As soon as the visitor got closer, he could see that he was a man wearing a yellow ancient martial arts tunic, with long hair tied behind his head, and a special metal mask. The mask was dark in color as if a layer of black iron was smeared on his face. It was very ugly, but it wrapped his face well.

And behind the man was a huge sack, from the shape, it could be seen that there was a person inside!

Ming Water period cultivation base, not bad at all…

Yang Chen could see the man's cultivation base at a glance.

What surprised Yang Chen, even more, was that the person in that sack also had the cultivation level of Xiantian Full Cycle Stage. 

"Wow, it seems like you do love your daughter." The man with the iron mask looked at Yang Chen and laughed coldly in a rough voice, "You are Yang Chen right? Did you bring the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture with you?”

Yang Chen muttered in his heart. Why do I always meet people wearing the mask, the masked guy in Arnhem, and then the black-robed iron-faced man, and this time a yellow-robed black iron-faced man?

"It's me, I have brought the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’, is that Wang Shu in the huge sack?”

"Yes, if you want to see it, I will show it to you, but you also have to show me the scripture.”

 Yang Chen took out the written scripture and waved it in front of him.

The man with the iron mask did not ask to take it over to him, as if he was very confident, shaking the sack in his hand, and a woman with an exquisite figure fell out and fell directly onto the mud.

The woman was wearing a white long sleeve blouse and light-colored close-fitting cropped trousers. She had short hair and an oval face that was very similar to Tang Luyi's. There was light makeup on her and although she looked a little dirty, she could still be seen as a rare beauty. 

Her attire was more contemporary, but it was understandable. After all, people in the illusion were changing with the times, and not everyone liked ancient costumes.

However, the woman was in a coma at the moment, as if she was suffering from some great pain. Although she was in a coma, her body curved up and she was frowning tightly.

"She is suffering from my heart poison. This kind of worm is connected to the caster's body. If I want her to die, she can die at any time, and if I die accidentally, the worm in her body will instantly sense it. When the mother worm in my body dies, it explodes in her heart, and she will die. Moreover, you don’t need to think about any means to take out the broken worm in her body, because there are only two methods to do so. One is that I have come to summon it with the mother worm, and the other is that it will die naturally after 49 days. Now it has been thirty days, and it will take less than twenty days before she will be safe and sound." The Iron Masked Man sneered.

"What an insidious poison," Cai Ning rebuked, "She is in a coma, suffering from pain, how can we believe your words?"

"Hey, little girl, I didn't tell you to believe me. I'm not here to argue or fight with you, I only want to use Wang Shu in exchange for the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’ in your hand." The iron-faced man said confidently.

Tang Luyi on the side saw Wang Shu and her eyes were flushed with tears.

"Ning'er...that...that child, doesn't she look similar to me?" Tang Luyi was confused for a while, pulling Cai Ning, and couldn't help asking a very silly question.

Whether she looked like her or not, Tang Luyi knew her best.

"Hmm..." Cai Ning said undeniably, "Indeed, the face, nose, and mouth are all very similar to you, master.”

Tang Luyi confirmed her thoughts, her heart was surging, and she couldn't help but want to run forward to take a closer look.

However, before she ran up, the man with the iron mask on the opposite side stretched out his hand and waved her back easily!

Cai Ning caught Tang Luyi and glared at the iron-faced man. "Why are you doing something to my master! Can't she take a closer look at it!?"

"Hmmph, just look at it if you want to. I haven’t asked you to give me the scripture as well, what are you anxious about?”

Tang Luyi was not angry, or she didn't dare to be angry at all, for fear of Wang Shu on the ground being hurt because of her. 

Tang Luyi turned to look at Yang Chen, begging eagerly, "Young Master Yang, please save that child."

Yang Chen knew that Tang Luyi had already regarded this girl as her daughter. Indeed, this girl looked very similar to her. 

Tang Luyi, who had lost her daughter for nearly twenty years, it was inevitable that she would not be able to control her turbulent maternal love seeing the girl now.

