To survive, Meng Yue cast everything aside, squirming forward to hug Yang Chen’s thigh. 

As she rubbed her bust against his pants, he could feel her hardened pink tips gliding across his skin.

With her hair framing her beautiful face and her milky skin glowing under the moonlight, she looked amorous. Judging by the way she was acting, he knew she must be great in bed.

However, Yang Chen had had a fair share of nights with plenty of women. Even the women in his harem were prettier and far more outstanding than her. Though he wasn’t against being seduced by a woman, he wasn’t one to succumb to his desires unless he was already fond of her.

Meng Yue’s brazenness was driven by greed. If she had principles and defended her dignity, he wouldn’t have felt so disdainful. 

Disgust flashed across his eyes as he sneered. “Even if you show everything to me, I still wouldn’t be interested. Do you think I would be seduced by the likes of you?”

His insults caused Meng Yue to shudder, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Although she abandoned her dignity to entice him with her body, the scorn still felt unbearable. 

“Why? Did I touch a sore spot? Are you mad at me now?” Yang Chen mocked.

Spite appeared in Meng Yue’s eyes, but she quickly suppressed it.

When she looked up once again, her expression had transformed into one that could arouse pity.

“How could I be mad at you? Please believe me. I’ve never been touched by any man; I only want to be with you…”

Yang Chen let out a long sigh. “I suppose you’re helpless. But that’s better as I don’t have to waste my effort on you.”

Meng Yue didn’t understand what he meant. In the next second, Yang Chen thrust a streak of True Yuan into her meridian point, and she lost consciousness immediately.

Then, he pulled her up and flew towards the east.

Soon, they arrived in Tokyo.

The dazzling neon lights in the city brightened the night sky.

Amidst the winter breeze, Yang Chen arrived at the top of a skyscraper. 

Rich families in Japan preferred staying in lofts like this and even renovated it into an entertainment area.

That particular loft had a vast swimming pool, greeneries, and a lavishly decorated open-air onsen.

When Yang Chen landed on the floor with Meng Yue, the ninjas that were in hiding jumped out of the bushes and surrounded them.  

“Oh, not bad. You guys are all at the pinnacle of the Xiantian stage. Looks like Hannya’s capabilities are better than Noriko Okawa,” Yang Chen said, unperturbed by them.

“Who are you?” the leader of the ninjas asked warily. Same like the other ninjas, he shot Meng Yue — who was tossed to the floor — a weird look.

With his hands behind his back, Yang Chen chuckled and called out, “Hannya, come out.”

Though he didn’t say it loudly, he used True Yuan so that his voice resounded throughout the floor. 

Soon, Hannya rushed from the balcony, dressed in a dark red nightgown. As she put it on in a hurry, half of her chest was visible.  

She knelt before Yang Chen and said with a voice filled with respect and surprise, “I’m sorry for my tardiness, Master!”

“It’s fine; I came unexpectedly anyway,” Yang Chen said smilingly. “Not bad, not bad. You’re now in the middle of the Xiantian stage, just in time to carry out some tasks for me.”

When the ninjas heard their chief calling the man “Master”, they thought, Could he be His Majesty Pluto?

They were aware that after Hannya became in charge of the Yamata Sect, the underground belonged to Yang Chen. Cold sweat dripped down their forehead as they were afraid of being punished by Yang Chen.

Sensing their fear, Yang Chen chuckled. I suppose I’m infamous for being ruthless. He shrugged and said, “You may leave. I don’t blame you guys for carrying out your duty.”

As soon as they heard that, the ninjas disappeared into the night.

Only then did Hannya stand up. She cast a puzzled glance at Meng Yue before asking, “Master, why is she here?”

Yang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to explain to her. He walked to the onsen and started taking his clothes off.

The weather is good, and I haven’t been in an onsen for a long time. Now is a good time to relax. 

Noticing that, Hannya approached and helped him undress.

Though she was never bedded by Noriko, as a female ninja, she had to serve him. Hence, her movements were gentle and comfortable. 

The way her smooth palm slid across his body felt good, so he let him do as she pleased.

Once Yang Chen’s pants and clothes were removed, her slender fingers reached the edge of his underwear.

This time, Hannya asked for his permission with her gaze. 

Yang Chen nodded with a smile, causing a blush to creep onto the beauty’s cheeks. 

That rosy tint dazzled him for a moment. From his point of view, he could see her cleavage through her collar.

Softly, Hannya knelt before Yang Chen and removed his underwear.

His shaft bounced out of it. Although it wasn’t fully erected, it still made her blush.

Though Noriko took away her virginity with his finger, she had never slept with anyone. Despite her wish to offer herself to her savior, Yang Chen never accepted her.

She thought tonight was a good opportunity for her. However, at the sight of his manhood, she wondered if she could stand it.

That painful and unpleasant experience traumatized her, which was also why she didn’t want to have a relationship with any other man than Yang Chen.

Yang Chen didn’t mind her stare. After all, he had grown up abroad and lived a dangerous life, so he was rather open-minded.

With light steps, he sat on the pebbles in the onsen, feeling the hot water caressing his abdomen and chest.

He sighed. “It feels good. Hannya, you sure know how to enjoy.”

Hannya’s gaze was amorous as her body went soft. Shyly, she touched beneath her nightgown and reached for her crotch. 

At that moment, the stimulation was making her wet down there. However, as she came out in a hurry, she didn’t have the time to wear underwear. Worried that he would see it and think she was promiscuous, she tried to cover it up.

“M-Master, you’re flattering me. These were given by the others to bribe me. I moved here because it’s near the branches,” she said while pressing her thighs tightly together.

Though he had his back facing her, Yang Chen could tell what she was doing. After letting out a soft sigh, he said, “Come down and join me in here.”

Hannya felt shy and delighted to hear that. Her heart was racing so quickly like a young girl in love.


Humming in agreement, she removed her nightgown and stepped into the onsen.

However, she didn’t dare to lean on him and sat beside him obediently instead.

Amidst the mist, Yang Chen could see her pink tips under the water.

Her hair was drenched by the water, framing her beautiful and alluring face.

Yang Chen didn’t bother to avert his gaze, even glancing between her thighs openly. Then, a smirk hovered on his lips.