At that moment, Meng Yue was standing in a dark chamber with a phone in her hand. Opposite her, Meng Kaiyuan and Meng Qi were sitting with an evil grinning face.

On the phone, Yang Chen pondered for a while and said, "Well, you talk about the plan and I’ll see if I can help you."

Meng Yue replied immediately, "Thank you, Master, the plan is like this..."

Following Meng Yue's narration, Meng Kaiyuan and Meng Qi smiled at each other.

When Meng Yue hung up the phone, she sighed and turned to Meng Kaiyuan and Meng Qi and said, "Grandpa, elder, Yang Chen has been baited.”

"Haha! My dear Yue’Er, you are indeed my greatest granddaughter. This time around, Yang Chen won’t be able to explain himself, we will detain him the day after tomorrow and ask him to return the family’s spiritual treasures and then let him hand over the rest of the good elixirs. This way, we will make a lot of money!” Meng Kaiyuan said happily.

Meng Qi nodded. "Yes, this Yang Chen has a vicious heart and is trying so hard to counterattack our Meng family, what wishful thinking! This time not only his elixirs but also his practices must be handed over. Anyway, it’s him who is at fault, he can’t deny anything with this phone recording.”

Meng Kaiyuan agreed and said, “We only need to hand over the recording to Chief No.1. and the reason will be on our side. Even if Yang Chen is killed, we’ll just say that it’s an accident! The Yang family won’t have the guts to fight us hard!"

"Hey, this is a very good plan. Meng Yue, you did a good job, but you must not leak the news before things happen, Yang Chen's intelligence network is extremely strong. If he knows this, we won’t be able to frame him again. If he runs abroad, things will be hard.” Meng Qi was very wary.

Meng Yue abruptly agreed, "Yue'Er knows the importance."

"Elder, please go to the clan again to request assistance from the elites in our clan, to catch the shameless kid Yang Chen!" Meng Kaiyuan said carefully.

“Of course. Yang Chen is just a superb physical body. The old man will go to the clan to ask for instructions, and then send two elders who are in the Tribulation Passing Stage and they will surely beat Yang Chen into the water!" Meng Qi smiled and swept out of the chamber.

Meng Kaiyuan was full of ambition, triumphant, he glanced at Meng Yue approvingly, and said, "Yue'Er, you are doing a good job. Grandpa is very happy that you have such loyalty to the Meng family and you are much better than the two useless brothers of yours. Grandpa is really sorry that I failed to save you from the villain. Fortunately, you are witty and escaped from his palm and you can design him in reverse, which is gratifying to Grandpa. After we retrieve our family treasures, I will promote you to be the deputy leader and sit on an equal footing with your father. From now on, your grandpa’s position will be yours!"

Meng Yue said with a sweet smile, "Grandpa, I just said it casually, Yue'Er knew that whatever grandpa did was for the family, and Yue'Er also wanted the family to last forever. Anyone like Yang Chen who wanted to use me was indeed looking down on the children of the Meng Family. He should be broken into pieces! "

“Yes! We must let this kid suffer to the max! He managed to escape previously and cost us to lose 3 elders. I can't even lift my head in front of the family since then, for fear of punishment. If we can get back our family treasures this time, I can finally serve justice!”

“Yue’Er shall congratulate Grandpa first!" Meng Yue stepped forward with a smile and held Meng Kaiyuan’s arm. 

For a while, the chamber was filled with Meng Kaiyuan's heroic laughter.

On the other hand, Yang Chen didn't worry too much about the matter. After hanging up the phone, he watched TV in the living room and waited for Mo Qianni and Lanlan to come home before eating dinner.

Mo Qianni had always been meticulous when she started her work. She even accompanied Lanlan to make kites very seriously. She bought a lot of materials from the stationery store as many people were making kites during this season, so it was not difficult to buy materials. 

The chubby little girl put all her thoughts on the kite. She didn't even eat as much for dinner as she usually did, and grabbed Mo Qianni to start doing it.

In the living room, Mo Qianni accompanied the chubby little girl to cut bamboo strips and cut out thin colored oiled paper. While doing it, she also taught Lanlan how to do it.

