Two days later, Kim Jip and Eunjung were officially married, and the wedding banquet was still held.

Originally there was no need to rush, but Yang Chen wanted to hurry up to refine the Dragon Pill and improve the cultivation of the women. So he let Park Cheon finish the wedding as soon as possible so that Zhenxiu would be done with family matters and can go to Zhonghai to cultivate with peace of mind.

Zhenxiu had just started, although Yang Chen could make her reach the peak of the Houtian Stage day after tomorrow in a short time, but he couldn't do it overnight.

After everything was over, Yang Chen sent a plane to Zhonghai to pick up Tang Wan, An Xin, Li Jingjing. Of course, the chubby little girl was the first one to be picked up. 

As for Xiao Zhiqing, Yang Chen wanted her to follow, for fear that the girl would feel left out. However, Xiao Zhiqing refused because she wanted to accompany Wang Ma. Yang Chen thought that Wang Ma was indeed lonely, and Ma Guifang hadn't come back from her hometown, so he didn't force it.

When everyone rushed to the Forgotten Realms, the Cai sisters, Rose, Mo Qianni, and Liu Mingyu, were already waiting at the airport.

In spring, the Mediterranean climate was extremely comfortable and relaxing, and the women wore colorful island-style gauze skirts, looking fringed and graceful.

Yang Chen hadn't seen Rose and other women for a long time, and he would inevitably hug each other while saying some thoughtful words. However, both Rose and Cai Ning were cultivating the Soul Forming Stage, and each had a better understanding of the way of ‘Dao’. The relationship between men and women was not as sensitive as it used to be.

Although Yang Chen's figure was branded deep in their hearts, it was not as obvious as before. On the contrary, Yang Chen was more like a beloved child, making women a little helpless. Perhaps men would never grow up in front of people they liked. 

Suddenly there were ten beautiful women on the island, all of whom were the women of His Majesty Pluto. This made the hidden elites in the underground world on the island feel particularly interesting. There were no secular laws here, as long as they were the women of His Majesty Pluto, they were to be treated as the respectful lady, this was the truth that people living here must understand.

Fortunately, none of these women had any bad tempers. At most, Cai Yan was the most proactive one, as she was always looking for those masters who lived in seclusion. But this was just a casual thing, no one found her annoying. 

The arrival of Lanlan set off a wave of excitement on the island because everyone learned that this was the child of Seventeen and Yang Chen, the significance was extraordinary. Everyone understood the meaning of Seventeen to Yang Chen, so they all wanted to flatter the good little princess.

Lanlan suddenly had so many aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and couldn't help but feel a little happy, because these elders would find delicious food and entertainment from everywhere. This caused her to lose time for practice and her daddy might pat her buttocks if she slacked off. 

But what interested Lanlan the most was the endless sea here, where you could swim and surf in the sea, and there were many children from the island residents who could play with her.

The parents of these children were masters in certain aspects, they were either the thrifters on the sea or iron-blooded mercenaries and cold-blooded killers. Although they have retired, the first thing they taught their children was to survive the strong.

Their children had also received some special training since they were young. For the "superior" little princess, the children admired her in their hearts, and they all followed Lanlan’s words, even the teenagers.

Lanlan was very happy all of a sudden. It turned out that her father was right. The children in the kindergarten were afraid of Lanlan because they were "too weak."

These children had their own abilities, so naturally, they were not afraid of her and they liked playing with her. Especially when she killed a stupid shark and dragged it to the beach, the look and attention she got from the rest… It was amazing!

The women knew that Yang Chen came over this time to quickly improve everyone's strength. Naturally, they didn't want to drag their feet. They also had the meaning of competing with each other. After all, Rose, Cai Ning, and Hui Lin were far ahead of the stage.

During this period, Rose and Cai Ning were passionate and determined and they used the pill given by Yang Chen to quickly improve their cultivation.

On the first day of arrival, Yang Chen ignored those old friends, and plunged into the basement of the castle, and began to close himself up to refine elixirs. 

There was only one Phoenix’s Blood Fruit, and Yang Chen didn't know how many Dragon Pills could be refined at most, and the precious materials indicated that he must be extremely cautious!

