Tang Luyi jumped when she got called by Cai Ning. She turned around and looked at Yang Chen who came along with Cai Ning, her eyes were filled with complexity and struggle. 

“You guys...are here.” Tang Luyi’s voice was trembling and she forced a smile. 

Cai Ning noticed that something was wrong and walked towards Tang Luyi. She held her master’s hand and immediately frowned. “Master, your hands are cold, what’s wrong? Why did you call me and Yang Chen here so urgently? Don’t scare me.”

Looking at Cai Ning, her most valued disciple being so caring and affectionate toward her, Tang Luyi was very touched. 

Yet, when she thought about that incident...she felt a pain in her chest...

She teared up a little and reached out to touch Cai Ning’s face. “My dear child, Master...has failed you.”

“What...do you mean?” Cai Ning was confused.

Tang Luyi tilted her head and looked at Yang Chen behind then walked straight over and stood still 2 feet in front of him.

Just as Yang Chen and Cai Ning were puzzled, Tang Luyi suddenly knelt down!


Cai Ning exclaimed.

Yang Chen was also shocked and did not realize that he should stop her.

When he came back into his senses, he quickly went over and helped her up.

“What...Ning’Er’s Master...Uhm...Senior Tang… Oh dear, I mean… beauty? Sister? Auntie? You… Why are you kneeling at me!?” Yang Chen tried to pull Tang Luyi up.

However, Tang Luyi wasn’t willing to, the second she got dragged up, she knelt down again and even gave him a kowtow!

“Young Master yang! Please save my daughter! I am begging you!! Boohoo…”

Tang Luyi sobbed and yelled.

“Your daughter?!”

Yang Chen was confused and he looked at Cai Ning. The woman also looked shocked and puzzled. 

“Master, how did you...get a daughter out of a sudden? You’ve never told me about it?” Cai Ning went to help Tang Luyi up hoping that she would get up.

Yet, Tang Luyi insisted on kneeling, she shook her head and did not want to get up.

“Ning’Er, don’t pull me up, I should kneel down to the both of you…”

“Master, no matter what this is about, just get up and explain to us.” Cai Ning used her True Yuan and forced Tang Luyi to stand up.

Tang Luyi looked at her disciple in shock and blinked her eyes. “Ning’Er, you… You have entered the Soul Forming Stage?”

Cai Ning nodded. “Yeah, I am almost reaching the end of the Soul Forming Stage. All thanks to honey who helped me a lot, or else I won’t be able to improve my cultivation base in such a short time.”

“Alright alright…” Tang Luyi showed a contented smile .”You didn’t choose the wrong person, master is very happy.”

“Master, what’s going on, tell me please. I...I am worried.” Cai Ning was slightly agitated. 

Tang Luyi sighed gently and took a glance at Yang Chen. “This is a long story, I should start from 20 years ago…”

Tang Luyi’s eyes were full of intricate thoughts, and it was as if time had gone backward in a trance.

Twenty years ago, Tang Luyi was still the young lady of the Tang Ancestral Fortress. After learning the Sky-encompassing Flower Rain skills, she thought she was invincible and started to challenge the elites from different sects.

Some of the elites knew that she was a woman and was lenient towards her, as for the older generation ones, they did not even bother entertaining her. 

As such, she was extremely confident about herself in her twenties and she continued searching for other masters in China to challenge.

One day, when she passed by a suburban city of the Central Plains, she encountered a robbing incident. She initially wanted to play the role of a heroine and went to chase the robbers, yet those robbers were desperate and used their guns to shoot at her. 

She was still young back then and did not have much experience in gunfights and got injured at her waist. 

It was at that moment where a young policeman as if coming from heaven, settled those robbers and carried her away from the scene. 

Tang Luyi was amazed by his moves and the scene that he had saved her from. Back in those days, it was such a brutal attraction toward a teenage girl. 

Later on, she became interested in this young man named Wang Sheng and was also amazed by his martial arts techniques. 

