Yang Chen was satisfied with the two new energies. Although his opponents were weak, he still did take them down with one strike, which showed how well the energies worked. 

Just as he had thought previously, those below the Ruo Water-stage would be no match for him.

Since the three opponents weren't strong, Yang Chen didn't even have the interest in engulfing them with Chaos Energy and would rather kill them. 

Below, the Meng clan was dumbstruck. They had the upper hand just now and even beat up Yang Chen badly! What happened? The elders lost just like that?!

Meng Kaiyuan, Meng Que, and the rest were as white as a sheet. On the other hand, Meng Yue was dumbfounded, an unfathomable look flashing across his eyes.

In the next second, Han You's body fell from the sky whilst Wu Meiyue's body was utterly destroyed!

Meng Qi was the only one left in mid-sky. His body was trembling as he shook his head in denial.

"No… H-how did this happen!" he yelled, his wrinkly face contorted with fear. 

Just as he was about to run away, Yang Chen conjured an extremely long rope made of blue flame and tied him with it.

As Meng Qi was only in the Soul Forming stage, his speed and divine sense were too weak to escape Yang Chen's grasp. Even if he tried to dodge, it was futile.

"It's an honor for you to die under my blue fire," Yang Chen said flatly.

Meng Qi couldn't tell the specialty of the blue fire because of the huge disparity between his cultivation, physique, and the blue fire.

The combination of Samadhi True Fire and Ming Water melted Meng Qi at first touch!

As if a human body was melted into liquid, it evaporated in the air soon after.

With just three simple moves, Yang Chen had killed three Meng clan elders. If it weren't for the mess on the ground, no one would've known that a battle had happened here. 

Under the Meng clan members' and the Southern China Gang members' terrified gaze, Yang Chen landed on the ground softly and smirked at them.

In the face of absolute power, they were devastated and helpless.

In the end, Meng Kaiyuan affected a calm expression and said, "Yang Chen, you'd better think it through. This isn't all we've got! If you dare hurt us, you'll have to face the wrath of our elders! If you agree to stop now, I swear we can have a peaceful discussion, and I'll let this matter slide!" 

Yang Chen laughed and teased, "Are you negotiating with me? I thought you would kneel and beg me or even kill yourself to save me the trouble."

"You… How dare you humiliate me! I will not stand for such disparagement!" Meng Kaiyuan roared, his eyes red with fury.

However, at that moment, Meng Yue jumped and kneeled before Yang Chen. 

"Master! Congratulations on your victory and revenge!"

The rest of the Meng clan was on the verge of breaking down.

"Meng Yue?!"

"Meng Yue, you…"


"How dare you betray us!"

Meng Yue remained unfazed by their curses and insults. Instead, she stared at Yang Chen with a gaze filled with adoration.

Yang Chen cast a meaningful glance between her and her clan members. "Oh? Are you really glad that I've won?"

"Of course!" Meng Yue's cheeks were rosy. Shyly, she said, "Please forgive me, Master. I didn't have the ability to fight alongside you, but I've been worried about you the whole time. I'm glad that you're unharmed."

"Shameless wretch! You're a disgrace to our clan, you traitor!" The veins on Meng Kaiyuan's forehead were bulging. 

Meng Yue turned around and said with a cold and malicious expression, "Hah! Did you really think I'd help you guys and betray my master? Right when you treated me as if my life was nothing, I've sworn to destroy all of you! You wronged me first, so you can't blame me for this!"

"I'll kill you!"

Infuriated, Meng Que dashed forward to kick her.

Meng Yue, who was already in the Xiantian stage, did not fear her father. Similarly, she landed a kick on him and sent him flying.

Meng Que rolled the floor and coughed out blood. Choked with fury, he pointed one finger at her wordlessly. 

Meng Yue looked at the Southern China Gang and turned to face Yang Chen. "Master, Meng Kaiyuan, that old bastard guarded the area heavily, so I failed to plant the explosives. Please avenge me and kill him! Once I seize control of the whole Southern China Gang, I'll be able to serve you better!"

Yang Chen smirked, pulled Meng Yue over, and flew into the air.

Taken aback, Meng Yue's heart started racing from fear.

"These people are a bunch of squirts to me, so it's a waste of effort to kill them one by one. Since you didn't set up the explosives, I'll just give them a clean death."

Yang Chen wasn't in the mood to talk to them. The disparity in their cultivation was just too much. 

With a wave of his hand, a giant Li Fire dragon appeared, roaring as it surrounded the villa.

Li Fire was destructive toward those whose cultivation was below the Soul Forming stage. Soon, the fire dragon started burning the central region. 

Meng Kaiyuan and the rest of the gang could only watch as the flames engulfed them and burned them to ashes.

Groans, cries, and shrieks resounded throughout the mountain. 

The bright red fire lit up the night sky.

Yang Chen thought, I killed another hundred people tonight. Despite that, he remained calm.

However, Meng Yue, who was being held in midair, was not calm at all. Even though she no longer treated them as her kins, it still shocked her to witness their death.

Dread washed over her when she realized Yang Chen was a complete devil who killed men as if they were nothing!

Yang Chen couldn't care less about the thoughts in her head. In a flash, they arrived at a desolated hill. 

He put her down and asked, "So, are you still gonna talk nonsense?"  

Meng Yue shuddered and forced a complaisant smile. She knelt on the ground willingly. "Master, I don't understand."

"Do you see me as a fool? Two elders were invited, and you never informed me beforehand. You wanted to see who would win, did you? I bet you wished both sides were heavily injured. If I lost, it would be your merit. If I won, you could be the patriarch. Either way, you would still benefit from it."

"N-no!" Meng Yue shook her head hurriedly. "Master, I couldn't inform you in time because they were keeping a close eye on me."

"Oh? Then how did they know I have pills? I did ask you to keep it a secret. Did they find out about it when you were cultivating? It can't happen so coincidentally…" Yang Chen sneered.

Meng Yue nodded vehemently. "Yes, yes! I wasn't careful, and they found out about it. After all, I was progressing too quickly."

As if it had dawned on him, Yang Chen said, "So… These are only my speculations? Since I don't have evidence, I can't say for sure that you've betrayed me?"

Meng Yue gritted her teeth and nodded. "Yes, Master! Ever since I left the vessel, I swore to be your loyal subject!"

"How unfortunate…" Yang Chen walked forward and looked down at her. "You don't know two things. Firstly, I can kill anyone I want if I suspect them. Secondly, I don't believe the loyalty you speak when you've disfigured yourself and even harmed your family members for your revenge…"

Meng Yue was ghastly pale. Cold sweat dripped down her face as she fell to the ground, begging. "Master! Please don't kill me! I-I can give you everything!" 

While saying so, she tore her black lace dress, revealing her fair bust.

Teary-eyed, Meng Yue assumed a pitiful expression and pleaded, "Master, make me yours! I'm clean. Master, I'm sure you can feel my sincerity…"