"I know that Wang Shu is the daughter of you and Wang Sheng. This woman has now fallen into my hands, with poison in her body. If you want your dear daughter safely, and recover from your loss, take the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" held by Yang Chen, to the top of the mountain tomorrow noon. If you are late, Wang Shu will die..."

Cai Ning read the words first and then looked at Tang Luyi in amazement. "Master...you...you are looking for us..."

Tang Luyi looked a little bit embarrassed and lowered her eyebrows and whispered, "I know… Master knows that this is difficult for you, but I dare not take any risks. Even if I know that the person is likely to lie to me, I... I can't help but believe it."

"Where are the Fallen Mountains? How come I haven't heard of it?" Yang Chen looked calm.

"In the northern part of the Hengduan Mountains, it’s just an ordinary hill, and dozens of miles around are almost deserted."

"So, if we don't come, you can hardly rush over by yourself... The other party seems very sure that you will let us come here," Yang Chen grinned and said, "It's really weird. I used to encounter straightforward enemies, now, they learned to use their brains to threaten me but I don't know which family it is..."

"Why don’t we ask Qing’Er? She might know if there is a Wang family," Cai Ning suggested.

Yang Chen thought about it as well. He took out his mobile phone and contacted Xiao Zhiqing, asking if there was a Wang family besides the three big families in the illusion.

When Xiao Zhiqing heard it, she was a little curious and said, "Honey, how do you know that there is a Wang family in the illusion? The Wang family is a more powerful family of the Luo family's vassal family, and there are many cultivators with advanced cultivation."

"Then Qing'Er, have you ever heard of the names of the father and daughter Wang Sheng and Wang Shu?"

"Wang Shu... is the young lady of the Wang family. But her father is the current patriarch of the Wang family, Wang Mian. As for Wang Sheng… I have no idea.” Xiao Zhiqing said.

Tang Luyi and Cai Ning who were present could hear Xiao Zhiqing's words. Tang Luyi was especially excited when she learned that there was indeed a Wang family.

"It seems... it may not be fake after all. But we just don’t know who kidnapped Wang Shu, and how did this person know what happened back then." Yang Chen thought after hanging up the phone.

In addition, the Wang family was a vassal family of the Luo family, which caused Yang Chen to have some other guesses as to whether the Luo family was using any means.

Tang Luyi gritted her teeth and knelt down again sadly!

"Young Master Yang, I know I'm shameless! I know that the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’  is your most important secret, and I know that it is the secret of Shushan, but... I can't just let my daughter die! That poor child, I don’t know how she grew up...I want to see her, I want to watch her well!"

Tang Luyi burst into tears, sobbing, almost about to lie on the ground.

Making this arrogant woman so sad that she didn't care about her image at all, which showed that the maternal love was so great that even a daughter who she hadn't seen in 20 years could touch her up to this extent. 

Yang Chen helped her up and smiled bitterly, "Don't kneel, you are Ning'Er's master, she treats you like her mother and your daughter is also her sister as well, how can I leave you all alone?

If I can use the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’ to exchange your daughter's peace, I will not be stingy. I don't want to sacrifice the lives of relatives and friends around me to preserve a secret technique that is just a dead thing. "

Tang Luyi gasped, looking at Yang Chen in disbelief, still feeling a bit too dreamy, "Really... Are you willing?" 

Yang Chen promised too straightforwardly, she couldn’t help but ask more questions.

"Honey...you...you don't have to worry about it, we can think of another way..." Cai Ning said hesitantly and worriedly.

Yang Chen shook his head and said calmly, "Of course, you have to look at the situation clearly before making a decision, but if the girl is your daughter, then it is worthwhile to trade your life with the scripture. This ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture” is not something that anyone can practice. Otherwise, for so many years in Shushan, it will not only be me and my master who can achieve something. If I abandon you and your daughter for the sake of this technique, then I will despise myself as well, that is not my original intention to become stronger.”

“Thank you...Thank you...Young Master Yang..." Tang Luyi believed it this time. She suddenly found out that she had too much prejudice against Yang Chen. This man actually had a clear distinction between good and evil. Although he had a fierce side, he was extremely considerate toward the people he cared for.

