"That's right." Yang Chen sighed with relief. Fortunately, he was able to deceive her, if it was someone who knew cultivation well like Xiao Zhiqing, it wouldn't be as easy. 

Both the husband and wife were trying to deceive each other with their thoughts.

"You can let go of my hand now." Lin Ruoxi said coldly.

Yang Chen showed a silly smile, looking honest, he let go of Lin Ruoxi's hand and did not forget to sniff flatteringly. "You smell nice, even without perfume.”     

The hard way was necessary but some other tricks were needed as well. Yang Chen didn't care whether Lin Ruoxi liked being teased like this, anyways, he had long been shameless in front of a woman.

Lin Ruoxi turned and walked back to the house, to prevent Yang Chen from seeing the flash of blush on her cheeks.

When Wang Ma saw that Yang Chen followed Lin Ruoxi into the room, she thought that she had seen the wrong thing. She was then interrupted by Lin Ruoxi when she was about to go up to inquire.

“Wang Ma, you don't need to think too much, we just need to do something." Lin Ruoxi put down her bag and walked to the gym.

Yang Chen blinked at Wang Ma and she saw a glimmer of hope and gave him an encouraging look.

When they entered the gym, Yang Chen handed the jade bottle to Lin Ruoxi. "Although this Dragon Pill has miraculous effects, it is extremely painful during the purification process, so you must be prepared." 

At this moment, serious matters were involved, and Yang Chen’s tone became solemn. 

Lin Ruoxi didn't answer, and gave a faint "hum" sound, indicating that she knew it. She then swallowed the pill without hesitation. 

In terms of doing things, Lin Ruoxi was more decisive than Yang Chen, as if she wished that he would get lost as soon as the things were done.

The Dragon Pill produced its powerful effects rapidly, and Lin Ruoxi suddenly felt that the meridians throughout her body began to be filled with an unparalleled surging spiritual aura.

After sitting down cross-legged, Lin Ruoxi started to run the exercises taught by Yang Chen and quickly absorbed the effects of the medicine.

Yang Chen guarded him carefully, and after a moment, he gradually discovered that Lin Ruoxi was far more able to withstand pain than he had imagined.

Except for the fine beads of sweat on the woman's face, she didn’t even frown a bit.

After more than half an hour, Lin Ruoxi's True Qi finally transformed into Xiantian True Qi entering a whole new realm.

Yang Chen started to wonder. It was strange that Lin Ruoxi's breakthrough would be so smooth. It was neither a wonderful experience like Cai Yan and Jane nor a dangerous emergency as if she had rehearsed countless times a long time ago. The repertoire was just passed this way, and it was a matter of course.

The woman opened her beautiful eyes and glanced at Yang Chen with a stunning look, and said in a flat tone, "Well, I have entered the Xiantian Stage, you may go now.”

"Don't worry, I still have some Qixia Pills and  Longhua Pills here. They are all high-quality goods of middle-grade and top-grade, and you can keep them well as they can help you enter the Xiantian Full Cycle in a short time and even impact the Soul Forming Stage.” Yang Chen took out two bottles of pill from the ring and gave them to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi didn't refuse this time, and said coldly, "Put it on the ground and you can go, I'm going to clean up a bit.”

Yang Chen did not stop her as it was already very rare for Lin Ruoxi to take the pills and talk to him, he wouldn’t want to be too forceful or it might be counterproductive.

When walking downstairs, Wang Ma came over with a smile, "Young Master, after talking for so long, is it possible that the young lady has changed her mind and that you two can make it up?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, "Wang Ma, how can it be so easy, I only gave Ruoxi some items.”

"Hey, you must overcome troubles before getting what you wish for. Since the day you two separated, the young lady has been immersed in work. I can see that she is actually not happy, and there are many things in her heart," said Wang Ma.

Yang Chen rolled his eyes and said with a smile, "Wang Ma, why don't you be my spy? If there’s  anything to do with Ruoxi, please tell me, so I can always have information."

Wang Ma covered her mouth and smiled, "This sounds wrong as if I am a secret agent. Don't worry, I also hope that the two of you can reconcile, and I will call you if there is anything. However, no matter what happens in the future, you can't treat my Qing’Er badly."

Wang Ma didn't forget to say a few words to her daughter. Yang Chen naturally patted his chest and agreed as he was never a favoritism person. 

