Yang Chen sighed slightly, he understood what Guo Xuehua meant. Guo Xuehua had always been dissatisfied with her daughter-in-law. In her eyes, perhaps the virtuous and sensible Mo Qianni was more suitable, or even the Cai sisters who were more compatible with his status would work too.

However, Yang Chen felt that if Lin Ruoxi was no longer his wife, then there would be no need to marry other women. This was because the women around him currently were not here for status and it would be unfair to marry anyone of them.

Yang Chen did not force Guo Xuehua to keep it since she did not want to, he put the bracelet back into the space ring and said, "Mother, I will not take the initiative to sign the divorce agreement. She will still be my wife legally at least. I often feel that there are some special reasons for Ruoxi to leave me, but I can’t see it through, and she refuses to confess to me. I have made up my mind to always treat her well, regardless of whether she recognizes it or not."

"Silly son, in my opinion, there are only two reasons for a woman divorcing you. One is that she doesn't love you at all, and the other is that you can't give her the love she wants. No matter which kind, you can't get it back," Guo Xuehua sighed.

Yang Chen kept quiet, maybe Guo Xuehua was right, but Yang Chen would not give up until the last moment.

The next day, Mo Qianni drove Lanlan to school. The woman now also does housework and takes care of Lanlan. At the same time, she cultivates as she does not have to go to work. 

Yang Chen deliberately ran to find Xiao Zhiqing. Previously the woman did not go to the Mediterranean Sea and he felt that he owed her something, so he took her around the city for a day and had a nice meal.

Xiao Zhiqing was happy yet slightly annoyed about Wang Ma's doting and she was never tired of telling Yang Chen about the mother and daughter anecdotes that happened with Wang Ma these days.

Yang Chen could feel that although the woman thought that Wang Ma had been caring about her too much, she felt sweet in her heart, which made him somewhat less guilty.

In the evening, Yang Chen sent Xiao Zhiqing back home and ran to the door of the house where Lin Ruoxi lived, waiting for her to return home from work.

He wanted to hand over the Dragon Pill to the woman. This was a very important item and he dared not ask someone else to send it to her.

But he couldn't go to Yulei's headquarters. After the incident with Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu was exposed last time, going to the company would only cause trouble for Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Chen also had the key to the door and Wang Ma was also in the house, but he didn't go in, worried that Lin Ruoxi was unwilling. Speaking of such, he sounded useless but he was reluctant to let his woman be angry.

After waiting for nearly half an hour, Lin Ruoxi's red Bentley slowly stopped outside.

Stepping out of the car, under the pink and slender calf was a black crystal shiny high heels, a red knee-length pleated skirt swaying in style and a white lady blouse with a short collar on the upper body enhanced the simplicity of beauty. 

The woman had her hair tied up and she was just like the cold and unruly beauty when he first saw her. Her face without any makeup was flawless, no matter her appearance or figure, it was as perfect as a handicraft created by God.

Yang Chen was in a calm mood at first, but when Lin Ruoxi appeared, his heart beat faster without knowing why, just like a young man who saw the women he admired, which made him feel ridiculous.

This was the woman that was his wife for two years, how could he be so weak.

But when he saw Lin Ruoxi's cold and beautiful figure walking over, with an expressionless face, Yang Chen's heart contracted for a while. He gulped and couldn't help feeling a trace of sadness.

A sense of distance...

Yes, a sense of distance that Yang Chen had never expected.

Lin Ruoxi looked at him as if he was a real stranger, looking at himself very naturally, without any extra emotions.

Her beauty seemed to be even more enhanced than in the past. If she was on the same level with Jane before, Lin Ruoxi, who he had not met for a few days, had faintly surpassed Jane.

It was not about the appearance, but more about a mysterious temperament that exuded from the inside out.

Yang Chen didn't know what kind of inner change Lin Ruoxi had experienced, but the woman's temperament had truly reached another level.

It was as if she used to be a snow lotus carved out of ice on a snow mountain, pure and beautiful, but now, around the snow lotus, there was a hazy cloud and mist, like a fairy lotus in the Jade Lake.

However, this was not what Yang Chen wanted to see, a Lin Ruoxi who made him feel distant.

