“Mommy… Is Ruoxi here?” Mo Qianni was stunned and she turned around to look. 

However, she did not see Lin Ruoxi’s figure at all, there were only the people coming to and fro and some street hawkers.

“Lanlan, did you see it wrongly? Mommy’s car is not here either.” Mo Qianni said. 

The chubby little girl pouted and pointed at a newspaper stall opposite the road. “It’s true! Lanlan could feel it, mommy was just there!”

Mo Qianni then took another look but still couldn’t see Lin Ruoxi. 

Lanlan was probably missing her mother too much that she saw the wrong person… Mo Qianni sighed and felt sad in her heart. Seeing the chubby little girl in front of her, she felt more emphatic towards her. 

“Alright, let’s go home now, auntie has made you your favorite braised pork trotters and I bought you a big roasted goose!” Mo Qianni held Lanlan’s hand.

“Owh…” The chubby little girl was not too excited. She looked back at the newspaper stall a few times suspiciously with disappointment before getting into the car with Mo Qianni. 

The two beautiful figures attracted the gaze of the people around them.

“Did Lanlan fly your kite high today?”

“Yes! Lanlan’s frog was better than their birds and fishes!”

“Haha… our Lanlan is amazing!”

“Hehe, whoever dares to fly their kites higher than Lanlan, I will rip their kite string off!”

“Huh… Hey you, don’t simply kick other kids ok? They didn’t mean it anyway.”

“Then they should give Lanlan a lot of nice food, or else I will still kick them…”

“Hey, don’t learn from your daddy, how can you bully people like that?”

“Lanlan will only kick boys, I am very friendly with the girls!”


“Daddy said that every other guy except for him are bad guys, as long as I don’t kill them, it’s fine…”


Under the sun, Mo Qianni brought Lanlan into her Audi and drove away from the kindergarten. 

Behind the newspaper stall at the opposite side of the road, in a small gift shop, a woman wearing sunglasses and a fabulous suit walked out, it was Lin Ruoxi. 

Looking at the car that slowly drove away, Lin RUoxi took off her sunglasses. Her eyes were slightly reddened and the look of longing, pain, entanglement, and love was complex and unconcealable.

After a long while, when the car couldn’t be seen anymore, Lin Ruoxi let out a long sigh, wore her sunglasses, and walked away. 


On the same night, the Ning Residence in Beijing. 

In the study room, the lights were brightly lit. Except for the sounds of the insects outside of the house, the place was scarily silent. 

Ning Guangyao sat on the mahogany chair, facing the photo frame on the study table. He was staring at it attentively and he looked slightly lost. 

This was a photo taken together with Luo Cuishan and Ning Guodong back then, it was a rare family picture. He hadn’t stepped up to the Premier position at that time and Luo Cuishan was still a charming lady and Ning Guodong was just a high school student in Beijing. 

The youthful and innocent time had passed away. Now, apart from this photo of a family of three, what he couldn't erase in his mind was Luo Cuishan's sadness before her death, and Ning Guodong's hideousness.

Ning Guangyao subconsciously took up the teacup on his table and took a sip.

It was cold, the tea had somehow lost its temperature. 

On a warm spring night, it felt as if the air conditioner was running in the study, making Ning Guangyao want to put on a coat.

He had been proud in the political industry over the years. He thought that power would bring an unimaginable sense of satisfaction, but now he finally discovered that it was not entirely that way.

As time passed, Ning Guangyao felt that his house was terrifyingly quiet every night. 

He felt annoyed as he disliked such a lonely feeling.

Yet, he had to endure all these. 

He was the one who pushed his wife and son into the never-ending abyss. 

For the sake of his position as the patriarch and the Premier, he sacrificed the mother and the son. 

In fact, he didn’t think that he was wrong. If someone was at fault then they were the ones who provoked something that they shouldn't have done in the first place and they were the ones who were being ignorant. 

“Knock knock knock.” The door was being knocked on which broke Ning Guangyao’s thoughts. 

Putting back the photo into his drawer, Ning Guangyao sat up straight and said with a deep voice, “Come in.”

