"Yang Chen!!!"

Seeing this figure, Meng Kaiyuan roared out with a red face almost immediately.

Meng Qi, Han You, and Wu Meiyue showed strange colors because Yang Chen’s methods seemed to have a good cultivation level, but for some reason, they couldn’t sense the depth of Yang Chen’s cultivation level. They didn’t even manage to notice his arrival.

According to previous information, Yang Chen was only very physically fit and had no cultivation skills.

Yang Chen stood on the top of the tower, overlooking the Meng family, and sneered: "You are punctual enough. Come here so early and wait for me to take your life. It seems that you are living impatiently."

"Hmph! Little kid, you don't want to be rampant. With Elder Han and Elder Wu present today, the three of us will capture you! You can't call those shameless warship missiles this time. Turn yourself in and return our family treasures now! "Meng Qi said proudly.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes and took out the black ball from the space ring, which was the Meng Family Spiritual Treasure.

"You reminded me that you treat this thing as a treasure, but I think it's a waste. Whoever tells me what it is, I will let him stay alive today," Yang Chen said with a secretive smile.

This was indeed something that Yang Chen couldn't understand. After he recovered his cultivation base, he even made great progress, but he still didn't know what this black thing was.

The Meng family did everything possible to take it back from their own hands. It must be a treasure, so he would definitely not let them retrieve it.

The unknown was more attractive to Yang Chen.

"It's just whimsical! You reckless man, the conversation between you and Meng Yue has been recorded by us. As long as it is handed over to Chief No.1, you will be the one at fault this time! It is natural and righteous for our Meng Family to retrieve our own belongings, no one can control us! Don't think that we dare not do anything to you! If you don't obediently hand over our spirit treasure, even if you belong to the Yang family, it won't help. Don't blame our three elders for not being polite!" Meng Qi shouted sharply.

Yang Chen laughed and said, "I don't think you know what this thing is for. In that case, if you have any means, I just use the three of you as the experiment of my new magical powers!"

“Elder Meng Qi, just cut the nonsense. Go up to capture him, regain the spirit treasure, and find out all the elixirs and exercises on his body, when the time comes, the clan will remember our great achievements!" Han You said coldly. 

Meng Qi nodded. There were two cultivators from the Ye Fire and Kui Water Period. He felt that he only needed to do his merits, so he smiled naturally.

"Boy, it will be your irretrievable mistake to anger the Meng family!" 

The beautiful woman Wu Meiyue was the first one who couldn't help but make her moves. A willow-leaf sword appeared in her hand, transparent and sparkling.

"Take my Cresent Moon Sword Technique!”

Wu Meiyue flew up, surrounded by Kui Water True Yuan, and came to Yang Chen in the blink of an eye. A sword light swept across, bringing up a crescent-like light blade, filled with cold True Yuan.

Under the lighting of the night, the True Yuan sword reflected the glazed dazzling brilliance, but it was deadly sharp!

But for Yang Chen, this kind of trick was too pediatric. He waved his hand slightly, and the True Yuan was directly torn apart by Yang Chen's physical power!

The bursting True Yuan scattered, directly blasting the broken tower on which Yang Chen was standing. The flying stones fell and injured many of the Meng family's guards.

Wu Meiyue was stunned, and she continuously smashed several thicker crescent moon sword spirits with a huge cross-section, causing a strong explosion around Yang Chen, like a colorful, blooming flower.

"What a rough-skinned monster, he is not even injured by a bit!?" Han You snorted, seeing his wife's difficulty in attacking for a while, so he rushed forward.

Meng Qi was afraid that Yang Chen would escape, and followed suit, shouting violently, “Mountain palms!”

His signature palms came out, and his True Yuan turned into palm shadows in the sky. Yang Chen slapped fiercely all around, continuously like the ocean waves.

Han You somehow had an extra ring glove in his hand, which was shining with scorching flames. It was obviously cast by the rare Yan Xuan iron, which matched his fiery True Yuan.