"What are you doing here?" Lin Ruoxi asked indifferently, standing about one meter in front of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was stunned for a moment before he remembered the matter. He smiled unnaturally, took out the jade bottle from the space ring, and handed it to Lin Ruoxi. "This is the Dragon Pill I refined, which is a kind of elixir that is more than just rare. After you take it, you will go into a purification process and breakthrough into the Xiantian Stage..."

"I don't need it, leave it to others," Lin Ruoxi didn't even look at it, turned her head, and walked inside the house.

The cold attitude was no worse than the cold war with Yang Chen previously!

Yang Chen turned around abruptly and grabbed the woman's arm. "Listen to me!"

"Let go of me!"

Lin Ruoxi's almond eyes glared at Yang Chen, her watery eyes were filled with a bone-chilling coldness that pierced his heart!

"Mr.Yang, my contractual marriage with you is over, I have no time to entertain you!" 

However, with Yang Chen's strength, how could Lin Ruoxi break free.

"Over? How can we be over? I haven't divorced you yet so we are still husband and wife legally. I will never abandon you until the last minute," Yang Chen said with scorching eyes.

"The ghost stays on huh? Don't you think you are ridiculous by continuously entangling?" Lin Ruoxi showed sarcasm in her eyes.

"I’ve never thought that I am nobler than my woman. You can think of me as humble, shameless, and ridiculous, but you can't obliterate my kindness to you. I am happy to give you all the good things," Yang Chen revealed with a splendid smile.

"We are over, you said you would let me go!" Lin Ruoxi turned her head away.

Yang Chen lowered his head and smiled to himself, like a smirk. He raised his head and eyebrows and said, "Yes, but you also know that I am a very shameless person and I am telling you that I regret this. Lin Ruoxi, you are getting more and more beautiful and more feminine. You also know that I am a big pervert, a big bastard, how can I give such a beautiful wife to someone else? I feel uneasy if you are not tethered to me. I hate it when my woman is taken advantage of by other men. Why kill people all over the world when I can occupy you forever?”

"You are unreasonable! And shameless!” Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth, breathing fire in her eyes with anger.

"You are finally slightly humane now. I thought you were completely immortal just now," Yang Chen said with a smile, "No matter how bad you sounded, I’ll accept it. This time I went to Korea and encountered a conflict between a couple. That man told me no matter what happens in the future, he must be nice to his wife because he believes in their love for each other. I do agree with him. Whether you say I am narcissistic or I am crazy, I still think that you love me, and I also love you. Whether you regarded yourself as a substitute for Seventeen or Lin Ruoxi, I love you for you. I just want you and you can’t control it!”

"You...you..." Lin Ruoxi's chest continued to fluctuate violently, she was unable to handle the rogue confession from Yang Chen.

If she really hated that man, she would cut off all her feelings toward him, but she was acting. Facing such a straightforward but heart-wrenching confession from a man, her heart could not help but soften.

She didn't care about Seventeen or whoever’s substitute she was. The two had been in the same boat for more than two years, how could she not know Yang Chen's affection?

Yang Chen took the Dragon Pill in front of the woman and said with a stern face, "Take the Dragon Pill and enter the Xiantian Stage will give you more protection, so that your life expectancy can be greatly increased, this is what I care about. The enemies I face now are not people that my subordinates can deal with. If we want to be safe, we have to rely on ourselves. There are a total of ten Dragon Pills in this world, you have to eat it no matter what! If you resist again, I will knock you out and make you eat it and I will help you breakthrough! But...hey, you have to think about it, after you faint, you won’t know what I’ll do to you and you also know what I like to do the most..."

Yang Chen was obviously lying. If Lin Ruoxi was really knocked out, she would unconsciously control the True Qi in her body, and it would be quite dangerous to break through to Xiantian Stage.

However, Lin Ruoxi believed it at this moment and was really afraid that Yang Chen would knock herself out. Not only would she be forced to take the pill, but she would be sent to bed as well.

She felt anguish in her heart. She tried her best to prevent Yang Chen from seeing the true state of her heart. She wanted to let the man leave her life and she was already holding back her true feelings.

If Yang Chen took herself into bed forcibly, in case she didn't control it and cooperated with the man when their love became strong, he would find out that she wasn’t reluctant toward him. Wouldn’t her act since New Year’s Eve be wasted?

Thinking of that nightmare, Lin Ruoxi was unwilling to expose her heart.

“Fine...I’ll eat it.”

Lin Ruoxi tried to show a trace of anger and said with tears.

She could only act it through this time and look for another way to make him give up.