Walking home, as soon as he reached the door, Yang Chen heard the chubby little girl yelling in the main hall.

"No! Lanlan wants to make one of my own!”

Lanlan was shaking Minjuan's arm non-stop right now as if begging for something, and her arm was about to be detached. 

"Oh, my dear, there are so many children buying it at the entrance of the kindergarten. Isn't it good to be like them?" Minjuan said helplessly.

Yang Chen stepped forward and asked, "What's wrong, what do you want to make?”

Minjuan saw her savior and explained to Yang Chen, "Mr. Yang, you are finally back. The kindergarten children will be flying kites in groups, and the teacher told the kids to prepare kites by themselves. If your kite is self-made, it can be shown on special display. Lanlan has been bugging me since she got off class that she wants to make her kite… But… I don’t know how to make one…”

Yang Chen scratched his head. March was indeed the season of kites, he had seen many kites but he hadn’t made one before. He picked up the chubby little girl and said, "My dear Lanlan, daddy will buy you a very big kite, okay? What do you like? Daddy can buy you any kind of kite!”

"Hmmph, no! Lanlan will make a beautiful kite and use it to compete with everyone!" The chubby little girl pouted her lips with a stubborn face. 

“But daddy and Aunt Minjuan don’t know how to make one.” Yang Chen felt it was easier to make a bomb by himself.

Lanlan’s mouth was bulging, and she looked pitiful as if she was extremely upset. After all, she was still a child, even if she was gifted, she still had a child's temperament and always wanted to show off in front of other children.

"Auntie will do it for you, don't cry."

Mo Qianni walked downstairs at this time and said with a smile, "Isn't it just a kite? What kind of kite Lanlan wants to make, auntie will make one for you.”

Yang Chen looked at the woman in surprise, "Little Qianqian, you know how to make kites?”

"Of course, every child in our mountain village knows how to make one. When we were young, we didn’t have money to buy kites. We all made kites with plastic paper, bamboo sticks, or newspapers. It’s not difficult.” Mo Qianni said casually. 

Lanlan was overjoyed when she heard it, and when she threw herself into Mo Qianni's arms, she kissed the woman's face a few times, even her saliva came out.

"If you came down earlier then everything will be good. I was despised by my daughter." Yang Chen curled his lips.

Mo Qianni sighed at him, "I'm talking on the phone with my mother. She said she wants to do some farming work back in her hometown and won’t be returning anytime soon.”

Yang Chen was secretly relieved. Having a mother-in-law at home was rather depressing.

Mo Qianni didn't know the little thoughts in the man's heart. She carried Lanlan to the living room and asked what kind of kite the chubby little girl wanted to make.

The chubby little girl was happy now, and she murmured a lot of requests, and Mo Qianni accepted them one by one. However, she found that she had no materials at home, so she went out again with Lanlan to buy.

As soon as the woman took the child out, Yang Chen heard the phone ring and took it out to see that it was Meng Yue's call.

A wicked smile appeared at the corner of Yang Chen's mouth, and then he asked, "How is it going?"

Meng Yue respectfully said: "Thank you master for the elixirs. I successfully entered the Xiantian Stage two days ago, and suddenly the family valued me more than Meng Zhelong. If things go well, it will not be long before I will succeed my father and become the deputy gang leader, preparing for the future becoming the Southern China gang leader and the Meng family patriarch."

"Your skill is at the peak of the Houtian Stage so the breakthrough is nothing strange. What I want is to find out the details of the Meng family as soon as possible, and what exactly are the Meng family's spiritual treasures. The secular power of the Southern China Gang is not attractive to me, do you understand?" Yang Chen frowned.

Meng Yue hurriedly replied, "Master, calm down. I also know that such progress is too slow, but my grandfather is a very scheming person. Only the patriarch of the Meng family can know the family’s background directly. I really don’t have any methods to get the relevant news..."

“What you are saying is that you need me to help you?" Yang Chen asked.

“Indeed, my master. Relying on my strength, there is no way to control the Meng family in a short time and obtain information for you. If you can help me to get rid of my grandfather, no one in the family can be more qualified than me to take over the position of the patriarch. Even my father will be excluded because his strength is not as good as mine, then it will be much easier next..."