*A completely brand new coercion of a Soul Forming cultivator came from the castle, without a doubt, it was Jane who entered the Soul Forming Stage after enlightenment!

This oppression of the True Yuan was something Yang Chen had never felt before, and it was much stronger than Rose, Hui Lin, and Cai Ning, and seemed to be even stronger than when he first stepped into the Soul Forming Stage!

What he himself practiced was the genuine ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’, which could help indirectly stepping into the ultimate technique of the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, even if it was not seen much more than 20,000 years ago.

What Jane cultivated were only the exercises she summarized and practiced which were, in essence, different from the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’. However, Jane used this exercise to reach such a high-powered Soul Forming Stage in one fell swoop?!

"How amazing. The surrounding spiritual energy is starting to flock to Jane frantically. Her cultivation level should be in the Early Soul Forming Stage, but it has surpassed me and Rose. At her current speed, I am afraid that it will not take long to enter the end of the Soul Forming Stage!" Cai Ning exclaimed.

“Jane’s ‘Tao’ is probably much more mysterious than ours, so she absorbs the Heaven and Earth spiritual aura fast and pure. The way of wisdom is indeed a profound method," Yang Chen couldn't help feeling.

Amidst the surprises of the women, Jane finally flew out of the castle and landed lightly on the beach.

Her amber hair was dancing with the wind, and her body was graceful and tall, along with the perfect and noble face that was a little more holy and mysterious.

At this moment, Jane looked like Christen and Aphrodite, who exuded supernatural power after breaking through, and became the goddess of beauty in the myth of the Western world.

"Dear Little Jane, is it necessary to scare me like this? Your breakthrough speed is too amazing, if this continues, I have to rely on you for protection," Yang Chen sighed.

Jane smiled softly, "I still have a long way to go. I just understood some of the furthest of the supreme laws between heaven and Earth. Upon entering the Soul Forming Stage, I feel that the world in front of me is extraordinarily vast, and the world that needs to be explored is also extremely mysterious.

“Jane, what have you understood? "Cai Ning curiously asked.

"It's hard to tell, sister Ning'er, you can give it a try," Jane's azure blue eyes revealed calm confidence.

Cai Ning subconsciously knew that she would not be Jane’s opponent, but she wanted to experience it, so she soared into the air. The starry golden aura condensed all over her body, like countless flashes of electric light, which instantly fell towards Jane’s location. !

It was exactly what Cai Ning was good at, the True Yuan spells derived from the Sky-encompassing Flower Rain technique.

Jane didn't make any big moves. Her True Yuan surged, and a special space suddenly appeared around her body. When the sharp golden aura condensed by these True Yuan entered the space, the speed slowed down at that instant!

Just like a slow-motion playback, everyone could see the sharp golden aura like a beam of light, turning into a thin thread.

“The realm technique?”

Yang Chen was stunned. He had seen the stunt ‘Xuanbing Realm’ performed by Northern Dark Ice Soul people in Australia, but Jane's realm was much better than that of Xuanbing Realm!

Time had been slowed down inside, and space seemed to have been distorted inside!

In midair, Cai Ning was stunned. She then noticed that the countless fine and sharp golden aura was shooting back in her direction!

Cai Ning's body movements were extremely fast and she avoided the attack easily, but it still shocked her. 

Jane gently retracted her realm and said with joy, "This is something I have learned from the relationship between space and time that I have been thinking about for many years. It is still immature, but it can still be used."

"This is not the space laws, the law of space is driven by mental power, but this kind of realm technique of yours is a simulation-driven by the True Yuan, all relying on your understanding of space and time. If you can utilize Heaven and Earth Energy to complete the spells of the realm technique, I am afraid that no one can easily approach you, any attack method will be difficult to succeed," Yang Chen admired.

Jane's achievement made Yang Chen overjoyed as if he had broken through the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation and he felt extremely proud of his woman's achievement.

Unknowingly, February had ended, and for the rest of the time, Hui Lin returned to work in Milan early, and Yang Chen didn't have much time to make intimacy with the women. In fact, the women were also busy practicing, so it's hard to disturb their enthusiasm.

