Behind the stunning boy, there was a gray-haired old man in a green shirt and cloth robe, as if following the shadow of a boy in the dark, inconspicuous to the extreme.

"Grandpa Luo Lei is here too? Why… are you here?" Luo Xiaoxiao asked carefully.

This handsome young man was her elder brother, Luo Hang, who was also Xiao Zhiqing's nominal fiancé.

It was just that Luo Hang had entered the cultivation stage where his appearance would not change anymore for a long time, so he seemed to be about the same age as Luo Xiaoxiao, and he did not look like her brother at all. 

"My sister, you should have had enough experience in the secular world by now. I am here on our father's order to do two things. One of them is to take you back to the family and start cultivating in retreat." Luo Hang walked to the beach, turned around, and smiled at Luo Xiaoxiao eerily. 

In terms of appearance alone, no one would doubt Luo Hang if he was called a beauty, because his facial features were too delicate.

Luo Xiaoxiao was taken aback in surprise, and then tweaked and rubbed the sand under her feet with her toes. "But...I've only been in the secular world for less than three years, and I haven't graduated from university, how can it be?”

"It’s enough when father says so. I also think that you are much more mature than before, you don't have to say much, just do what our father said." Luo Hang's tone seemed irreversible.

Luo Xiaoxiao was upset, biting her red lips, and did not reply for a long time.

"Why? Are you trying to go against your father?" Luo Hang asked, raising his eyebrows.

"No...Brother, I...I want to go back to the family after I have settled some things, can you wait for me for two days?" Luo Xiaoxiao asked.

Luo Hang's face suddenly became gloomy, and he said with cold eyes: "Luo Xiaoxiao, you'd better be a little bit more diligent. I don’t have much patience and please figure out who you are! Are you asking me to wait for you? What’s more important than your father's instructions? Could it be that you are still greedy for the world and don't want to go back to see your father?"

Luo Xiaoxiao was shocked, looked up at her brother, and said pitifully, "Brother, it's not like that...I…I'll go with you."

"Huh, it should have been this way," Luo Hang glanced at the girl with some disdain, and sneered, "Father asked me to come and find you back because he still values you, be grateful!”

“Yes… Xiaoxiao is wrong,” The girl's head dropped lower, and her chin was about to press against her plump breasts.

The old man Luo Lei, who had been watching, seemed to hear and see nothing. When Luo Hang left, he followed him and continued on the road.

Luo Xiaoxiao secretly wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes behind him, speeding up her pace to follow.

"Brother, where are we going now?" Luo Xiaoxiao asked with a forceful brilliant smile, returning to a lively appearance.

Luo Hang hummed softly, without turning his head back, "Recently, the spies inserted in the Ning's house got information. That b*tch, Xiao Zhiqing, who escaped from the illusion is near Zhonghai. I am here to catch her and let her have a taste of the consequences of betraying me, Luo Hang…”


Luo Xiaoxiao exclaimed.

Luo Hang turned his head and frowned, "What's wrong with you?"

“, I'm just surprised that the sister-in-law is in Zhonghai..." Luo Xiaoxiao lowered her head and didn't dare to look at Luo Hang's eyes.

She knew very well what would happen to Xiao Zhiqing if she fell into the hands of her handsome brother. He absolutely would not allow anyone to resist the marriage with him, even if he did not intend to marry her as his official wife. 

There was no doubt that Xiao Zhiqing's escape from marriage had made him lose his image of the family and in the illusion. He must hate Xiao Zhiqing deeply!

Luo Hang didn't pay much attention, but said with a dark face and grimace, "Luo Xiaoxiao, you better make yourself clear! She is a b*tch! She is even worse than a prostitute! If you address her as sister-in-law once more, I will rip your mouth off!”

At this moment, Luo Hang's handsome face was full of ferocity like jackals, and he didn't even care that it was his sister in front of him.

Luo Xiaoxiao trembled, she was so scared that she held her breath, and kept nodding, but her eyes were full of worry.


The next morning, when the sun first rose, a faint golden glow covered the balcony of the western suburban courtyard and reflected into the huge bedroom.

In the warm room, on the big bed, Mo Qianni dumbly reached out to fish for the man next to her, only to find that it was empty.

Mo Qianni opened her eyes, rubbed her sleepy eyes, and frowned. Yang Chen was gone.

She used to get up first by herself, and the man would have to lie down on the bed for a while before getting up, but today was really weird.

Slowly sitting up, the thin silk quilt slipped from the delicate and white skin on her chest, a pair of tall and proud peaks trembling, two points of bright red like ripe red cherries, which looked extremely teasing. 

Mo Qianni stroked her hair, yawned, and inadvertently saw that there was a note on the bedside table.

