Yang Chen nodded repeatedly, motioning Cai Ning to continue.

Cai Ning smiled lightly and said, "The practice of the hidden clan may not be worse than that of ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’, but their ancestors were able to reach the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, but they could not, the only problem was about themselves. Be it their talents, character, or roots, they did not appear as a cultivator of the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, it was not inevitable but a sad accident. Therefore, even if the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’ was handed over to them, they might not be able to cultivate anything, and even feel that this practice was not as good as their ancestral practice."

“Exactly," Yang Chen did not forget to praise, "Ning'Er, you are really smart, but "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" is still a good practice. In my opinion, it is more advanced than some other advanced practices, and it’s more difficult to understand. But for everyone, the way of heaven is the same. The cultivation practice is just a different path that leads to the same goal. If they can understand something from the scripture, it is their ability."

 Yang Chen sighed, "To tell the truth, I am longing for the era when the ancient immortals lived, it must be the era when the geniuses were born in great numbers, because the cultivators at that time realized the way of heaven more purely, and were not affected by the secular too. From their willingness to join hands to seal the chaos and create the great ancient formation, it can be seen that the cultivators at that time were not fighting against each other but were all working together to achieve the ‘Dao’. Those who are frank are the true masters. They have the 'heart of the strong', and believe in their own way, without bothering others' imitation, success or failure, foreign objects, and they only believe in themselves. In the current illusion, even if the cultivators have the same techniques, their moods are greatly different. They are selfish, always thinking that they can be invincible in the world and crush the void, but they use all means to exclude other cultivators. It is naturally difficult for them to reach the height of their ancestors. If I don't experience multiple life and death events, I will not be able to break through within a few years… Probably because of my persistence that God has given me his rewards.” 

Cai Ning covered her mouth and chuckled, "In this way, you seem to have become...'a lonely master’, and I feel that no one in this world can compete with you anymore."

"Haha, I didn't say that. Although my ‘Dao’ keeps me from cutting off the secular world, the others may not be the same as mine. Plus, it is impossible to guarantee that some masters are hidden. Besides, I haven't broken through the Shangqing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation as well. In terms of strength, I am afraid that it is not much ahead of some cultivators in the Weak Waters period, not to mention I might not have such a deep cultivation base as them, I am still far away from going against the world alone.”

Cai Ning finally stopped worrying about the scripture being leaked out and felt that the confident man at this moment was more attractive than in the past.

"I will go back this time and have a talk with the sisters, maybe it will be helpful to everyone."

"Cultivation is still up to oneself, after all, it is useless to say too much, there is no need to listen to me, my perception is not necessarily the only one," Yang Chen reminded.

Cai Ning smiled and said, "Don't worry, I know the limits. But as you said, communication is still necessary during the cultivation process to promote everyone's progress."

Yang Chen reminded me: "I am saying this not to encourage you all to not consume the elixirs that I refined, don’t reject those things that work. Let the flow take its course to get the maximum effect."

"Yes, I understand. You sound like you are chanting like an old woman and the ‘lonely master’ style is gone," Cai Ning joked.

Yang Chen's face was embarrassed, and he pretended to be angry, "Okay, your man is here to teach you, but you dare to tease me? Let me treat you..."

Yang Chen rushed to Cai Ning, smiled, and said, "Cultivation is important, but we also need some interests in life. Ning'Er, how about a field battle in the bamboo forest where you grew up?"

"You... don't you still have to deal with the Meng family? Hey… Don't..." Cai Ning noticed that Yang Chen's hand had touched her chest and was pinching her snowball and couldn't help but scream.

Yang Chen was startled now, seeing that the time was indeed almost up, he slowly took out his fragrant hand and pointed his mouth, "Then I will let you go this time, and I will kiss you before I leave!"

Cai Ning gave him a sneer but still kissed him on his lips.

Yang Chen sighed and told Cai Ning to greet Tang Luyi and flew away.

Cai Ning breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, remembering that Yang Chen had something to do, she really couldn't accept doing it in the bamboo forest.

However, thinking that Yang Chen had just talked about it unpredictably, and finally asked for a kiss goodbye like a baby, Cai Ning couldn't help but chuckle. No matter how advanced his cultivation was, this man couldn't change his nature. But it was his personality of a real and tangible man, who she liked. 

Thousands of miles in a flash.

