“That’s right. She’s my mother. My surname is Ho, and my name is Ho Eunjung.”

“No! That’s impossible! She said… she said she…” Park Cheon blanched when reminded of the past.

Eunjung sneered, “Why? Cat got your tongue? I’ll say it on your behalf! Back when my mother was your assistant, you tempted her to date you. When she got pregnant with me, you wanted her to go for an abortion because you were worried it would tarnish your reputation! My mother couldn’t bear to do it, so she lied to you. At first, she was hoping to wait for the right time and beg you to accept me. But you gave her a sum of money and chased her away just so you could settle down the rumors in the company! Did you know that she never smiled ever since she gave birth to me? She hated you for abandoning her and also hated me for being your daughter. She constantly hit me, scolded me, forcing me to kneel, and cursed me as a wretch. She… she was a heavy drinker and had stage 4 liver cancer because of overconsumption of alcohol. At her sickbed, she told me everything, crying to me that she had wronged me. But I don’t blame her. The only person that I hate is you!”

Eunjung’s cries were heartbreaking. The suppressed emotions in her gave them the shudders.

Her biological father was her enemy!

Park Cheon finally stumbled to the ground. At that moment, he seemed to have aged, probably because of the guilt from his misdeeds

“So… so you came into our family to avenge your mother?” Park Cheon looked up and looked at his biological daughter, dressed in a maid outfit.

Technically, she was his youngest daughter. At that revelation, Park Jiyeon and her siblings had mixed reactions. They never expected the young maid would turn out to be their half-sister! 

“That’s right. I practiced Taekwondo and learned etiquette to enter the Park family. I did it all for today, to tear off your pretentious facade. I want your dearest granddaughter, your chosen heir, to die on her wedding day! I want you to pay the price for the horrible deeds you’ve done!” Eunjung yelled as tears streamed down her face.

Park Cheon’s heart was pounding against his ribcage as his breathing quickened. “My child, Eunjung… I … I’m sorry…”

Everyone was surprised that Park Cheon admitted it.

With a catch in his throat, he uttered, “I’ve been regretting the things I’ve done every night. But God can’t give me a chance to redeem myself. I don’t dare to meet your mother because I’m afraid of the hateful look she would give me… I’m old… I know I’m in the wrong… My child, could you give me a chance? If I had known you’re my daughter, I would’ve made it up to you in hundreds of folds. Eunjung, my dear child… Can you forgive me?”

Park Cheon was overwhelmed with emotions. The guilt he harbored towards Hu Jiwan was transformed into paternal love for Eunjung.

Only then did he realize the resemblance between Eunjung and her mother. How could he have overlooked this for years!

Of course, even though she was an ordinary person, he still viewed her as her youngest daughter, someone that he was ready to dote on. 

However, Eunjung’s eyes were filled with indifference and disdain. “Don’t you think it’s funny? I poisoned your granddaughter, and I hate you to the core and yet you’re asking me to forgive you?”

Suddenly reminded of something, Park Cheon sprang forward and begged Yang Chen, “Mr. Yang! Please let off Eunjung! She did it because she loathed me, not because she loathed Zhenxiu! Since Zhenxiu is safe now, I’ll take good care of her in the future. This would never happen again… Eunjung, Eunjung is my daughter. I can’t let her get hurt!”

Eunjung’s pupils constricted. She held her tears back and refused, “I don’t need your hypocrisy! I would rather let Mr. Yang kill me. That way, I won't have to see you anymore! I deserve it!”

“You… Eunjung, don’t be foolish!” Park Cheon continued to beg Yang Chen, “Mr. Yang, I’ll agree to all your demands as long as you let off Eunjung!”

Yang Chen shoved him away and frowned. “I don’t care if she’s your daughter. She has to die for hurting Zhenxiu!”

The crowd was appalled. Yang Chen actually disregarded Park Cheon! Besides, Eunjung was already so pitiful and Zhenxiu had also recovered. Was there really a need to kill the former?

Yang Chen was being so cruel because of Zhenxiu.

Even though he was shoved away, Park Cheon quickly tugged at Yang Chen’s arm and cried, “I’ll die in place of Eunjung! Mr. Yang, I know no one can stop you! Kill me! I’ve lived a long life, but Eunjung is still so young!”

At that point, he looked nothing like a millionaire but a father who was desperate to save his daughter.

Eunjung raised her head to keep her tears from falling.

Running out of patience, Yang Chen pushed Park Cheon aside and motioned Jane to pull him away.

“Stop being so annoying! I’m killing your daughter, not you!” Yang Chen roared and walked towards Eunjung.

Eunjung shut her eyes and awaited her death. Having seen Yang Chen’s capabilities, she knew resistance would be futile.

“You can’t kill her.”

A cold voice sounded before Yang Chen.

Kim Jip had shielded Eunjung with his body while staring at Yang Chen coldly like a panther.

“You?” Yang Chen sniggered, “Do you think you can stop me?”

Kim Jip shook his head. “I can’t.”

“Then what are you doing here?”

Kim Jip stated calmly, “I’m not here to stop you but to tell you the truth.”

“The truth?” An ambiguous smile played on Yang Chen’s lips.”

“No!” Eunjung pulled Kim Jip hysterically. “Go away! He's trying to kill me, not you! What are you doing here!”

Kim Jip hugged her tightly and yelled, “I’m the one who poisoned Xu Zhenxiu! Eunjung is innocent!”

Eunjung buried her face in his arms and sobbed while hitting his chest. “Why did you do this?! I’m going to die anyway! Why did you do this!”

The onlookers seemed to have caught on to something but still, their minds were muddled.

Kim Yang turned ghastly pale when he heard his son’s words. Overwhelmed with rage, he ended up fainting.

“Yang Chen, you are not one to kill innocent people. I believe in you. I’m here to tell you that the person I love is Ho Eunjung. She’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I can kill Xu Zhenxiu and even President Park for her! I know it’s unfair to Xu Zhenxiu, but I don’t have a choice. For her, I can be a madman, a bastard!”

“But the test result showed that she has the poison on her,” Yang Chen remarked calmly.

Kim Jip laughed. “Don’t you think it’s hilarious? If I was the culprit, I would’ve changed my clothes immediately instead of leaving such an obvious piece of evidence behind. I didn’t realize it, but Eunjung must have found the bottle of powder when she was tidying my suit. So she deliberately sprinkled some on herself. I didn’t know it because I flushed the bottle of powder down the drain.”

Having said so, he caressed Eunjung’s hair and said, “You silly woman, why did you do this? It’s my choice, so I should die for it… But I’m really glad. I’ve always thought that you don’t love me truly. However, it turns out that I’ve misunderstood you… You’re willing to take the blame on my behalf… I’m really happy…”

Eunjung shook her head vigorously. “I don’t want you to die… I don’t want…”

The couple made the onlookers pity them, the fear within them subsiding.

However, at that moment, Yang Chen, who had been cold the whole time, suddenly flashed a mysterious smile and told Jane, “Dear, what do you think about my acting skills? I deserve the Oscars for Best Actor, right?”