Wang Sheng was seemingly caring toward Tang Luyi as well, he constantly came to visit her when she was hospitalized. 

She then found out that he was an orphan, after graduating from the police academy he became an actual police officer and was single since then. 

His martial arts skills were taught by an old man when he was in the orphanage and he didn’t know its origin. 

Tang Luyi who had never thought about getting into a relationship before got together with Wang Sheng within a short time and she didn’t consider much about his past as she was afraid that he might be sad about it. 

The old patriarch of the Tang ancestral Fortress objected to their relationship as he felt that Wang Sheng’s origin was suspicious. However, Tang Luyi eloped together with Wang Sheng for the name of love and even got registered as legal husband and wife. 

One year later, they had a daughter named Wang Shu. 

Initially, Tang Luyi felt that everything was worth it. Seeing her daughter and husband, she felt as if she owned the world, even if the people from the Tang Ancestral Fortress despised her. 

However, one night, Wang Sheng took their daughter Wang Shu and left without saying anything...

He only left a note and a small elixir. 

On the note, it says: ‘Our fate is over and the man shall leave with the wind. This is a Bodhi Pill to make up for the loss of your ‘Yin’, take care.’

She didn’t realize what happened until she remembered what the Bodhi Pill was, she then recalled that her father had mentioned the hidden clan. 

For instance, she felt as if her whole world collapsed. Her daughter and husband were just an illusion and it had disappeared. 

After more than a year of depression, Tang Luyi returned to the Tang Ancestral Fortress. After all, she was the young lady of the Tang Family. With the support of her brother Tang Dianshan and the rest, in addition to her suffering from love, Tang Luyi's skills improved and no one dared to oppose her return.

However, since then, Tang Luyi has always had a cold face towards men and her aversion to men became more and more intense. Later, she simply lived in this bamboo forest to find peace.

Later on, she accepted Cai Ning as her disciple but she treated her as her biological daughter and she taught her sternly and loved her deeply. 


Hearing Tang Luyi describing the past, Yang Chen touched his chin and thought to himself. No wonder she was so reluctant towards me back then, it was because she got abandoned by a man from the hidden clan. 

When he was in the Tang Ancestral Fortress, Cai Ning also mentioned Tang Luyi’s emotional injury when she was young. He just didn’t expect that the hidden clan was involved in this, no wonder when he mentioned the hidden clan, her facial expression was weird. 

This was the same case as Wang Ma, but Wang Ma was more pitiful, she had no idea who Xiao Mozheng was. 

Probably because Tang Luyi was someone who practiced martial arts and had such a family background that’s why Wang Sheng left her a message. After all, even if Wang Ma got the information, she wouldn’t understand. 

As for one Bodhi Pill, it wasn’t too valuable for the hidden clan. 

“Master, this doesn’t sound right. If that man is from the hidden clan, there is only the Luo Family, Xiao Family, and Ning Family in the hidden clan, no? How will he have the surname Wang? Is that a fake name?” Cai Ning was suspicious. 

Tang Luyi wiped her tears and nodded. “My father told me that many people from the hidden clan would change their names to live in the secular world. However, not all of them. Generally, there were only 3 families of the hidden clan, but there were more. As generations passed, some of the smaller families will be associated under the three big families and a side branch as each family had their strength and it was not quite possible to eat up any of them alone.” 

“It doesn't matter if it’s his real name or not, I want to know what happened to your daughter?” Yang Chen asked. 

The moment she heard the term ‘daughter’, a trace of pain could be seen on her face. She took out a green jade pendant from her pocket and there was a pear blossom on it otherwise known as the ewha flower. 

“Yesterday night, someone shot this ewha pendant and this note into my house.” Tang Luyi showed Yang Chen the pendant and said, “This is the pendant I gave Xiao Shu back then. It's been my pendant since I was young and it was made from the Kunlun Jade, I’ll not recognize it wrongly.” 

Then, Tang Luyi took out a yellowish paper and gave it to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen took the note and took a closer look, he frowned and a suspicious color flashed through his eyes.