After leaving the Tang Ancestral Fortress, he went straight to a resort hotel named Qiongyue Villa outside the North Ring of Hanzhong City.

Halfway up the mountainside, European-style hotels were lined like jade towers. There were several open-air hot springs all around. From there, you could see the view of the city below. After the evening, the lights were intoxicating, and the mist channeled around as if it was a heavenly area. 

As one of the properties of the Southern China Gang, this hotel had excellent security conditions. It received wealthy businessmen and dignitaries from all over the country on weekdays without leaving any verifiable records. This also made many officials willing to come here to enjoy themselves.

But today, the hotel did not operate as usual, and a large number of Southern China Gang elites were stationed in all directions for the internal gathering.

As soon as Yang Chen arrived above the hotel, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

In this hotel, in addition to the familiar coercion of the Soul Forming Stage cultivators, there were two more coercions of the cultivators who passed the Tribulation Passing Stage, one was Kui Water and the other was Ye Fire.

The Meng family's background was really good. There had been five cultivators who had crossed the Tribulation Passing Stage so far. They were probably qualified to be in the Xuan Realm or Earth Realm in Hongmeng. 

At the same time, in the center of the hotel, an open-air banquet was set up in a strange atmosphere.

The people around the table were Meng Kaiyuan, Meng Que, and other Meng family descendants, as well as the hall masters of several important halls of the Meng family.

However, the elders of the Meng family, a man and a woman, dressed in black robes with gold threads, and the guardian elder, Meng Qi, sat in front. 

Meng Qi proposed a toast to two elders of the man and the woman and said, "It’s such a guilty to have to disturb elder Han You and Wu Meiyue this time, Meng Qi shall greet you both for a glass as compensation.” 

The elder named Han You had white temples and was quite old. He laughed and said, "Elder Meng Qi does not need to be like this. As elders of different surnames from the Meng family, we have been taken care of by the master’s house for decades and that’s how we got our cultivation base right now. It’s our honor as husband and wife to be able to contribute to killing the thief that stole our family treasures.” 

“Indeed, Elder Meng Qi is being too polite to us husband and wife." Wu Meiyue, a beautiful woman in her forties, said with a smile. Although their cultivation was higher than Meng Qi, they carried foreign surnames after all. To put it bluntly, they were some loyal subordinates of the Meng family, or descendants of their subordinates, who have worked hard for the Meng family since birth. Previously Meng Kuo and the other three direct elders went out and they ended up missing. Fearing that this would happen again in the Meng family, they sent two elders with different surnames, so that it would not have a big impact on the family roots if anything happens. 

Meng Kaiyuan and others followed to toast Han You and his wife Wu Meiyue, but the two elders seemed relatively plain to those of Meng Kaiyuan. After all, in their opinion, these people were too young, even if they belonged to the Meng Patriarch’s family, there wasn’t much weight. 

“Yue’Er, why isn't Yang Chen coming yet? Didn't you ask someone to pick him up at the back of the hotel? Why haven't you seen anyone bring him in?" Meng Kaiyuan asked the silent Meng Yue now.

In Meng Yue's plan, she declared to Yang Chen that she pretended to secretly arrange personnel to bring Yang Chen into the center of the hotel, and then arranged a group of her cronies to give him sufficient time to kill Meng Kaiyuan and others.

Finally, use bombs to destroy the hotel and announce it to the outside world by blaming it on people with hostile relationships with the Meng family, such as some powerful gangs in other provinces. Meng Yue could also run away from it by suffering some minor injuries. 

But in fact, Meng Kaiyuan and others had three elders present, thinking that it was completely possible to trick Yang Chen into the plot and retrieve their family treasures. As for bombs, there was no need to install them.

Yang Chen took the initiative to come to their doorstep, even if the matter came to Chief No.1’s ears, it was Yang Chen who came to ask for trouble.

Meng Yue also felt strange, because according to the time, Yang Chen should have arrived. 



A deafening noise awakened all the ears of everyone present, only to see a large piece of pink stone bricks on the building scattered from the northeast corner of the sky. 

Everyone was shocked, including the three Meng family elders, who also looked toward the northeast in a daze.

There was originally a baroque round tower designed for beauty. At this moment, it was blown away by a tyrannical force, and the solid concrete was blown away like plastic foam! The debris from the construction site fell near the open-air banquet which was tens of meters away.

Everyone took a closer look and saw that a figure had already stood on the top of the incomplete tower for some time!