"Since I'm here, I will naturally save her." Yang Chen raised the scripture in his hand and said to the iron face man, "The scripture is here and I can guarantee that this is true. How should we do this?”

“Hehe, nice! "The iron-faced man said, "I don’t think that you will lie to me and I can sense that you have a deep cultivation base, but I can’t see it through, I think it’s what you used to hide. But it’s okay, I am here with a casual heart, worse come to worse, I will just die together with Wang Shu. Come over, give me the scripture, and take Wang Shu away. "

Yang Chen squinted his eyes. This guy seems to know a lot about me, he should have planned this for a long time, but I don't know which hidden family in the illusion is this person from, or is he from Hongmeng?

The enemy was in the dark and Yang Chen felt a little helpless, but he had no choice but to walk over.

When he came to the iron-faced man, Yang Chen felt that he had countless ways to kill him in a short time, but if Wang Shu died, he couldn't explain it to Cai Ning, so he had to give up.

After giving the scripture to the iron masked man, Yang Chen picked up Wang Shu on the ground, turned back, and walked back.

While walking, Yang Chen probed the heart of Wang Shu with his divine sense.

Sure enough, there was an ugly worm with bright colors, entrenched in the heart!

Yang Chen gritted his teeth, so he did poison her, but it's too late to ask Xiao Zhiqing about the heart poison, so he can't take risks.

The iron-faced man opened the paper and laughed, "Okay, it seems that it is indeed the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’. Wang Shu is all yours and I will leave. After an hour, she will wake up, and in the next 20 days or so, she will be no different from normal people. However, don’t try to touch the heart poison, Wang Shu herself has the cultivation base of Xiantian Full Cycle, she knows the power of this poison very well. If you try to take it out...I won’t care about her life or death."

After speaking, the iron masked man jumped and shot directly into the sky without a trace.

Yang Chen didn't go after him and calmly handed Wang Shu to Tang Luyi to hold her. "She does have the worm in her body. I’ll ask Qing’Er later about this.”

Tang Luyi didn't care about them, she held Wang Shu tightly and cried, whispering ‘Shu’Er’ softly, mixed with joy and sorrow.

Cai Ning watched very bitterly from the side, and then wiped her tears.

Yang Chen waited for the two women to calm down, and together they took Wang Shu back to the Tang Ancestral Fortress, Tang Luyi's bamboo house.

Yang Chen immediately called Xiao Zhiqing and found out that heart poison was indeed a sinister and vicious poison, and it usually requires a large difference in cultivation level to have a chance to succeed, because this was a kind of worm that needed to be controlled by the opponent.

The solution was indeed the same as that of the iron masked man, who could only wait for forty-nine days to pass.

Almost an hour later, Wang Shu finally woke up embarrassingly. When she saw Tang Luyi waiting by the bedside, the girl's eyes were full of doubt.

Tang Luyi took out the Ewha Kunlun jade pendant, and tremblingly asked, "My child, is this jade pendant yours? Are you called Wang Shu?"

"This...Where is this? Lady...Why do you have my jade pendant?" Wang Shu murmured.

 Tang Luyi couldn't help herself, and hugged the girl, "Shu'Er, I'm your mother!"

"Mother?" Wang Shu was particularly puzzled. Her hands were stiffened, she was bewildered, and she looked around at the bamboo house decorations as if she was in a dream.

When she saw Yang Chen and Cai Ning standing behind, Wang Shu became more and more surprised, confused, and did not know where to ask.

Yang Chen took Cai Ning's hand, motioned to go out and talk so that the mother and daughter had time to recognize each other, and Cai Ning also obediently agreed.

When they came outside, Cai Ning was relieved and smiled, "It seems that this girl is really the daughter of my master, honey, thanks to you this time."

"Who made her the master of my family’s Ning'Er?" Yang Chen smiled and shook his head.

"Well, but you are really smart. You wrote an exercise method that deceived others in such a short time," Cai Ning said with a smile, "I was almost deceived by you."