An ear-piercing and harsh sound appeared.

As soon as the Ming Water and Ye Fire touched each other, two extremely repulsive forces were generated, as if they both regarded each other as enemies of life and death!


Yang Chen yelled badly in his heart. The two powers of heaven and earth in black and scarlet in front of him were unexpectedly out of his control and began to swell violently!

It was as if a nuclear bomb was quickly formed in front of his chest, and then exploded!


An explosion sounded a surging shock wave in the sky.

The blue-black and crimson Ming Water and the Ye Fire formed a ring of death that was dazzling, but terrifying.

The clothes on Yang Chen turned into dust in a blink of an eye, and his body was hit by the explosion, and he went upside down in the air for several kilometers before it stopped!

If it weren't for his physical fitness that was as strong as a monster, he would be seriously injured even if he survived!

Yang Chen stabilized his figure, gulped and looked at his body, and smiled wryly. 

"F*ck*ng hell, what the heck did the creator of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture expect? This technique could transform the power of heaven and earth into heaven fire, Xuanshui, and heavenly lightning, but it didn't say that it couldn't be combined, it's too dangerous... It's a pity that I couldn't control this method myself, and I'm afraid it's not suitable to fight with it..."

Yang Chen shook his head, secretly thinking that fortunately, he was strong enough, or else he would suffer a serious injury before understanding Ruo Water. 

Hey, wait!

A thought suddenly flashed in Yang Chen's mind.

"I used the third level of Ye Fire in the Three Yang Fire Tribulation, matching the second level of Six Frost Water, Ming Water... What if I used the second level of Samadhi True Fire? Would it be different..."

Yang Chen muttered to himself, sinking into the contemplation of cultivation.

High in the sky, the temperature was freezing below zero, but this also helped him calmly think quickly.

Fortunately, there were very few aircraft that would pass by in this area, otherwise, the person would probably pass out seeing a naked man standing in the sky thinking about things.

Gradually, a thought in Yang Chen's heart became clearer. Although he didn't like being blown up, he wanted to try again, it’s not like he would die anyway. 

He did not even bother changing his clothes and transported a group of white golden Samadhi True Fire, condensed a group of dark blue Ming Water, and slowly merged the two energy groups...

Suddenly! The two groups of energies looked very different from just now!

The white golden Samadhi True Fire seemed to be very attractive to the Ming Water. Since ancient times, water and fire were incompatible, but this time, Yang Chen saw a completely different concept!

He saw that the Ming Water and the Samadhi True Fire, like paints being mixed, gradually formed a kind of blue-golden energy.

This was also the pure power of heaven and earth, but it combined the scorching high temperature of the Samadhi True Fire and the strong corrosiveness of the Ming Water.

Blue flames...

Yang Chen looked at the beating flames in his hands in amazement, just like the flames of elves. After using such a large amount of two groups of Ming Water and True Fire, only to condense into such a fist-sized blue flame! ?

The power contained in it could be imagined!

Yang Chen was overjoyed. Could this be the mystery contained in the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’?!

The Ming Water and Samadhi True Fire seemed to be like fire and water that were incompatible with each other but they contained the same characteristic, that was corrosion. This corrosion was no corrosion in the ordinary sense, but the corrosion of matter and living souls.

In this way, although one was burning and the other was solidified, the Li Fire and Kui Water, both represented a destructive force...

Yang Chen endured his excitement, and condensed a group of Nanming Li Fire, and a group of Kui Water, and gradually merged the two...

When the red Li Fire and the blue Kui Water were mixed, it condenses and combines quickly.

This time, it was a beating purple flame!

The power was better than the Ye Fire and Ming Water, even if the cultivator in the Kui Water Stage would inevitably be burnt into ashes. 

"Purple Fire, Blue Fire..." Yang Chen grinned, "I understand now. The Three Yang Fire Tribulation and the Six Frost Water Tribulation actually have similar characteristics, the only difference was the height of the starting point…”

After practicing here, Yang Chen suddenly came up with a question that he had never thought about- Why would the cultivation journey end at these three heavenly tribulations? Was this all destined by nature and there was no logic to be found at all? Or was this an inevitable law?

