Jane hugged Yang Chen generously, pecked on her lover's mouth on tiptoe, and smiled sweetly, "Of course it's amazing! Your acting is superb!”

"Hehe, it’s because of Little Jane’s superb script," Yang Chen complimented.

"Hmm, the materials my honey gave me were useful too! I managed to write the script with the help of the clues," Jane retorted a little flattery.

The expression of the extreme contrast between these two people made everyone present at the scene confused and puzzled.

Jane sighed, poured the pink liquid into the test tube casually, and shook her head, "You guys definitely didn't learn chemistry well in high school. How can Potassium Cyanide be detected by this test, jeez..."

Park Cheon and his group, Kim Jip and Eunjung, were all stunned on the spot.

"This...Is this all..." Park Cheon wiped the tears from his face and asked incredulously, "Mr.Yang, Doctor Jane... You... Did you all design this on purpose!?"

Eunjung also came back into his senses, she covered her mouth and exclaimed, "So you didn't find out anything at all!?"

"Of course, how could it be so easy to detect Potassium Cyanide powder? But I didn't expect it to be so coincidental, Miss Eunjung actually spilled some powder on her own body. I wanted to check Kim Jip for the last time, but the script went very smoothly," Jane blinked and smiled triumphantly.

Kim Jip asked in a daze, "You...you knew that I was the one who put the poison in?!"

"I don't know exactly, it's just a guess. Of course, I also assumed Eunjung..." Yang Chen talked freely, "I didn’t just notice the thing between you two. Maybe you thought that you both hid it well, but there were still some traits exposed. When I stayed in the Park’s Residence last year, Park Cheon said that he wanted you to marry Zhenxiu and you were not interested in Zhenxiu at all, and he didn't look straight in front of you. But when Zhenxiu went upstairs, you just looked up straight. I originally thought it was strange why you went to see Zhenxiu again, but actually... what you were looking at was the back of Eunjung. Later on several times, I found that you followed Eunjung’s figure in particular. And Eunjung, at that time when Kim Jip protected Park Cheon in the hospital, when terrorists attacked the house when you thought of the hospital, what you blurted out was not about the 'President', but whether ‘Kim Jip’ would be in danger. As a servant of the Park Family, the first thing you thought about was not the master’s safety but the safety of a bodyguard. And you addressed him as ‘Kim Jip’ instead of ‘Young Master Kim’ so I left a snack. The previous time when we talked about the marriage,  Kim Jip mentioned that the tea was too hot and let Eunjung come to clean it, it was obviously a tantrum directed at her. I am afraid that you were angry at her for being idle while listening to the news that you’re going to marry Zhenxiu. After all, that kind of behavior was too different from your usual character. After observing these, I guessed it, and sent someone to secretly investigate the background information of Eunjung..."

Yang Chen didn't care about the stunned expressions on the rest, he smiled relaxedly, "Don't doubt my intelligence ability, I can easily find Eunjung’s background. I know that you are the illegitimate daughter of Park Cheon long ago. But I only managed to piece things together after Zhenxiu got poisoned today.”

Everyone, including the scheming Park Cheon, looked at Yang Chen in admiration.

They didn't expect that this seemingly reckless and brutal young man would be so observant that he managed to capture even the smallest details. 

This actually had something to do with Yang Chen being an assassin back then. Observing everything around was a compulsory course.

After discussing these details and information with Jane, the two discussed the previous series of "scripts" that led the snake out of the hole.

Yang Chen continued to preach fluently, "I learned that Eunjung was the illegitimate daughter who was cruelly left behind by the old man Park Cheon and I wondered why she endured it for so many years without doing anything? Previously when enemies invaded, Eunjung was so desperate to guard the Park’s, and even used her life to protect Zhenxiu, she did not look like she was here for revenge. But as long as you think of Kim Jip, it was not difficult to understand, because he was the old man’s bodyguard, he must have his own abilities. I am afraid that when Eunjung wanted to do something to Park Cheon, Kim Jip found out..."