“Fire Sphere!” 

Han You’s True Yuan surged and he turned into a ball of fire, smashing down from the top of Yang Chen’s head!

Like a bolide falling from the sky, Yang Chen must be crushed to pieces!

Yang Chen didn't dodge or evade, raising his hand with a fist, and hitting the beam and blasted Han You up to an altitude of tens of meters.

At this moment, Meng Qi’s palm prints landed on Yang Chen’s back, but he ignored it completely, almost causing Meng Qi to vomit blood with anger. His cultivation at the Soul Forming Stage was unable to break Yang Chen’s defenses!

In desperation, Meng Qi had to create trouble for Yang Chen as much as possible, but the main attack was Han You and his wife constantly swaying down.

The people of the Meng family below didn't know how the battle was going. They just looked at three elders working together to besiege in all directions, blooming with dazzling brilliance, and reflecting half of the sky transparently.

"Okay! As a master of the clan, Yang Chen shall die today!" Meng Kaiyuan counted the deaths of his sons and grandsons on Yang Chen's head, which can be described as hateful.

The other members of the Meng family and the Southern China Gang also applauded, again and again, thinking that Yang Chen would definitely die this time.

Meng Yue's eyes flickered, but she was not sad nor happy.

But at this moment, Yang Chen, who was attacked by countless turbulent True Yuan, didn't feel anything. These tickling attacks would be tough if his cultivation level did not recover. Now he had the power of heaven and earth surrounding him, such a drizzling amount of True Yuan was nothing to him. 

The large hotel building underneath had been razed to the ground, and the scorched potholes were everywhere and devastated.

Another crimson beam of firelight was like a sharp arrow shot towards him at an oblique side, and Yang Chen finally had no interest in looking at their methods.

Reaching out and grabbing lightly, the power of heaven and earth turned Han You back into his original form and the True Yuan of the fire was blown clean!

Han You's pupils contracted for a while, and suddenly found something was wrong, but it was too late!

Yang Chen's figure flew sideways, a hand already covering Han You's forehead!

"More than half of your attacks were bombed in other places. The power is not very good at first, and you have wasted your True Yuan like this. It seems gorgeous, but in fact, it is extremely stupid..."

Yang Chen looked at him sarcastically.  At the same time, a puff of grayish-white liquid, like a squirming living thing, started from Han You's head, and enveloped most of his body!

"This...this is!?"

Wu Meiyue and Meng Qi were shocked. How did Yang Chen capture Han You so easily, has he been hiding his actual capabilities?

Moreover, why can’t they see through his cultivation base?

On the other hand, Han You's eyes were wide open, and as soon as he uttered the word ‘Ruo’ he couldn't make half a note with his mouth open.

Ruo water could corrode the seven souls of humans. Han You's cultivation was only at the Ye Fire level, and couldn’t withstand the Ruo Water power that was almost three levels higher than him. His soul was instantly swallowed by the Ruo Water!

Strangely, Han You's body hadn't changed much, just like an ordinary dead person, but Wu Meiyue and Meng Qi in the distance could feel that Han You's soul had disappeared!

This meant that he had disappeared from the world in a true sense!

"How is it possible! Could it be... Are you a Weak Waters Stage cultivator!? Wait... Even so, we have never heard of anyone being able to use the Ruo Water!" Wu Meiyue’s thoughts were crumpled and she stopped attacking in horror. She discovered that to besiege Yang Chen this time was simply seeking a dead end!

Regardless of their doubts, Yang Chen's figure moved forward quickly, and a group of purple fire ignited in his hand, which was the combination of Li Fire and Kui Water.

Wu Meiyue didn't have time to realize what powerful power this was. Yang Chen was already using the power and a fist was directly inserted into Wu Meiyue's abdomen!


With a hasty sound, Wu Meiyue's body has been pierced!

And the purple fire quickly eroded the body of the Kui Water cultivator and was burned into a pair of powder that drifted in the wind in the blink of an eye!