Yang Chen didn't expect this girl to come up to question him. Looking at Zhenxiu's clear yet scorching eyes, Yang Chen chuckled with a guilty conscience, "Ashamed? What should I be ashamed of?"

“Are you not?”  Zhenxiu seemed to have known this a long time ago, she walked up to Yang Chen and stared at him. "Well, I shall mention mine then.”

“Xu Zhenxiu...You..." Yang Chen wanted to interrupt, fearing that the girl might say something extraordinary.

But Zhenxiu did not seem to have the intention to stop, her eyes were red, and her voice trembled slightly with excitement.

"Big Brother Yang, I like you".

The girl's soft and firm words made Yang Chen stunned without knowing what to say next. He stood there with a stiff expression and did not know what to do. 

Zhenxiu suddenly smiled softly, and the girl in the snow-white wedding dress was now like an elf on the snow.

"Brother Yang, do you remember that when I was reviewing the college entrance examination in Zhonghai, you suddenly came into my room one night, and then you found that I was stacking frogs there..."

Zhenxiu seemed to be shy while talking about this matter, her face was flushed. 

Yang Chen nodded blankly, he remembered, but he was still having a headache with Zhenxiu’s sudden confession, what should he do now. 

The people around, including Park Cheon, were already dumbfounded. Not only was the bride poisoned by the groom, but it also led to the bride's admiration for a Chinese man!

"You must have thought I was very strange at that time. Why would I be folding frogs at that time? I guess I should tell you now...I found out at that time that I had fallen in love with you unknowingly, but you belonged to Sister Ruoxi. I can’t do something that would hurt her so I could only hide my love for you in my heart. I wanted to study hard, but I always thought of you in my heart, which made me confused, so I had to look for other things to do to distract myself. I tried to write a diary and everything inside was related to you, our arguments and fights and many other bad things… I wanted to hate you but I still ended up thinking about you, so I thought of using origami to vent my emotions. As if every time a frog was folded, the thoughts in my heart would be less..." 

Up to this point, Zhenxiu lowered her head and said, "But... I used to play with boys when I was a kid. The only origami I knew were the frog and the ninja dart, but I couldn’t put my thoughts in the ninja dart, because it would seem like I was hating you, so... I could only keep stacking frogs, one frog after another..."

Yang Chen had already come back to his senses by then, he couldn't help laughing when he heard such absurd words from Zhenxiu.

However, when he thought of the delicate back stacking frogs silently under the lamp, Yang Chen couldn’t bring himself to laugh...

Zhenxiu wiped the corner of her eyes, raised her head, and smiled and said, “I’m stupid right? I surely am. You must be laughing at me in your heart, but this is me, I don’t care if you laugh at me because I am brave enough to say it out loud.”

"Zhenxiu, I..."

"You don’t need to explain, and don’t talk about philosophies,” Zhenxiu said bitterly, "I slowly figured it out later on... You have always known my feelings for you. Your observational power is so strong and you can even discover the affairs of Eunjung and Kim Jip. How could you have missed me? Well, it’s just me trying to cover things up. That night, we sat in front of the convenience store and ate instant noodles, you knew that I wanted to kiss you, right? But you chose to pretend that nothing happened. My days without you all here in Seoul made me feel depressed whenever I thought about the past. Especially during autumn and winter, seeing the leaves falling from the tree, my heart felt like it was falling apart as well, it hurts.”

Yang Chen seemed to see the time this girl spent in this familiar yet unfamiliar place, and his heart ached.

"Big Brother Yang, you have always used the excuse of Kim Jip being a good man to prevaricate with me. Now, do you still think I should marry him?"

"This... of course not," Yang Chen obviously would be unwilling to push Zhenxiu into the fire pit. "I just didn't expect that he would do such a thing..."

"Of course you won't, because you like me in your heart," Zhenxiu suddenly said confidently, "You can kill people for me without hesitation, I can see what is deep in your eyes."

Yang Chen's mouth twitched. "Girl, you can't talk nonsense, I see you as my sister."

"Sister Huilin used to be your sister-in-law, don't think of using these words to deal with me,” Zhenxiu said with her eyes widened.

Yang Chen was completely out of touch, "You...this can't be placed together, I am..."

