On Jane’s increasingly brightened face, she maintained a faint and comfortable smile. Yang Chen knew that the woman was immersed in a special kind of insight, just like when he saw the ant’s nest and had an epiphany. It was a mysterious yet amazing experience.

In the blink of an eye, another day and night passed, Jane still did not get out of the meditation, but the spiritual aura in the entire basement had been absorbed, even the ones coming from outside. Yang Chen became more and more convinced that it would not be surprising if Jane managed to break through the Soul Forming Stage. Although it was all the same stage, there would still be a difference in the grades. 

Based on having extremely powerful innate True Qi, stepping into the Soul Forming Stage was different from the ordinary. Given the difference in the foundation, the tamped innate True Qi was transformed into True Yuan, and the power would be greatly different as well.

On the other hand, the women who entered the Xiantian Stage began to train their fighting skills. They didn't expect how much they could kill, but they wanted to have a stronger ability to protect themselves.

Yang Chen once read a large number of martial arts classics from various schools in the Tang Sect. After analyzing and collating, they compiled a series of comprehensive tricks. These tricks were not very gorgeous, but they were very practical.

However, the women had limited martial arts foundations, so it would inevitably take some time for them to learn.

The sky was bright and clear without the presence of the clouds. 

To the west, on a beach near the castle surrounded by beautiful white sand.

Here, Yang Chen instructed the women to conduct actual combat training, which was actually to prepare for the future if they enter the Soul Forming Stage.

Although magic weapons and spells account for the largest proportion of battles above the Soul Forming stage, but to put it bluntly, physical attacks were converted into a large number of True Yuan attacks. As long as you learn these fighting skills, the battle of the Soul Forming Stage would just be an additional skill.

Most importantly, Yang Chen wanted to cultivate the concept of fighting for women. The tricks were dead and people were alive. A true master, regardless of the tricks, could kill the opponent anyway.

"My dear An Xin, you are too gentle. If you fight like this, you will be beaten into the sea by Tang Wan."

“Jingjing, don't always think about suppressing Qianni, try to defend first and then look for opportunities to counterattack…”

Yang Chen explained and directed them one by one, and the women were also very serious.

Cai Ning and Rose also assisted him. All of them were in the Xiantian Stage, they learned very quickly and were not difficult to teach.

What surprised Yang Chen was that Liu Mingyu’s understanding of the fighting concept was so outstanding. Originally, Cai Yan had the True Qi of the Xiantian final stage and was proficient in fighting skills, but Liu Mingyu was not bad at all. Relying on Yang Chen’s guidance, her fight with Cai Yan was on par. 

“Honey, did you realize that Mingyu seems to be very good at leveraging the strength and overcoming strength with softness? This has something to do with the content of Tai Chi in the martial arts you teach, but Mingyu seems to master it pretty well. Yanyan is more aggressive, she’s precise and fast in her moves but she can’t seem to do much to Mingyu," Cai Ning said in surprise.

Yang Chen smiled with satisfaction, "Mingyu's temperament is more similar to you, but compared to you, Mingyu is more ordinary. Although she has average understanding, she is said to be ‘righteous without desire.' She doesn't want the best, nor is she obsessed with vying for anything. Neither eager nor impatient, with such a peaceful mentality, if she breaks through and enters the Soul Forming Stage, I am afraid that her future achievements will be limitless."

Seeing Cai Yan being violently thundered by Liu Mingyu’s calm and unhurried rectification, Yang Chen couldn't help laughing.

Yang Chen was naturally happy that his own woman had an excellent prospect for cultivation, because it was more secure in this way.

Just as the women were engrossed in the practice, a white shadow fell from the north in the sky.

Yang Chen, Rose, and Cai Ning had all found out early and looked at the direction in surprise.

A white pleated dress, like a fairy on a wave, a woman with flying black hair was Hui Lin.

Hui Lin looked more and more like an international superstar, and the fairy-like temperament made her look more dreamy.

"Hui Lin, why are you here?" Yang Chen joked, "I should arrange people to welcome the international superstar.”

Hui Lin smiled and greeted the other women with a little shyness, "Brother Yang, don't laugh at me, I’m just a singer, how can you be like the others?”

Hui Lin, who was releasing a new album and having a fiery career, was already on a world tour. In February and March, it happened to be in time for Milan Fashion Week’s autumn and winter collection launch. She would also be in Italy and participate in some internationally known fashion launches.

Knowing that Yang Chen and the girls were on the island, Hui Lin came over. Using her divine sense, she managed to find her.

"Hui Lin, you are now the darling of the world's major media. If you run over and play missing, are you not afraid that the staff members might go crazy?" An Xin chuckled.

Hui Lin smiled and said, "I did care about these things before, but somehow after entering the Soul Forming Stage, I feel that these are just trivial matters, and I don’t want to worry about the emotions of the staff. I told them that I would travel alone and they can take care of the press with their methods, no matter the outcome.”