Even Jane had a great desire to break through the relationship before was attracted by this brand new stage. She didn't have time to care about Yang Chen which made him feel ‘regretful’ in the heart but he pretended to be indifferent on the outside. 

The Yunhua kindergarten that Lanlan attended had already started the semester and the chubby little girl couldn’t wait to meet the other children. Yang Chen asked the women who would like to go back to China together, but most of the women were willing to stay on the island and continue to take spiritual pills and to pursue the Soul Forming Stage. None of them wanted to be left behind.

The women didn’t care much about the mundane things in China. Even if An Xin and Tang Wan needed to manage a large family business, they could rely on today's technology and their work could be done online.

Of course, some people were not particularly obsessed with cultivation, or there were other important matters.

Mo Qianni wanted to go back to take care of Lanlan, she also missed Ma Guifang a little.

Li Jingjing received a notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and was officially going to Beijing to serve as an assistant to the Deputy Director of the Information Department. 

For Li Jingjing, secular power was actually more attractive. Everyone's life experience was different, and she has had enough oppression by the privileged class, Li Jingjing's inner ambition was obvious.

Yang Chen didn't think there was anything wrong with Li Jingjing's desire for power, just as his pursuit of beauty and strength was the same. As long as she was happy, everything was fine. 

When he returned to Zhonghai, the night had fallen. The big mansion in the Xijiao Vilas was illuminated with bright lights.

Yang Chen held Lanlan in one hand and Mo Qianni in the other. As soon as he walked to the door, the door opened.

"Oh, my dear son, you are finally home!”

Guo Xuehua suddenly walked out of the house and her face was full of joy precipitated by longing. She then came up to touch Yang Chen's face for fear of his son losing any part of his body.

“Mother? Why are you here?" Yang Chen asked in surprise.

"What's the matter? Can’t a mother who misses the son come over for a short stay? You ungrateful child, mother never bothers you when you are abroad, can’t I see you more now that you are back?“ Guo Xuehua cursed with a smile. Holding Lanlan from Yang Chen's hand, she said with joy, "My dear granddaughter, is the island fun? Oh, how come your face got even rounder? Have you eaten a lot of delicious food on the island?”

Lanlan was best at pleasing the elders. She giggled and called "grandma", rubbing Guo Xuehua's face with her plump cheek, making her very happy.

Although she liked Lanlan in the past, she naturally felt different when she treated her own granddaughter.

Guo Xuehua took Mo Qianni and asked her a few words, mainly asking what Yang Chen had done, and where the other women had gone, so she could not stop until she understood clearly.

“Mother, will things in Beijing be fine if you are here?” Yang Chen asked.

Guo Xuehua hugged Lanlan and replied, "Your dad is now reinstated in the Jiangnan Military Region, there is nothing wrong with me coming to live in Zhonghai. Son, you are the best. Not only did you suppress the Meng family, but also brought glory to the Yang Family again. Your dad might not have mentioned anything, but he’s proud of you in his heart.”

Yang Chen didn't care if Yang Pojun was grateful to him, as long as he didn't add trouble to himself.

Suddenly, Guo Xuehua asked Mo Qianni to hold Lanlan to go upstairs to rest. When she was alone with Yang Chen, she asked with concern, "Son, how are you and Ruoxi? Have you eased up? I asked Minjuan a little bit but she didn't even know what happened."

"What else?" Yang Chen smiled bitterly, "It's almost time to sign the divorce agreement."

"How could this happen... The daughter of the Ning family is too stubborn, and Ning Guangyao, who is a father, won't care," Guo Xuehua pushed the resentment on Ning Guangyao's head.

Yang Chen hoped that Ning Guangyao would not get involved in Lin Ruoxi's life, and then took out the Fengxiang bracelet from the space ring and gave it to Guo Xuehua, "Ruoxi gave it back to me. Mother, you can put it away first."

Guo Xuehua returned it to Yang Chen, saying, "Since mother passed this to her daughter-in-law, there is no reason to take it back. Even if Ruoxi divorces you completely in the future, this bracelet will be left to other women besides you, regardless of whoever you choose to be your wife. Mother believes in you.”