A man in a suit walked in, it was a close employee of the Ning Family. 

“Premier, these are the reports about the young lady for these three days.” The man placed a document folder on Ning Guangyao’s table. 

Ning Guangyao nodded, took over the document, and started reading it. 

The document recorded mainly about Lin Ruoxi’s daily schedule and whatever she did these days, there were even some pictures taken by high technology equipment, including her getting to and off work and how she patrolled around her companies. 

Ning Guangyao looked at the charming and brilliant woman with a triumphant smile on his face. 

He wasn’t alone yet, he gave up on the useless pair of mother and son but he still had an amazing daughter. 

Although Lin Ruoxi had not changed her surname back to Ning, he knew that he would be capable of letting her and the outside people acknowledge her as one of the Ning family members, it was just a matter of time. 

By then, everything he did would be perfect. 

Flipping through the documents, Ning Guangyao frowned when he reached the last page and asked, “Ruoxi went to the kindergarten?”

“Yes, but the young lady deliberately stood secretly and only looked at Yang Lanlan from afar, she didn’t come into contact with her and Mo Qianni.” The man said. 

Ning Guangyao grinned and murmured, “It seems like my daughter...isn’t as cruel as she seems…”

With many thoughts flashing in his eyes, Ning Guangyao turned his head and said, "Go and help me make arrangements, I will go to Zhonghai within three days for at least half a day.

“Yes, Premier!”


The next day, above the Pacific Ocean, Yang Chen quietly hung cross-legged in the air, immersing in a peaceful experience.

The sentiment of the entire night did not allow Yang Chen to accurately grasp the Taiqing Heavenly Lightning.

The cultivation path was filled with contradictions, even if he had already touched the barrier, he still couldn’t cross it directly. 

Yang Chen was not desperate. After all, it wasn’t some scientific research experiment, even if he understood the theory, he might not be able to get the accurate outcome. 

Besides, it was such a mysterious thing. An opportunity was what he needed right now. 

At that moment, his phone vibrated.

Although he was in the open waters, his phone was built with a special satellite system and it would not affect the receptivity. 

It was a call from Cai Ning which surprised him. He picked up the phone and asked with a smile, “What is it, Ning’Er?”

“Honey, can you come with me to the Tang Ancestral Fortress?” Cai Ning asked gently. 

“Tang Ancestral Fortress?” Yang Chen said suspiciously, “You didn’t even go back to your home in Beijing, but you are thinking about the Tang Ancestral Fortress?”

Cai Ning sounded worried, “Master has contacted me earlier saying that there’s something urgent that she wanted to meet the both of us. I’ve tried asking her what it is about but she wasn’t willing to say it, I am afraid that she might encounter something…”

Yang Chen thought for a while and he would only be meeting the Meng Family at night so he would obviously have enough time. He then agreed casually, “Okay, go towards the Tang Ancestral Fortress direction, I will wait for you on the way.”

Cai Ning agreed happily and hung up the phone.

She was always fast in her movements so she reached the Sichuan Province within a few minutes from the Mediterranean continent.  

Yang Chen used his divine sense to meet up with the woman and went to the Tang Ancestral Fortress together.

“Master told us to find her in the bamboo forest directly, we don’t have to disturb the others.” Cai Ning was wearing a white blouse and loosely tailored tan breeches, like an elegant British female rider, with a beautiful appearance.

Yang Chen was even more curious now. Does she want to meet us in private? What is Tang Luyi planning?

Walking to the bamboo forest that he had once come to, the door of Tang Luyi’s house was already open, awaiting their arrival. 

The two walked into the house and found Tang Luyi in a dark blue tunic dress, with long jet black hair, sitting gracefully in front of the vanity mirror. Staring blankly at her phoenix eyes and vermilion lips in the mirror, her fair and mature face seemed to be in a trance.

“Master, we are here…”

Cai Ning greeted her gently and was slightly surprised that Tang Luyi didn’t notice the two of them entering. This was impossible for a master who was in the Full Cycle of the Xiantian Stage, besides, the two of them did not cover up their traces as well.