“Eat more if you like it. I’ll cut more for you. You have to eat it fresh. Unfortunately, I can’t buy too much.” Upon seeing this, Ning Guangyao eagerly sliced more for her instead of eating his food.

When Lin Ruoxi saw how enthusiastic he looked, she blurted, “It’s enough. I can’t eat that much… You, eat some too. Didn’t you skip dinner?”

Ning Guangyao looked at her with bright eyes and chuckled for a while before nodding. 

“Eh, okay! I’ll eat too.”

Ning Guangyao said so but still gave many slices to Lin Ruoxi. Then, he sat down and continued to eat. 

“Ruoxi, if you like white truffles, I can send some more to you,” he said.

Lin Ruoxi returned to her usual distant self. She shook her head and said, “It’s fine. Having it once in a while is good enough.”

As if reminded of something, Ning Guangyao smiled and replied, “Yes, yes. I almost forgot that my daughter is one of the richest women in the country. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on shipping white truffles isn’t a big deal. My bad, I only wanted to give you the best things. I didn’t mean anything else.”

“I know.”

The atmosphere became more harmonious. Delighted, Ning Guangyao drank a few cups of WuliaNing Guangyaoe. His face was flushed, and he became talkative.

“Ruoxi, when you were in middle school, you kept failing PE. Then when you’re about to enter high school, I was worried it would affect your marks, so I had someone change your results. If I hadn’t done so, you would have lost more than 20 marks… Lin Zhiguo, that old man, only sent someone to protect you and isn’t that thoughtful. But you have good results, so I guess deducting your marks wouldn’t really matter. When you were in high school, your homeroom teacher wanted you to perform at the school festival, right? He said you would sing better with more practice. Haha, I know you didn’t agree to it immediately. Afterward, your teacher didn’t ask you further, and it’s because I dealt with him. My dear daughter, your mom was famous for her mezzo singing back in university. Why didn’t you inherit her singing skills? Oh, don’t be upset! I didn’t mean anything by that. Besides, you’re stronger than your mother. She doesn’t know how to do business, heh.”

Lin Ruoxi suddenly put down her chopsticks. “Premier Ning, didn’t you want to talk to me? If you’re done with your meal, go ahead.”

Ning Guangyao was taken aback by the sudden change in atmosphere. A

After being stunned for a moment, he smiled wryly and said, “Ruoxi, do you still hate me because I sent someone to deal with you and Lanlan?” 

Lin Ruoxi’s hands that were on her thighs clenched tightly. She couldn’t believe that he admitted it openly. 

He was right. The thought of Lanlan being beaten up by those thugs so badly infuriated her.

However, she suppressed those emotions.

“If I say that I was forced to do it, would you believe me?” Ning Guangyao sighed. “As part of the hidden clans, my status in the Ning clan is low, even as premier and the patriarch. A task had been given out by the clan, demanding me to steal the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. Since it is impossible to deal with Yang Chen, I had to target you and the child. If I openly defy them, they would strip me of my power. For a hidden clan, it’d only take a year to get rid of me.”

Lin Ruoxi’s gaze was stone-cold. “So, for your status and power, you kidnapped and beat up a child?”

“I know I’m useless. I’m too ashamed to bring this up either, but…” Ning Guangyao wore a sorrowful expression. “Ruoxi, think about it. If I have control over the Ning clan in the mundane world, I’ll have control over some stuff. But if someone else were to take over, they wouldn’t show any mercy! To obtain Yang Chen’s cultivation technique, they would keep making moves to impress the clan, unlike me. I only acted once because I had no choice.”

Lin Ruoxi sneered. “So are you saying that I should thank you?” 

“I-“ he was at a loss for words.

With his face still flushed, he gave up on explaining himself. Then, he downed three cups of WuliaNing Guangyaoe which deepened the red color on his face. His gaze became clouded, and he was speaking incoherently...

Lin Ruoxi gazed at him coldly. Seeing that he wasn’t planning to talk, she got up. “Premier Ning, if that’s it, I’ll be taking my leave now.”

She wasn’t planning to have him send her back. Flagging down a cab or even walking home wouldn’t be a problem for her since she was already in the Xiantian stage.

Suddenly, Ning Guangyao slid down the chair and jumped in front of her as if he was kneeling to her.

“P-premier Ning, you…” Lin Ruoxi frowned at his unexpected action. He looks drunk.

“No,” he uttered incoherently, “don’t call me Premier Ning. Call me dad… My dear daughter, Ruoxi, my child, call me dad…”

Lin Ruoxi took two steps back. While staring at him, she doubted if he was actually drunk. “Premier Ning, mind your actions.”

“Are you thinking if I’m drunk? No, I’m not…” he drawled as he crawled to her. 

If someone had seen him in such a state, they would have been shocked. 

When he arrived by her feet, he pouted and started crying.

“Ruoxi, my daughter, I’m so lonely! I-I’m in pain, and I regret everything. Your mother, Luo Cuishan, Guodong, they all died so early because of me. It’s all my fault. To fulfill my personal greed, I did countless despicable things. I’m a moron, a moron!”

Lin Ruoxi stared at him blankly as if she couldn’t believe her ears.

Ning Guangyao hugged his head and sobbed, “I’m so scared to go home. It’s so bleak, and I’m the only one there. I truly regret it. I know I was wrong.” 

Lin Ruoxi’s heart ached as tears welled up in her eyes.

All of a sudden, Ning Guangyao jumped and hugged one of her legs. “Ruoxi, listen to me. Don’t divorce Yang Chen! I know you’re angry at him because of Lin Hui and Lanlan, but if you divorce him, you will regret it!” he pleaded.

As soon as this was brought up, Lin Ruoxi wanted to break free from his grasp. However, she was afraid of hurting him if she kicked him. “Let go of me! Premier Ning, this is my personal affair!”

“Your affair is my affair! I’m your father!” Ning Guangyao yelled, berserk. 

“Ruoxi, you’ve only been with him for two years, and you’re already divorcing him. Did you marry him just to divorce him? Marriage isn’t child’s play. Living alone is easy, but things are different when you’re living together. I know he holds a place in your heart. Listen to me — stop acting wilfully! No matter how many times he has wronged you, he’s able to protect you! He truly likes you too! I’ll only be relieved if he’s by your side. You don’t understand it yet. As a parent, my child’s divorce is a grave matter. I don’t know about others, but you’re my only daughter. My beloved woman Xue Zijing left you to me. I’m proud of you, and you’re the only person I care about in this world. If you divorce, I can’t face your mother, your grandmother, and all the Xue family members who died because of me! I'd be too ashamed to see them when I die! Please, for my sake, don’t divorce Yang Chen!”

Trembling, Lin Ruoxi stood rooted to the ground. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but no one knew if she was crying because of the man before her or the one in the faraway land.