At night, Yang Chen naturally wouldn't let Cai Ning and Rose go as both hadn't made affection with him for a long time. Both of them were in the mid of the Soul Forming Stage, although their physical strength was not comparable to Yang Chen, continuing all night long was not an issue.

Yang Chen "played against each other" and used all his tricks, which made the two women feel a little bit overwhelmed. It's not that they couldn't keep up with their physical strength, but the kind of hotness and enthusiasm that could melt the whole person made them feel as if living in a fantasy.

In the end, the conservative Cai Ning was also dizzy, letting go of her inner restraint, entangled with Yang Chen and Rose. She even made some gestures that she could not even imagine in the past.

The two women didn’t stop Yang Chen from asking for it. Firstly, they could still sustain, and secondly, they wanted a child so bad. Especially after getting in touch with Lanlan, their desire to have a child was extremely strong. 

However, there was still a big gap between the cultivation base of the Soul Forming Stage and Yang Chen. Although there was a chance of getting pregnant, it was not that big.

When the sky was about to turn bright, without knowing how many times that this happened, he once again reached the incredible peak with Rose.

The three of them laid together naked, Yang Chen held one of them on each side and could feel each other's breath, pulsation, and oh the sweet tranquility.

Suddenly, Rose’s enchanting body twisted, leaving Yang Chen's arms. Leaning her jade legs on his thighs, lying there sideways with her plump buttocks resting on his thighs.

"What are you doing my dear Rose? Won’t you let me hug you after such a long time?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

"Lying on your back seems like it will flow out from below, how wasteful then? It can't flow out when I lean like this, maybe it can increase the chance of getting pregnant too," Rose said.

The corner of Yang Chen's mouth twitched, and smiled bitterly at the innocent woman, "There’s no such thing, don't I always rush into the innermost part? If it’s meant to be, you will get it.”

"It doesn’t hurt to try," Rose insisted on her opinion.

Cai Ning on the side blushed while hearing those words and her eyes were blinking, "Rose, I heard those things of the men can survive in a woman's body for a day or two. Are you going to be pushing your legs and buttocks for two days? Well, then I'll ask other sisters to come and see you, and send you some food and drinks too.”

"Hey, even Ning’Er knows these. It seems that you care about it a lot too, did you check it out on purpose?" Rose teased her back.

Cai Ning rolled her eyes and turned over ignoring her.

Yang Chen sighed and said solemnly, "You all want children so much huh? Why don't I sacrifice a little and give you more filling and hope?"

"What are you talking about!? 'Filling'? How disgusting!" Rose kicked Yang Chen and chuckled, "Let's protect the sisters to break through the Xiantian Stage later. We must have made a lot of noises last night and they are going to laugh at us."

"What are you afraid of? Everyone is the same. Tonight I will be evil to harm the rest! I won’t let you suffer alone! In fact, Tang Wan’s voice is actually louder than yours, and you can listen to it,” Yang Chen was very excited.

"How enjoyable of you. Isn’t it comforting to be surrounded by so many women? If you are really capable, let me and Ning'Er observe it live.”

"This..." Yang Chen said earnestly, "I will continue to fight for the cause of sleeping together, my dear Rose, just wait."

Cai Ning on the side shook her head straight. "I don't want to watch it, neither will I allow others to look at me, you two can go act yourselves!”

"Hmph, you won't have a say in this. Me as your sister, I will subdue you, little traitor, now!" Rose smiled and suddenly rushed to press on Cai Ning.

Cai Ning was not convinced. “You won’t know who’s the true sister here!”

The two women screamed while laughing, and they twisted together right after. Their bodies were tightly against each other and their legs were entangled together, what scenery.

Yang Chen looked at the women "struggling" on the bed and sighed contentedly. If there was a day that he could live in seclusion here without any need to worry about a stable existence, what could be better?

For a better breakthrough of the stages, the breakfast in the castle was not served. The women got up early and used the exercises given by Yang Chen to adjust the True Qi of the whole body.