Cai Ning's face was full of gratitude and tenderness. Yang Chen treated Tang Luyi and her daughter differently because of their relationship. After all, he was not a bad person, which made Cai Ning very satisfied.

However, who knew that Yang Chen felt tangled in his heart. Dang … the more women one has the happier you get, at the same time you get more troubles! Although Thang Luyi was forty-something, she looked as beautiful as a flower but it wasn’t someone who he had touched before. What’s worse? Cai Ning treated her as her biological mother!

If he didn’t help Tang Luyi, Cai Ning’s heart would inevitably be cold and he would feel bad when his woman felt sad. 

Fortunately, he had a brand-new insight into the cause, and his dependence on the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was not as strong as in the past. If it was handed over, it would not be unacceptable.

Of course, these words could not be mentioned. Seeing Cai Ning with that extremely moved and loving look in her eyes, Yang Chen’s man’s vanity was fulfilled like never before.

Besides, a man likes to be pretentious and manly in front of a woman. His image was way better right now...

Yang Chen unconsciously stood straight, making himself look extraordinarily righteous and awe-inspiring.

"That person had an appointment at three o'clock in the afternoon. There’s plenty of time left, I shall write the scripture down first. I shall borrow the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone in your room.” Yang Chen pointed to the desk in the window.

The people in the Tang Ancestral Fortress were still using brush and ink, even in this high-tech generation. 

Tang Luyi thought that she should avoid being inside and immediately got out of the house after thanking him multiple times. This made Yang Chen laugh. 

It seemed that this ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’ was a very important method for outsiders.

Also, if he did not experience something new, he wouldn't agree to hand over the scripture so easily.

Yang Chen sighed with emotion, walked to the desk, and picked up a wolf brush.

Cai Ning thoughtfully began to produce the ink beside him, and asked hesitantly, "Husband, do you want to write a fake scripture to that person? I know you are thinking about me, but I don’t want to affect everyone’s safety because of this incident.”

“Nope, the other party dared to challenge me face-to-face like this. Naturally, he is confident and there is a way to verify the authenticity. It is very difficult to create and modify things like scriptures. I can only deceive some amateurs but not the master, besides...you can't joke about your master's daughter's life," Yang Chen said.

 "Yeah..." Cai Ning smiled and said, "I'm finished, I’ll leave and you can write them.”

“Hey." Yang Chen grabbed the woman helplessly. "You are the same as your master, what are you worried about? Did I let you out? You are my woman, if you want to learn, I will teach you the ‘Endless Resolve restoration Scripture’, it’s just that this exercise is not suitable for everyone. You can just stay here, you don’t have to avoid it.”

“How can I do this? This is the secret of Shushan and I feel sorry for the predecessors of Shushan." Cai Ning shook her head.

Yang Chen laughed, "Since you said that, it's up to you."

Cai Ning rolled her eyes and walked out of the door.

Yang Chen murmured in front of the paper, “Seems like I am the only one conscious huh...Hehe, the scripture… I will give it to you then since you want it so badly.”    

After a quarter of an hour, Yang Chen put the written scripture into his space ring and went outside the house.

Cai Ning and Tang Luyi were eagerly looking forward to the positive. Tang Luyi’s face did not look good, as she was worried about her daughter that she had not seen for years. 

“Let’s get on the road now, Ning’Er, take your master to fly and lead the way.” Yang Chen said.

Cai Ning nodded, took Tang Luyi’s hand, and flew into the sky with Yang Chen. 

Yang Chen then remembered, he deliberately used the one-leaf blindfold to hide his cultivation base. So if he met any masters, the other party would not easily shoot himself and he would be able to take the initiative. 

Under the leadership of Tang Luyi, the three reached a deserted mountain in no time.

The mountain area stretches for hundreds of miles, surrounded by dense dark virgin woods, and the scenery was magnificent.

However, the three of them did not take a leisurely look at the scenery. At three o'clock in the afternoon, the sun was blazing in the middle, and a figure galloped from the northwest.