Thinking about it this way, Yang Chen felt as if he suddenly saw a window open in front of him from a dark room.

Brightness through the window, directing into his soul!

In the past, he only followed the footsteps of the creator of "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" and practiced step by step. Although he found his own way of heaven and earth based on his talent and understanding, he still stood in the footsteps of his predecessors.

Until this moment, Yang Chen began to look at the laws of this world from the perspective of an ‘outsider’!

For an instant, he felt that the world in front of him became more mysterious and novel, as if there were countless wealth, waiting for himself to explore its deepest mysteries.

"Haha, cultivation is indeed an interesting thing. This is the way for mankind to pursue the origin of the universe. No wonder the group of guys under the illusion is so obsessed with cultivation... The creator of the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture", I am afraid that he has already stood outside the world, overlooking the sea of ​​suffering for him to be able to create this technique. I don’t know whether such a character came from the time of the war of gods tens of thousands of years ago or the immortals of ancient times..."

Yang Chen had a trace of admiration in his heart, this was a kind of respect for the strong ancestors.

Standing silently in the sky for a long time with emotion, it was evening before he knew it.

Yang Chen didn't realize it, remembering that he had planned to comprehend the Ruo Water before, but now he smiled and he was ready.

"Since the Samadhi True Fire and the Six Frost Water have such similarities, the Ruo Water should also have the same laws as the Ye Fire..." 

Yang Chen was puzzled before, but he solved it at this moment. He thought about it slightly and stretched out his hand to call for the power of heaven and earth, and slowly condensed it in his palm...

From the most basic destroying force to the deep force of corrosion and erosion, in the end, it should be the power to purify to nothingness...

A group of gray-white mysterious powers gradually appeared in his hands, as if life was creeping, exuding a dangerous aura of immersing and swallowing everything in the world...

“Ruo Water... that’s it." Yang Chen looked up at the bleak sky and muttered to himself, "The Taiqing Heavenly Lightning… could it be…”

The cold wind swept high above the sky, and the subtle words were blown to pieces by the wind

Zhonghai, at the gate of Yunhua Kindergarten.

An endless stream of vehicles slowly drove past the door, and the time when the children were out of school was naturally the time when a large number of parents and nannies came here to wait in line.

When a group of colorfully dressed children ran out screaming, one of them, wearing blue overalls, with a round face and two pigtails, looked particularly eye-catching.

Firstly, the child had fair skin and delicate features like some little stars in TV commercials. Secondly, the little girl was holding a red frog kite that had a broken hole in her hand.

This was Lanlan, but the chubby little girl was pouting her face with a touch of disappointment at the moment.

A red frog? The other parents thought that the kite maker had a unique taste.

“Lanlan, what's the matter, the kite is broken?" A fashionable girl wearing a knitted gray sweater, a black short skirt, and lace stockings stepped forward to squat down and hugged the chubby little girl. Naturally, it was Mo Qianni who came to pick up the child. 

The people around were somewhat clear, they all regarded the woman as Lanlan’s mother and it was understandable that such a beautiful lady like her would give birth to a cute daughter. 

Lanlan nodded his head and said unwillingly, "It was trampled by Chen Xinxin in the class!"

Mo Qianni immediately asked, "Is it a boy? Did he bully you?"

Lanlan shook her head, "When Lanlan collected the kite, he was chasing other children, and he just ran over and stepped on it..."

“Phew.” Mo Qianni sighed with relief, squeezing Lanlan's face. "That's good, anyway, since you have flown it before, auntie will make another one for you later on.”

"Hmmph! Lanlan was angry and kicked Chen Xinxin's ass. After eating a few mouthfuls of mud, he didn't dare to fight with Lanlan! How useless of him as a boy!” The chubby little girl said proudly.

Mo Qianni smiled helplessly, who could beat you… she was really "spoiled" by Yang Chen. It was estimated that the young boys in the class were not less "bullied" by Lanlan, so even the teachers were afraid of Yang Chen.

Suddenly, Lanlan looked behind Mo Qianni, blinked her big eyes, and said, "Mommy is here!"