"That's because your perspective has changed. Above the Soul Forming Stage are truly otherworldly, you will naturally have a different perspective about the people in this world. Why else will there be so many cultivators willing to enter Hongmeng? It’s because, for the vast majority of cultivators, the secular charm has been greatly reduced," Yang Chen said, "If you didn't like singing and rhythm, I'm afraid you would have already withdrawn from the entertainment industry.”

Hui Lin nodded in agreement, "Yes, I'm only interested in singing and studying music. I don't want to appear on any programs or talk about any interviews."

"You are right in time Hui Lin, how about a fight with me?"

Rose stepped forward at this time and said, “You are also in the middle of the Soul Forming Stage, your True Yuan is quite good as well. I have not played with you yet and I am tired of playing with Ning'Er. Fighting with honey will be useless as I always get suppressed, it’s hard to find an opponent.” 

Hui Lin hesitated, but looking at Yang Chen, and saw that the latter was very encouraging, so she agreed.

Hui Lin followed her grandmother Yunmiao to practice in Shushan since she was a child. In fact, her martial arts had always been good, but the girl didn't like fighting and was normally quiet. 

The other women also stopped, watching with interest Hui Lin and Rose flying into the air, above the sea, and standing in confrontation.

"My kung fu comes from Shushan. I am accustomed to using swords, it is not a magic weapon, but an ordinary saber. It’ll be unfair if Sister Rose uses a magic weapon" Hui Lin said.

Although she obtained the Fengling Piano from Yang Chen, she did not intend to use it as a weapon. One was because she wasn't familiar with it, the other was that she wanted to keep it as a gift of love. 

Yang Chen was in the audience, thinking about how to refine some magic weapons for the women in the future. Although he had the Xuanshui on hand, it was snatched by him and it was not suitable for Hui Lin to use it for the time being.

It was a pity that he didn't know how to refine the magic weapon for the time being. In fact, he had the materials taken from the Master Insect, and there were rare goods such as dragon bones, dragon blood, dragon skin, and dragon tendons.

"Don't worry, I won’t use any magic weapons. They are all spells that I have learned from my 'Rainfall Tao'," Rose smiled lightly.

"That's okay, I'm coming for you!" Hui Lin said, taking out her willow leaf sword from the Mustard Sume Ring, and flew towards Rose!

With a twist of Rose's hand, a group of water spirits suddenly condensed in front of him, forming a winding chain, entwining Hui Lin's rotating sword, and slowing Hui Lin's figure.

A sharp sword-shaped aura bursted out from Hui Lin's long sword, shattering the thick water spirit, and continued to move forward.

Rose flew backward in no hurry, calling out a large swath of water spirits to condense in the air, forming a dense ice crystal, like a strong ice crystal wind, sweeping towards Hui Lin.

"Nebula Sword Technique!”

Hui Lin turned wisely, and the long sword swung out a piece of True Yuan, forming a vast cloud of bright red True Yuan, and countless light-colored glaze True Yuan transformed into sword aura, moving towards the wind force of the ice crystals!

The dense Nebula Sword Technique collided with the ice crystals, and there was a burst of dense explosions in the sky, like thunderstorms.

Abbess Yun Miao, who used to be in the Xiantian Stage, also used the Nebula Sword Technique, but compared with Hui Lin's Soul Forming Stage, the power was far different.

Rose skillfully condensed the water spirits into a water shield, blocked the sword aura, and controlled a large area of ​​ice, attacking Hui Lin from all directions.

Hui Lin's sword aura was like a dense city wall, covering her whole body, the sword blossomed, and she wielded pieces of sword shadows, and she was inextricably fought against Rose.

After half a cup of tea, Hui Lin condensed a sword orbit to protect her body, traversed a dense Xuanshui, splitting several ice ridges, and slammed directly on Rose's water shield!


The water shield couldn't bear the sharp tearing force of the sword orbit and finally collapsed. Rose gasped lightly and flew back tens of meters.

Hui Lin didn't continue pursuing as the results of the fight were clearly shown.

"Sure enough, one who came out halfway is no match for those who practiced since childhood, I lost," Rose felt a little helpless, Hui Lin was even better than Cai Ning.

"Not at all," Yang Chen explained on the ground, "My dear Rose, your 'Tao' is an epiphany from the majestic thunderstorm rain. It is a vast and infinite way, and what you are good at is the overwhelming offensive. Hui Lin uses Shushan swordsmanship and she is better at condensing her offensive power one-on-one. The sword is a weapon for the balance of offense and defense, and the swordsmanship is the same. So it is normal for you to lose..."

Just as Yang Chen was about to speak further, with a dazed expression, he suddenly looked towards the castle, and said in amazement, "Jane... has broken through!?"