw the broken car aside, the whole venue was so silent that one could hear a pin drop. The guests were all holding their breaths. 

The only one who seemed normal was Jane. After all, he was used to watching his inhumane brutality.

Yang Chen wiped the blood and flesh off his face and licked his red lips before sweeping his gaze across everyone. 


At that moment, even Park Cheon, who was always calm and composed, started to fear him.

On the other hand, Yang Chen was exasperated. He was not pretending to be contemplating but was truly frustrated. Frowning, he sighed. “You guys should’ve listened to me when I asked you to stay back for the investigations. Why must you provoke me?” Korea… Korea… Did I ask about your nationality? I could’ve just killed all of you instead of looking for the culprit, still, I controlled myself. However, you guys seem to have a death wish…”

The guests who had complained earlier were scared out of their wits. Someone even peed themself from the fear.

They dare not object to him after witnessing Yang Chen’s viciousness. Everyone was sweating buckets, afraid of being the next victim. 

Yang Chen glanced at Gong Woo who was the nearest to him. The latter no longer looked proud, too terrified to even cry. He was so close to a mental breakdown from smelling his father’s blood.

“I’ll start with you.” Yang Chen lifted him and threw him to the middle of the yard and had Jane order the bodyguards to search him.

The bodyguards dared not disobey him. They did not even wait for Park Cheon’s orders and proceeded to search Gong Woo thoroughly.

Once the search was completed, Jane did some chemical tests with his clothes. After confirming that everything was normal, she nodded at Yang Chen. “Nothing suspicious about him.”

Yang Chen beckoned towards the rest of the guests. “Those who have grudges against the Park family, step out. If you dare to hide anything, you’ll have the same ending as that guy…”

They dared not resist as Yang Chen was a madman. It was better to cooperate with him. After all, they could take revenge on him once this was over.

So, around a dozen people stepped out.

With Jane as the lead, they examined them but the culprit was still nowhere to be found.

“That’s weird. Judging by the time and mode of operation, if they wanted to poison the veil, they must have some powder on them. Did the maids and makeup artists do it?”

Yang Chen sounded aloof. “They are all here. I’ve covered the whole villa with my divine sense. No one can run away. Take your time. If we can’t find any evidence on them, we’ll search the whole villa.”

Jane nodded and asked Park Cheon to bring them over.

The mystery remained unsolved even after all the maids and makeup artists were examined. 

At that time, Yang Chen looked towards Eunjung who was standing next to Park Cheon. “Eunjung, you work for Zhenxiu too. You need to be examined too.”

Park Cheon and the Kims stared at her in shock as if they could not believe she would be one of the suspects. After all, she had been the most caring maid to Zhenxiu.

Eunjung pursed her lips and walked forward to let Jane do the test.

Jane wore rubber gloves and searched her whole body. Then, she mixed the sample on her clothes with a solution.

When the colorless solution turned pink, Jane’s eyes widened in shock.

“Potassium cyanide?! Eunjung, is it really you?”

Everyone stared at Eunjung incredulously. As if she had expected it, she bit her lower lip and lowered her head.

At that, the guests sighed in relief since they were no longer suspects. 

“How… how could it be Eunjung?” Shocked, Park Cheon staggered backward and roared, “Bastard! Have we ever wronged you?! Why did you poison Zhenxiu!”

The Parks swelled with indignation. Kim Yang and Kim Jip frowned at her. With his fists tightly clenched, Kim Jip looked as if he would explode with rage anytime soon.

Yang Chen calmed down at that moment, staring at Eunjung and waiting for an explanation. 

Eunjung’s eyes welled up with tears as she showed a pained smile. “President, I’m sorry… But I’ve waited for this day for a long time.”

“What?!” Park Cheon thought he was hearing things.

Hatred flashed across Eunjung’s face as she took a deep breath. “I’m sure you’ve forgotten a woman you’ve met more than twenty years ago… Her name is Ho Jiwan.”

Park Cheon gasped, his body shaking. Pointing a trembling finger at her, he stammered, “You… you are…”