When they were ready, all the women took the Dragon Pill in the basement. Yang Chen, Cai Ning, and Rose were guarding them and were ready to help the ones that could not sustain themselves.

Cai Yan had experienced the pain of the purification of the body and bones in person last night, so watching the other sisters holding back her movement there, she felt the muscles tightening all over her body.

Time slowly passed, and the entire basement was filled with powerful spiritual auras emitted by the Dragon Pill.

Yang Chen suddenly discovered that everyone taking the Dragon Pill in a unified way has another advantage, which was to increase the density of the spiritual energy to a higher level, which had a certain boosting effect on the purification process.

The degree of solidification of the acquired Houtian True Qi also affected the speed of purification to a certain extent.

At noon, Tang Wan and Mo Qianni both completed their breakthroughs, followed by Liu Mingyu and An Xin's breakthrough.

Until the afternoon, Li Jingjing, who had a relatively short training time, successfully passed the dangerous period. Several times Rose couldn't help wanting to support her but was stopped by Yang Chen. Fortunately, she passed the test safely.

The women who had completed the breakthrough were excited and realized the changes in their bodies, the condensed True Qi in their cores, and their strength were way different from before. However, after noticing the dirt on their bodies, they felt disgusted and quickly ran to clean and change clothes, just like Cai Yan.

After the women had changed into clean clothes and returned to the basement with their fragrant outfits, only to find that Jane, who had not broken through in the end, was still sitting there cross-legged, motionless.

"Honey, Jane doesn't seem to be in pain, is she as settled as Yanyan?" Anxin asked curiously.

Yang Chen was astonished at this moment, and nodded, "Jane and Yanyan had similarities. They both received relatively strict training and their physique before cultivation was quite good. Therefore, the pain of the purification process will be less torturing. In this way, there is sufficient energy to feel the instant change of breakthrough. Relatively speaking, Jane has some innate advantages that we don’t have. Her knowledge is very rich, even people like me who will never forget things once seen, we don’t know as much as she does. Because there are so many cognitions about the universe, civilization, and life beyond modern times that only Jane knows. We will never know what she is thinking about and she won’t tell us about the problem, because we don’t understand. She used to have a lot of contact with Western civilization, but now she has merged with our Eastern culture. Perhaps, she can take a special path of cultivation. You see, Jane’s concentration is obviously much more relaxed than Yanyan, and without many painful changes, she entered this state safely, and she absorbs the spiritual aura very fast."

"It seems to be the case. Her current Xiantian True Qi is as thick as Yanyan. Maybe it won't take long before she steps into the Soul Forming Stage, her wisdom is terrifying," Rose admired.

"The ancient Buddhist Bodhisattva Vimalakirti once said, 'Supernatural powers can move in the ten directions, wisdom and benefits can spread over the world.' Wisdom and Dharma can also be used the same way as Tao. Jane's 'Tao' has already been deep and I taught her practice techniques to clear her doubts away.”

Yang Chen also sighed in his words. He always felt that his talent was the tallest among all the people he had encountered so far. However looking at Jane now, perhaps, this woman was indistinguishable from herself.

"Let's not disturb her and leave, Jane may have entered a deeper level of ‘meditation' than entering ‘concentration' now, feeling the magic of heaven," Yang Chen said.

Naturally, the women would not object, and they were somewhat envious of Jane's talent, but after all, people were different and cannot be forced.

What's more, entering the Xiantian Stage could already keep their faces from getting old for at least decades, which was enough to make them extremely excited.

Jane entered the meditation like this, and after a full day and night, there was no sign of leaving.

Yang Chen went to see it once in the middle of the way and saw that the stains on the woman's body were completely cleaned out of her body. This was peculiar, and he didn't know how Jane did it in the process of meditation.

But Jane's Xiantian True Qi was indeed getting thicker and thicker, and she had reached the Xiantian Full Cycle. Yang Chen even felt that she was going to step into the Soul Forming Stage, all she needed was just an epiphany of ‘Tao’.