As Yang Chen was speaking, the faces of Kim Jip and Eunjung were constantly changing, but they both acquiesced. 

The two of them did indeed have feelings because of their private struggles. Kim Jip didn't tell Park Cheon about Eunjung’s identity, and she also listened to his words, which was to not harm the Park family.

The main reason why Eunjung continued to stay in the park’s house was that she could often see Kim Jip, and the same goes for Kim Jip. Otherwise, as the young master of his Kim family, no matter how close he was to Park Cheon, he would not always be a bodyguard.

The two of them, one was under the pressure of the family that he must be tied with the Park Family, there was no free beast.

The other was a lonely and sad blossom flower with deep hatred and pain.

The various reasons made them feel the preciousness of each other, getting deeper and deeper, and finally reached where they were today and they could do all kinds of things for each other.

This could be said as a kind of romance, but also a kind of sadness.

Kim Jip looked at Yang Chen deeply, "I admire you ...... but why did you still let me marry Zhenxiu when you already know all of this? You should know that I’ll never love her.”

That being said, Yang Chen showed a touch of helplessness on his face and said nothing.

Jane replied, "Because Yang Chen believes in what you are..."

"As a person?" Kim Jip frowned.

"Yes," Jane explained, "He thinks that you are a trustworthy man, because you have your true temperament, and you are willing to hide the truth from President Park for the sake of Eunjung, which shows that you are different from those who only think about the benefit of the family. You’re a man who knows how to cherish. And Eunjung, you fought for the Park Family that night, and it was not because of anyone. In your mind, although you hated President Park Cheon, you have already regarded him as your father and regarded the Park family as your own home. Otherwise, she would not have to fight for the family when the president and you were both in the hospital. From this point of view, you all have kindness and Yang Chen did not expect the two of you to hurt Zhenxiu…”

Kim Jip heard this with a look of shame and regret, while Eunjung did not dare to face Park Cheon’s enthusiastic look. 

When Park Cheon heard Jane’s explanation, he was overjoyed and felt that it was indeed the case. If Eunjung didn’t care about her father, she would have left the Park’s Residence long ago. Even if she left, Kim Jip could also leave with her, no one would stop them. 

Therefore, that was the biggest reason why Eunjung hoped to stay in Park’s Residence!

"Eunjung...my daughter, so you still recognize me," Park Cheon trembled with excitement. He wanted to go up and touch Eunjung, but the latter drew away.

Eunjung looked at Pu Chuan vigilantly, but she was much less fierce than she was just now. Park Cheon also smiled and didn't disturb her much.

Yang Chen sighed and said, "I took it for granted. I forgot that in this world, the relationship between men and women cannot be judged by common sense. I didn’t expect you to poison Zhenxiu... But since you did, even if I know that you regret it now, I can't spare you lightly!"

"Mr. Yang! You...... Do you want to kill Kim Jip?" Park Cheon asked in astonishment.

Yang Chen said with determination, "Otherwise, this is completely unfair to Zhenxiu. Don't worry, I am quick in my moves, he will die peacefully, I will leave his whole body..."


A soft voice came from behind the crowd and completely dispelled the originally tense atmosphere.


Yang Chen and the others looked over. They didn't know that Zhenxiu, who recovered, had already watched all this from outside the crowd. Everyone focused their attention on Kim Jip and Eunjung instead...

Zhenxiu walked to the center of the crowd. After Yang Chen's teasing, the girl did not just recover but also felt very natural and comfortable. Her complexion was ruddy and shiny, and she did not look like she was nearly dead. This was a surprise to Park Cheon and others.

"Big Brother Yang," Zhenxiu stared at Yang Chen, her eyes started to tear, and said quietly, "For love, they can abandon their loyalty, status, wealth, affection, and desperately crush their bodies... I know that's not right, but think about them, and then look at ourselves, don’t you feel a bit ashamed?"