Yang Chen let out a dumb laugh, stretched out his hand, and patted Cai Ning's buttocks, "What are you talking about!? How could I give him a fake scripture, how could I joke about your master's daughter's life?" 

The smile on her face solidified, and after a while, she exclaimed, "What!? You...you gave it!?"

Seeing that Yang Chen didn't seem to be joking, Cai Ning immediately showed a shocking expression. 

"Don't be so nervous, I'm not a fool. I won't give it if I can't give it. But if they want it, it doesn't matter if I give it to them." Yang Chen smiled relaxedly.

"What do you mean?! This is the biggest capital you have right now! You just give them the scripture!? What if they use it against you?! There are many geniuses in the illusion and if they manage to master this scripture, are you confident that you can compete with those people!?" Cai Ning thought Yang Chen was crazy.

Yang Chen opened his arms, hugged the woman in his arms, patted her on the back, and said warmly, "Ning'Er, my foolish Ning'Er, I told you to calm down. I know you are thinking about me, but believe me, there is a reason behind this.”

"Whatever reason it is, you must make it clear, or else how am I supposed to explain to the other sisters?! If this incident causes you to suffer a huge crisis, won’t I become a sinner!? After all, you wouldn’t hand over the scripture if I didn't beg you to meet my master!”

Cai Ning started to tear up, as she felt like she was dragging Yang Chen down. She had always wanted to avoid this from happening, so she worked hard in cultivating, but she didn't expect that something would happen.

Yang Chen sighed, looked up at the blue sky, and said, "Ning'Er, have you ever thought about why the cultivators in the ancient times, I mean, the ones before the Battle of the Gods, how can they have such power?”

"You mean, the earliest ancient immortal hundreds of thousands of years ago?" Cai Ning asked.


"This...this is naturally related to the aura of the earth at that time, and the existence of a large number of rare and exotic treasures," Cai Ning said analytically. 

Yang Chen nodded. "What else?"

"And...their techniques must be very powerful, otherwise there won't be so many immortals who can survive the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation."

Yang Chen smiled slightly and said, "This is the problem, you think, why in ancient times, so many cultivators could successfully enter the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, but when the gods first came to the earth more than 20,000 years ago, only a few managed to? Also, the cultivators that I have met all this while, only me and my master Song Tianxing managed to enter the Taiqing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, why?”

Cai Ning was taken aback, frowning and thinking. She then said, "Isn't it because you and your master possess the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’?”

"But my master and I are not the people who originally owned the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’. Shushan has passed this practice on for many generations and it is rumored that this practice is derived from the comprehension of the predecessors of Shushan so why didn’t the predecessors who created the exercises have heard of any achievements?” Yang Chen asked.

Cai Ning guessed: "Is it... because of fate? After all, this kind of epiphany, besides talent, also depends on fate..."

Yang Chen shook his head and said, "Even if you insist on using ‘fate’ to explain, there are too many strange circumstances. Those immortals in ancient times, can they all only rely on the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’ to enter the Nine heavenly Lightning Tribulation? Do they all practice the same technique? I don't think this is necessarily the case. They also have their inheritance. Since they want to pass on, they will naturally pass on what they have learned throughout their lives, why should they be stingy with their descendants? No matter where they end up, whether they still exist in this world or this universe, there is no need to hide whatever they have. Whether it is the hidden clan, the people of Hongmeng, or the inheritance of the ancient sects, can they not bring their descendants into the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation? Think about it, are the immortals of ancient times stingy and petty?”

Cai Ning also felt very puzzled after hearing what he said and lowered her head to think deeply.

Indeed, before Yang Chen stepped into the Taiqing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, he did not have so many exotic treasures to assist him, and the dense aura on earth was not particularly helpful.

So, those conditions were not the main thing to enter the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Stage.

Naturally, the immortals of ancient times would not only practice one exercise. If they were to pass it on, they would pass on more than one type of practice. Otherwise, there would not have been many cultivators who could reach the Taiqing or even the Shangqing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation 20,000 years ago.

"Could it be that... the practice that can enter the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation in this world is more than just the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’?" Cai Ning asked.

Yang Chen nodded approvingly. "Yes, when I felt the way of heaven by myself yesterday, I realized a little bit, and suddenly thought of some questions that I hadn't thought about before. Why, in this world, did the cultivators divide the tribulation into three parts, Three Yang, Six Frost, and Nine Heavenly. Who made these? If this is the divine will, what is the purpose of it? Did these three types of tribulations only represent the strong and the weak? Was there a relationship between them? Were there any other connections?"

Cai Ning widened her eyes and couldn't help but be stunned after hearing whatever questions Yang Chen had. 

His questions were too unbelievable for her, it was completely a mode of thinking from a very high angle.

Although it sounded simple, as a cultivator with extremely high natural talents, Cai Ning had other mysterious feelings.

It seemed that in a short period, Cai Ning felt that many unintelligible problems had a taste of being understood suddenly, but... but it was hard to explain.

Yang Chen spoke eloquently, "Ning'Er, have you ever thought about this? I can control the heavenly fires of Li Fire, True Fire, and Ye Fire; at the same time, I can also control the Xuanshui of Kui Water, Ming Water, and Ruo Water. There’s only a layer of window paper in front of me right now before I can break through the Taiqing Heavenly Lightning. These great powers between heaven and earth are the difficulties encountered by other cultivators when passing the tribulation stages. But in my perspective, these are means that can be controlled and they are a close partner with me. Does this mean that the ancient immortals are inferior to me? Not necessarily... Then it is foreseeable, for them in fact, the so-called Three Yang True Fire Tribulation, Six Frost Water Tribulation, and even Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation... are not obstacles on the path of cultivation...because the power of these tribulations is not sent by God to hinder us, but to let us understand and use them.”


Cai Ning only felt that there was a loud noise in her mind, and the concept of the entire cultivation path had been subverted!

Heavenly Tribulation was not a hindrance, but an insight into the mystery of heaven and the earth?

Yang Chen took steps of two, and fell into his deep thoughts, and sighed in a low voice, "Now I finally understand deeply what the old man meant when I was fighting against Yan Buwen… Heaven and earth are tightly connected, cultivating the power of heaven and earth shows the mightiness of the powers… Using the powers for a better world and humanity…”

Yang Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly. "My Taoism is still too shallow. Originally, I thought that I had mastered the power of heaven and earth, but now that I think about it, I have just entered the basic threshold. The supreme existence on the top of the mountain is still covered by countless clouds, and I haven't seen it at all. ...That old man, if he is really still on the earth, I am afraid that he has really entered the core, to the point where we can't imagine, I really want to see him...he is such a powerful being…”

Cai Ning also revealed the longing look in her eyes, and said with a smile, "Honey, now I know why you gave the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’ away…”

"Huh? You’ve figured it out?" Yang Chen turned and asked.

"Yeah," Cai Ning said, "Because a real master can reach the true peak by relying on himself one step at a time. The exercises and pills are not dominant, just like how you don’t need to take in much but your cultivation base is improving very fast. And the exercises you passed to us through induction and summary, although we all practice the same discipline, everyone's 'Tao' is different. For example, when Jane entered the Soul Forming Stage, even if Rose, Huilin, and I worked together, we wouldn’t be able to fight her, which means by the end of the day, it all comes down to our roots.”