Therefore, Yang Chen was very serious, focused, and meticulous in this time’s refinement.

Naturally, elixirs such as the Dragon Pill which were referred to as heaven pills would not be able to be completed within a day. 

Yang Chen continued to condense the Samadhi True Fire and spent three days and three nights refining with Chaos Cauldron to complete a furnace.

When the Dragon Pills in the Chaos Cauldron succeeded, the entire basement exuded a faint dragon roar, bright and dazzling. 

Yang Chen was stunned for a while, this heaven pill refining was extraordinary, and it was able to exert supernatural effects on both the Dragon Soul and the fruit.

Looking at the "Tushan Golden Elixir Menu" that Yu Xuening gave him, Yang Chen had to be sincerely grateful. If it weren't for the nine-tailed celestial fox, he would not have obtained this top refining technique that was passed down in ancient times.

It's a pity that Yu Xuening's life and death were divinations, Yang Chen could only sigh, his strength was not good enough and he wasn’t able to care about her.

After Yang Chen succeeded in the refining process, the surging spiritual aura of heaven and earth exuded had attracted Rose and Cai Ning who were cultivating on the reefs of the island.

The second he walked out, the two women flew outside the castle, with excitement and joy on their faces, waiting for their beloved man to appear. 

Yang Chen walked out and saw the two women looking at him with a smile. He deliberately raised his eyebrows and said, "You two are here in such a hurry but I still won’t give you the Dragon Pills. These are for people who want to break into the Xiantian Stage, you two Soul Forming ones shall not snatch.”

"Sheesh, I and Ning'er are not so bad," Rose in a purple dress flew to Yang Chen and stretched out her hand to touch Yang Chen’s cheeks, “You look pale, even you will get exhausted after using the Samadhi True Fire for three days straight huh?”

“It only cost me a little vitals, but I can recover immediately if you let me suck in some of your nectar, my dear Rose,” Yang Chen smirked and then bit Rose’s lips as he lowered his head.

A hot and damp lingering french kiss made Cai Ning who was next to him look a little overwhelmed, and coughed in a clear voice, "Okay, let's talk about it, how many did you refine? Is it enough?"

As their lips parted, Rose smiled," Oh, Ning'er is jealous, you can come and kiss, and I won't snatch it with you."

Cai Ning ignored her tease, blushing and pretending not to hear.

Yang Chen smiled and stepped forward, holding a beautiful woman in each arm, and said, "There are too few Phoenix’s Blood Fruit, I only have ten pills with me. You and Rose can't take anymore, but the others can use it to break through Xiantian from Houtian.”

"That’s good enough. Judging from the spiritual aura of this pill, it is extremely valuable. Rose and I have eaten it with little effect, leave it to the other sisters," Cai Ning said lightly as always.

Yang Chen smiled and said: "Ning'er, what's so delicious about the elixir? You don’t have to feel sad, your man can definitely feed you with something else, in other seems to be it because I developed it..."

Cai Ning didn't understand what it meant when he heard it, and then looked at the fascinating eyes of Yang Chen staring at her chest, and she immediately stepped on the back of Yang Chen's feet with anger, she was so ashamed and embarrassed!

But her heart was a little startled. Since the last time they did it in Sicily, the two have not had any intimate behaviors. It was impossible to say that they had not thought of it before. After all, it was wonderful to enjoy the fun of intimacy with your beloved man.

Yang Chen joked with the two women but did not fall into their tender dreams.

Soon, Yang Chen called the women back to the castle. These days, the women had each claimed a room. The castle was too big, and it was more than enough for everyone to live in an independent room.

However, coincidentally, none of them chose the master bedroom.

Yang Chen took out the refined Dragon Pill. In the jade bottle, the pill exuded a light golden brilliance, as delicate as a pearl.

Tang Wan, An Xin, Cai Yan, Li Jingjing, Liu Mingyu, Mo Qianni, and Jane all took one. But because Zhenxiu had just practiced for a few days, even with the support of a large number of low-grade spirit pills given by Yang Chen, she had not reached the peak of Houtian yet. Yang Chen didn't rush to give it to her, because she couldn't bear it.

Eight of the ten were removed, and two were left. Yang Chen wondered if one should be given to Lin Ruoxi.