"No! Zhenxiu, you absolutely can't be with Mr.Yang!"

Park Cheon was stunned while watching the entire scene, and when he reacted at this moment, he broke out in panic, "You are the heir of my Park family, how can your life be such a trifle?!”

Yang Chen was unhappy when he heard this, "Old Park, I don't like what you are saying now. How can it be a trifle with me?"

"Mr. Yang, you are my savior, but the Starmoon Group of my Park Family needs a qualified heir. You are a married person, if you get together with our Zhenxiu, won’t it make our Park Family a laughingstock?" Park Cheon was angry, but not daring to express it. Yang Chen was too unfathomable, he was well aware that he would not consider his identity as the richest man in Asia. 

Zhenxiu let go of Yang Chen, walked to her grandfather, and said, "Grandpa, you have already ruined my mother's love. She lost because my father is not as good as you. This time, I won't let you succeed. This is Xu Zhenxiu’s life and I will love a man you don't like without any regrets, but this is a man who can defeat you."

Park Cheon’s face turned pale, and he thought of Zhenxiu's mother Park Jiyi in his mind and he couldn't help being speechless.

"Zhenxiu...Grandpa is doing this for your own good..."

"That's just what you think, grandpa. But you saw that you nearly killed me for the sake of ‘my own good’. If it weren't for Big Brother Yang, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Park Cheon staggered backward and felt a little guilty, followed by an angry look at Kim Jip and Eunjung. 

Since just now, Kim Jip had been hugging Eunjung tightly. The young yet bitter couple seemed to have not bothered about whatever the outsiders thought of them. They just wanted to be quiet and embrace each other generously.

"It's all your fault, you bastard... I’ve treated you so well, how can you treat my Zhenxiu like this!!?" Park Cheon roared at Kim Jip.

A hint of shame flashed across Kim Jip's face, but her eyes were still determined, and she whispered: "I do everything for Eunjung."

Eunjung looked at the man affectionately, and she felt extremely happy and content at this moment.

"Chairman Park", Yang Chen walked to Park Cheon, hooked Park Cheon's neck, and whispered in his ear: "Actually, you should be happy now..."

Park Cheon snorted coldly, "Mr. Yang I’m really good at speaking. I thought you were an enlightened and righteous person, but I didn’t expect that in the end, you would refuse to let my family Zhenxiu go."

"Look at you, saying these kinds of stupid things. The people here are not stupid, and you know it. As soon as the matter revolving around Jing’s mother came out, you, President Park, were worthy of them. You and I are actually the same, men, always with regrets involving women. You have to treat women better. You have been ashamed of Eunjung’s mother for more than 20 years, and now Eunjung is right in front of you. Yes, there is a Jinzhe who is very devoted to her. I think you can actually live to be a hundred or so years old. After so many years, is it even possible to not bear my grandson?"

Park Cheon heard this. With his gaze condensed, he turned his head to look at Yang Chen, frowning, as if thinking about the feasibility of Yang Chen's words.

Indeed, when Yang Chen said so, it seemed that Eunjung was really more valuable to the family than Zhenxiu.

After all, Zhenxiu is still too young, and her heart is not here at all. Having lived in China since she was a child, she can't bear such a sudden high society life, and she has to engage in a family business that she is not interested in.

But Eunjung is different. Although this child came with a heart to avenge her biological father, she didn't do anything to endanger the family. It can be seen that she has the blood of loyalty to the family flowing in her bones.

Coupled with the tenacity of Eunjung's hard work, tolerance, and restraint, she is definitely the best family heir.

Upon thinking of this, Park Cheon's face changed rapidly, and he walked arduously to Eunjung's face, saying: "Eunjung, Jinzhe if you promise me one thing, I will not hold you accountable for what you did to Zhenxiu today. "

Kim Jip and Eunjung were startled, looking at Park Cheon inconceivably. They couldn't believe that Park Cheon was going to let them go. They were going to poison Zhenxiu!

In fact, they still underestimated Park Cheon. With his old-fashioned mind, in the final analysis, any kind of affection can be thrown away. As long as the family and their business kingdom are stable, it is the best choice!