Lanlan learned very seriously, just like learning the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" with Yang Chen, as long as she was interested in things, she could quickly invest.

Yang Chen sat on the sofa and watched Mo Qianni and Lanlan finish making a kite bit by bit. He was extremely satisfied, and his heart was warm.

“Daddy! Lanlan’s kite is ready!" 

The chubby little girl took the kite and rushed to Yang Chen excitedly to show him as if she was showing off her masterpiece.

Yang Chen looked at the fiery red kite in Lanlan's hand, with two big eyes, patterned legs, and a grinning cartoon animal image. He frowned for a moment, and asked, "This is... a frog?"

Lanlan nodded vigorously, and said, "Other children wanted to make swallows and birds because they can fly. Lanlan is not like them! Lanlan is making a frog kite!"

Yang Chen wanted to say frogs should be green, how could it be a red frog? However, it’s nothing much as long as the child is happy. 

"Look at you, what is it like to be in a hurry? The kite has to carry a streamer, come here," Mo Qianni waved to Lanlan.

The chubby little girl ran back immediately, watching Mo Qianni put two red ribbons on her red frog kite, her big eyes full of sparkling light.

After finishing the kite, Lanlan contentedly ran upstairs to practice, and finally, the house calmed down.

Mo Qianni tidied up the messy table, but Yang Chen walked behind her, hugged the woman, bit her ears, and said with a smile, "Little Qianqian, if you have a baby in the future, you will definitely be a good mother.”

"Really?" Mo Qianni asked with a pink face and lowered her head in embarrassment.

"At least I don't know how to make kites for my daughter," Yang Chen said.

Mo Qianni snorted, "That's because you didn't grow up in a mountain village. What's so strange? I can only do this kind of small thing but not others.”

"How can this be a small thing? Well, I can feel that you really love Lanlan, making her very happy, thank you," Yang Chen said sincerely.

Mo Qianni bit her cherry lips, held back her smile, and turned around. She gave Yang Chen an eye-roll and said softly, "What's so good about this, I’ll be mad if you are this polite... It’s not just me, the sisters all treat Lanlan as their own daughter. Although Lanlan is still young, she knows very well that we are her ‘aunt’, she will not call us ‘mommy’, I think she is waiting for you to bring her mommy back.”

Yang Chen sighed and smiled embarrassedly, "I want to as well, but before things are clear, I am afraid Ruoxi will not change her mind. I can only take things slow, after all, there are many other things. The Meng family and the Hidden Clan are still having their eyes on me, I can’t just stay and wait to die.”

Then, Yang Chen stretched out his hand and squeezed Mo Qianni's plump buttocks, and patted it with one palm.

"Leave the finishing work to Minjuan. As a reward, I will plant seeds for my Little Qianqian early tonight!"

Mo Qianni's body was agitated. After entering the Xiantian Stage, her body's acuity was greatly improved. She couldn’t stand his tease, winking like silk and breathing like orchids, she fell softly into Yang Chen's arms.

Yang Chen hugged the woman horizontally, jumped up to the second floor like a gust of wind, and got into the room...

At the same time, a small town in the south of Zhonghai. 

The night was as cool as water, and the galaxy danced.

The long stretch of the beach was full of huge reefs, except for some fishermen in the distance, there were not a lot of people.

Surprisingly, a young girl carrying a big pink hiking bag, wearing cartoon yellow long sleeves and cotton cropped pants, was sitting on a big rock, holding a bowl of Mala Tang in from roadside stalls, eating alone in front of the tide.

On the girl's sweet and lovely face, there was a touch of sadness that couldn't be removed. In the bright eyes, there was a sense of vicissitudes that people of the same age didn't have.

Suddenly, a man's clear voice came from behind the girl, abruptly.

"If it weren't for the soul mark, I really couldn't find you. Being in such a quiet place is not something you would do, Xiaoxiao.”

Luo Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment, suddenly got up and turned her head, staring at the man with her almond eyes. “Brother?!”

On the beach, a handsome boy with black hair and red lips in a neat white shirt and jeans looking about twenty years old, with a charming smile, had been standing there for quite some time.