She took it over and read, "Little Qianqian, I'm going out to do something. It may take a few days, or I may come back tomorrow. Talk to your other sisters, and send me a mobile phone message if you all have any emergencies."

Mo Qianni pursed her lips helplessly, "How mysterious, god knows what you’re up to now?”

She also knew that since Yang Chen said so, it must be something inconvenient to take them out.

"Aunt Qianni!!! Aunt Qianni!!!"

The chubby little girl’s voice suddenly sounded from outside. Before Mo Qianni could react, the girl had already slid into the room like a ball rolling in.

Lanlan, who was already dressed neatly and carrying a schoolbag, was still holding the red frog kite in her hand, full of fighting spirit.

"I need to go to school! Auntie, send Lanlan to school!" Lanlan couldn't wait to show off her kite.

When Mo Qianni saw the time, only to realize that she overslept. It seemed that she was too tired because of Yang Chen last night, and she didn't care about being naked in front of the child. She quickly got up and ran to look for clothes...

“Lanlan, give me a moment, auntie will be ready very soon…”

The chubby little girl tilted her head and looked at Mo Qianni's curvy, bumpy back. She then looked at her flat chest, pouting, as if she was depressed. 

Mo Qianni hadn't seen this scene either. If she had seen it, she would have to laugh as the child was a little precocious.

At the same time, in the far southeast, above a piece of high seas in the Pacific Ocean.

The sky was clear and the blue sea was breathtaking.

Yang Chen hung in the air, sitting cross-legged, breathing in the spiritual aura around him. 

He didn't need to operate his cultivation base to increase his skills anymore. The ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’ circulated in his body all the time, absorbing and transforming spiritual energy into the power of heaven and earth, and strengthened his own cultivation.

At this moment, Yang Chen just wanted to comprehend a kind of Xuanshui that he failed to comprehend - Ruo Water, through the perception of being integrated with heaven and earth.

He did not have a choice as he knew that his strength must be strong enough to face the enemies that may come.

Although he was at the Full Cycle Stage of the Taiqing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, there were many hidden elites in the illusion, god knows if there was anyone stronger than him. Otherwise, the strength of Athena was so abnormal, why didn't she rescue Zeus blatantly?

Moreover, even the one in the Weak Waters Stage should not be underestimated.

According to Xiao Zhiqing, the cultivators in the Weak Waters Stage were not inferior to the Taiqing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Stage ones. Just as the ones in the Ye Fire Stage were not much worse than the Kui Water ones, and their strength was very close.

Moreover, the realm did not completely represent strength, and regardless of magic weapons, spells, and medicines, if there was a large gap in True Yuan, it could largely conquer opponents with higher realms.

This also meant that in terms of absolute strength, even if Yang Chen was in the Taiqing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Stage, it would not necessarily indicate that he could defeat the cultivators of the Weak Waters Stage completely. 

After all, there were too many old monsters in the illusion. Xiao Zhiqing was just a little girl at the age of 20, and she had never heard of many hidden masters. 

Along the way, from Nanming Li Fire, Samadhi True Fire, Kui Water, Ye Fire, and later on to Ming Water, Yang Chen had gradually mastered all of them. 

Now that he had reached the Full Cycle of the Taiqing Heavenly Thunder Tribulation, although he had not yet reached the level of the passing stage, it was reasonable to say that it was time to successfully master the ‘Ruo Water’ and the ‘Taiqing Heavenly Lightning’.

Back then, the mysterious old man used his body from the early stage of the Taiqing Heavenly Thunder Tribulation to use the Taiqing Heavenly Lightning, which showed that he could also do it, but there was no opportunity to comprehend it.

If he could understand the Ruo Water as soon as possible, then he would be more confident against the cultivators in the Weak Waters Stage. 

Back then in Korea, in the process of devouring Master Insect, he also used the chaos’s swallowing characteristics to absorb a large number of poisonous insects from the master.

These poisonous insects were highly corrosive, and they were all fed by various toxins and female ‘Yin’.

It was the characteristics of these poisonous insects that made Yang Chen have a certain sense of the ‘Weak Waters’ that he had never felt.

Yang Chen lifted his left hand, igniting a crimson Ye Fire.

"The Red Lotus Ye Fire burns the souls of sentient beings and the world..." 

With a flick of the finger of his right hand, a cloud of dark blue Ming Water lingered around Yang Chen's fingertips like a long whip.

"The Ming Water corrupts everything…”

Yang Chen thought carefully, and suddenly had an idea, "If I merge the Kui Water and the Ye Fire...what will happen? It's both from my transformation of the power of heaven and earth...could it be that they merge in the same way by different routes?"

He had never thought about this before, and could not help but curiously began to slowly merge the two groups of powers...