"President, what do you... want?" Eunjung asked with a trembling voice.

Park Cheon's eyes flickered, and he looked at Eunjung scorchingly, "You are my biological daughter, whether you admit it or not, I treat you as my own daughter, and Kim Jip is my powerful assistant. I am not against it. You are together, but from now on, you must, as members of the Park family, dedicate everything for the Pu family and the Xingyue Group!"

"What!?" Eunjung and Jinzhe looked at each other, which is undoubtedly right. It is a "wonderful" punishment for them!

"I will teach you how to manage the company and how to manage the family. I don't need you to forgive what I did to your mother. I only hope that you can protect the honor of the Park family as the daughter of the Park family", Park Cheon said.

There were tears in her eyes, and she had no reason to refuse, whether it was for herself or Jinzhe, so she nodded vigorously.

"Thank you, President".

She hated Park Cheon at the beginning, but blood is thicker than water. The years of life in Park's house have gradually made her understand how cruel a big family can be to survive, and she also understands that it is inevitable for Park Cheon to make some ruthless choices. Coupled with Park Cheon's willingness to let them go, naturally, there is a touch of gratitude.

Park Cheon smiled relaxedly, showing a kind and fatherly expression, "You deserve it, my daughter."

Seeing this scene, the Park Jiyeon and other Pu family members who were present inevitably looked ugly. I didn't expect it. Zhenxiu is gone, and Eunjung is about to be pushed up.

Jane has been watching all this in silence. At this moment, she walked to Yang Chen and jokingly said: "It's a good calculation. I got a little beauty and put the Park family in order."

Yang Chen grinned and said: "Park Cheon is not. Stupid, I just called him earlier, wouldn't it be great."

"Zhenxiu, don't you hate Eunjung?" Jane asked the girl again.

Zhenxiu shook her head. At this moment, there was only a happy smile on her face, "No, if it weren't for uh...er...auntie, I haven't had a chance to let Brother Yang confess to being lenient."

"What is confession and lenient? I didn't break the law," Yang Chen said embarrassingly.

"You have smashed people into the mud, you haven't broken the law." Jane rolled her eyes, and the smell of blood still wafts on the grass.

At this time, Eunjung and Kim Jip followed Park Cheon to Yang Chen.

"Mr. Yang, thank you for not killing," Kim Jip and Eunjung both bowed.

"You have to be grateful to Zhenxiu, she left you Wanguan's wealth, don't blame you," Yang Chen said.

Zhenxiu stepped forward and grabbed Eunjung's hand. "I didn't expect sister Eunjung to be my aunt. No wonder she was that kind. Stay sweet with Kim Jip in the future as I have even given you my fiancé. You better give birth to a cute little chubby baby boy so that grandpa will have an heir."

Eunjung looked at Zhenxiu shyly and gratefully, "I... thank you, Miss."

"Call me Miss", Zhenxiu pouted.

"Thank you, Zhenxiu," Eun Jing was obviously not used to the change of identity, and she whispered.

Seeing this, Park Cheon couldn’t help but feel cherished. He laughed and said to the guests present: “I’m very happy today. My daughter Eunjung is back. Although the wedding has not been completed, I will give it to you soon. Kim Jip and Eunjung held a wedding. Everyone was frightened today, and I hope they will still be there next time.”

He said that but the guests didn’t respond, and they all smiled embarrassedly, obviously scared by today’s bloody picture. NS.

Yang Chen frowned, glanced around, and said, "Is it dumb to ask you what?" When asked by Yang Chen, the guests immediately responded loudly, expressing their willingness to participate, for fear of finding themselves.

Park Cheon looked at these people around him with disdain. With Yang Chen's relationship in the future, his position in Korea will become more and more stable. This is undoubtedly the biggest gain for Zhenxiu and Yang Chen.

Gong Gyechung is dead, and there is only Kong Yu who is ruthless and resourceful in the Gong family. It is not to be afraid. Park Cheon can easily eat the Gong family, and the official can’t offend the Park family for Gong family.

Today's affairs, even if someone spreads gossip outside, are trivial matters. Park Chuan doesn't care at all. Power and wealth determine everything.