Yang Chen was impressed that Hannya was well-prepared and was cleanly shaved down there.

Feeling his gaze on her body, joy and excitement washed over her. If he had looked closer, he would’ve seen the drop of fluid between her thighs. 

With a sensitive body like hers, Hannya had to try her best to suppress the moans. 

Fortunately, the ninjas were tactful enough to keep a distance from them. Otherwise, their jaws would’ve hit the floor from seeing their chief in such a state. 

Yang Chen didn’t do anything. He merely opened his arms and said nonchalantly, “Hannya, you don’t have to be nervous. I’m not a reckless teenager. I might be looking at your body, but I’m merely admiring it. I don’t plan to do anything to you.”

“If you want it, I could always give myself to you.” A hint of eagerness was seen in her eyes.

“Hah.” Yang Chen shook his head. “I don’t lack women. You’ve done many things for me; I’m aware of that. If you want to hand over Yamata Sect to a reliable person so that you can be a normal woman and marry someone, you have my full support.”

“No, I only trust you,” Hannya declared firmly. The way she was acting so stubbornly felt childish to him.

After getting over the initial surprise, Yang Chen sighed and stopped persuading her. Her beliefs were too feudal, having been raised as a female ninja. Though she was being silly, he still found it adorable. “I’m sure you want to know why I brought Meng Yue here. Here’s what happened…” 

He then recounted the whole incident to her. 

When it came to official matters, Hannya became solemn, the blush on her face fading.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked curiously. 

Yang Chen glanced at the unconscious Meng Yue before saying, “The Meng clan has suffered grave damages, and she’s the only remaining core member. Well, I’m only referring to the Southern China Gang. Since I’ve killed so many of the Mengs, there would surely be conflict within the Meng clan and the Gang. Without the Meng clan, the underground organizations would break down, which would affect the society. This would displease the First Senior Official. Although I don’t know about his background, I don’t think he’s someone I should provoke. Besides, I don’t want the citizens to be affected. That is why I need someone to organize the Southern China Gang and the Meng clan so that they would be at my disposal. Not only would I be able to learn more of the Meng clan’s support, but I would also prevent the First from coming after me. Meng Yue is a good leader and could’ve been in charge of this matter since she’s a direct descendant, the leader of Red Flower, and the president of Huazhong Industrial Group. However, she’s too scheming. After sounding her out a few times, I realize she’s immoral, so I can’t use her. She’s just an arrogant b*tch.”

Hannya thought about it for a while. “So you want me to impersonate Meng Yue and sneak into the Meng clan?”

“Smart girl.” Yang Chen smiled. “You have the experience of having someone take over the Liu clan. Although it’ll be harder this time around, I believe you can do it. Of course, if the Meng cultivators came out and caught you, I’ll help you. In fact, I would rather they do, or else I wouldn’t be able to find their basecamp.”

“It’ll be hard since the relationship network in the Meng clan is too complicated. I have to obtain a large amount of information from Meng Yue and remember them correctly. I think I’ll do it myself; I don’t feel at ease to leave someone else in charge.”

“You don’t have a lot of time. So many people died tonight. With Meng Yue’s disappearance, they would be in turmoil tomorrow. You have to obtain sufficient information from Meng Yue before daybreak, then have some ninjas follow you into the Meng clan and wipe out the threats. As for the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, I’ll contact General Chai to have him let you guys pass. With my connection, it wouldn’t be a problem. After all, they wouldn’t want the Meng clan to be a mess,” Yang Chen stated confidently.

Knowing that time was running out, Hannya dared not stay in the onsen any longer.

She stood up and asked, “Master, then should I kill Meng Yue after interrogating her or let her live?”

Yang Chen grinned. “You can learn everything in one night. Keep her around, and you can ask her more things whenever you want. Well, to make things easier, I’ll ruin all her cultivation. Once she’s a normal woman, I’m sure you have plenty of ways to deal with her.”

Hannya flashed him a wicked smile. “I can tell that she’s still a virgin. I believe the hotels of the Yamata Sect in the red-light district would be willing to cultivate her as a high-class prostitute. Maybe we can auction her first night with a good price.”

“Haha, that’s for you to decide. My only request is that I want to see you as Meng Yue in the morning!”

“Yes, Master!”

Hannya nodded submissively. 

It was easy for Yang Chen to destroy Meng Yue’s cultivation, so very soon, Meng Yue was left to Hannya.

Meng Yue woke up to find herself in a dimly lit room. When she realized she no longer had any cultivation and that Hannya was standing before her with a group of naked masked men, she yelled, “W-where am I?! Where's Yang Chen! Where is Master?!” 

Hannya wore a tight-fitting leather outfit. While tapping the whip in her palm, she looked down at Meng Yue. “Listen to me, you’re now a nobody. If you want to live, then answer all my questions. If I see any signs of hesitation in your eyes, don’t worry, I won’t take away your virginity. However, one of the men here will sodomize you. There are more than 30 people here, so don’t worry that they will run out of energy. Hence, you should listen to me.” 

Meng Yue felt suffocated. Her mind started spinning. In the next second, her eyes rolled back, and she fainted.

Disdain flashed across Hannya’s eyes. She’s so weak now that she’s lost her cultivation and status. Hah, she doesn't deserve to be Master’s servant. But, that would make things easier.

Then, Hannya ordered them to splash Meng Yue with cold water before starting the interrogation.


In Zhonghai, the sky had darkened.

Silence blanketed Xijiao Villas. Other than the occasional chirping sounds from crickets, nothing could be heard.

A black Audi A8 pulled up in front of a villa.

Dressed in a black jacket, Ning Guangyao walked out of the car. When he wasn’t wearing his usual suit, he seemed like an ordinary benevolent elder.

Once he arrived at the gate, he pressed on the bell.

Wang Ma’s voice sounded from inside. “Coming!”

After a while, the gate opened. The sound of a TV drama playing was heard, which meant that Wang Ma was watching TV at that time.

When she recognized the person at the door, she sucked in a breath and uttered with a shaky voice, “P-premier Ning?”

She never expected Ning Guangyao to show up here. Though she had heard that his relationship with Lin Ruoxi had been made public, she still didn’t see this coming.

“Hello, Wang Ma. I’m sorry for intruding on this late at night, but I didn’t have time in the day. Is Ruoxi around?” Ning Guangyao said and smiled at her gently.

Wang Ma couldn’t stop herself from taking a liking to him when he was speaking to her so politely despite knowing that he had wronged Lin Ruoxi before.

“Miss, miss-”

Before she could finish her sentence, an aloof voice sounded from the living room.

“Wang Ma, who’s here?”