Yang Chen didn't know how to talk to Zhenxiu, the lines of defense in his heart were falling apart with the girl’s surging offenses. 

Zhenxiu seemed to be a little pissed. She gritted her silver teeth and stomped her feet, "Big Brother Yang, are you a man!? I am a girl and I dare to say these things in front of so many people, can’t you just face your heart properly? Sister Ruoxi is going to divorce you! I'm not doing anything to betray her now! I am free and so are you! Why should the feelings of men and women be so complicated?! I just want to know your thoughts, not asking you to marry me right away, not asking you to give me all your love and stay with me forever! What are you even thinking of? Can’t you just use a short sentence and one word to explain, can’t you?”

As if returning to the fierce and fierce young lady back then, Zhenxiu asked anxiously, "Do you like me? Just tell me you like me, and I will willingly be your woman, even if you don't marry me. I have no regrets because this is my choice. If you say that you don’t, then I will leave obediently and be your sister in peace, or go to a place where you won't be seen. I’ll simply find a man and live with him for the rest of my life, simple as that! colorsy it!”

As if she was screaming, but everyone around her was speechless. Park Cheon looked at his granddaughter incredulously, as if he had never thought about it, he never knew that he had such a desperate side.

"How can it be so simple...I...Hmm!"

Before Yang Chen finished speaking, Zhenxiu had already jumped on him, hooked his neck, and her thin cherry lips pressed tightly against Yang Chen's lips!

Yang Chen's heart was in a mess, and he didn't even react at all, and it had turned into such a hot scene.

The guests present shouted in exclamation, while Park Cheon and the others had pale faces.

Zhenxiu kissed him hard, although she was not skilled in it, she gave in everything she could. It seemed that words could no longer express her suppressed emotions, and she wanted to give everything out.

Yang Chen's consciousness gradually became tangled up, his thoughts were flying, and the girl's attractive virgin fragrance was just like the drug that made the brain intoxicated.

In his mind, the scenes from the past emerged one by one just like the old movies...


At the door of the police station. 

The girl stuffed the crescent pendant into the man's hand, "Uncle, this is for you. This is what my mother left to me, saying that it is an amulet and now I shall give it to you.”

"How can I accept such a valuable thing? "

“Uncle is the first good person who is willing to come forward to protect me and make me feel that I have been treated well by others. I used to think it was this amulet that protected me. Now I feel that as long as there is my uncle here, I don't need to be afraid anymore,” The girl’s eyes were filled with colours...


Upon white snow, the girl sat on a swing, and a man crouched in front of her body.

"Oh...what a pretty girl. I couldn’t bear to let you go when I saw you. Little girl, would you go home with me? Although I seem a bit too young to be your father, is it okay for you to be my younger sister? Answer me, are you willing?"

"Yes, I do, "the girl cried with joy.

"Zhenxiu, if you feel that everyone in this world is going against you, then you must remember that there is such a person who will be willing to go against the world for you..."


In the darkness of night, the girl fell from the bridge, into the arms of a man.

"I hate you!" 

The man grinned. "Hate me as you wish, it’s better than being sorry to me.”

The girl's eyes were red, and she suddenly hugged the man's neck tightly.

"Xu Zhenxiu, never think of yourself as a burden to those who love you. You are the unique Xu Zhenxiu in this world. Your life is the most precious to you and to us..."


Yang Chen felt as if he had a dream. When he woke up from the dream, he could detect the cold liquid on his cheeks and lips.

Zhenxiu cried because Yang Chen looked indifferent.

But at this moment, Yang Chen wrapped his two hands around the girl's waist, and through the delicate wedding dress, he could touch her delicate skin.

Zhenxiu's breathing was stagnant, and a gorgeous color rose on her cheeks. She looked at Yang Chen with bright eyes. 

"Told you that you are still young, why are you crying now?" Yang Chen smiled relievedly, "Xu Zhenxiu, I have lost this time. I admit that I like you."

Zhenxiu's eyes were misty from the beginning and gradually turned into ecstasy. In the end, her trembling thin lips showed a touch of shyness.

Her tearful eyes seemed to be at the edge of a breakdown. 

"But, can you give me some time, I have always wanted to work hard to treat you as my sister, but now you are like this again, I..."

"I know, but this is enough," Zhenxiu smiled happily, like an innocent girl with candy.