Lin Ruoxi stood in silence for a long time and finally wiped away the tears on her face.

She pulled her leg free from Ning Guangyao’s grasp, causing him to prop himself up with his arms. With a dazed expression, he raised his head and looked at her. 

“The divorce is between Yang Chen and me. Premier Ning, if you want the best for me, don’t meddle with my life because I’m afraid that one day in the future, I’ll come to know that everything you’ve said to me today were all lies… If that’s the case, I’ll never ever talk to you again,” Lin Ruoxi said solemnly. 

“Ruoxi, you-”

“All right.” She cut him off. “I don’t want to say anything else, nor do I want to listen to you. Let’s just end the conversation here. I’m leaving.”

She then walked past him. When she arrived at the door, she halted in her steps and said in a low voice, “You’re drunk. Rest early.”

With that said, she pushed the door open and left the private room.

Upon seeing her, the guards and servers outside approached her and asked if she needed any assistance.

As they worked for the Ning clan, they knew Lin Ruoxi was Ning Guangyao’s daughter. Judging by the way Ning Guangyao was trying to improve his relationship with her, there was a great chance that she would take over the clan in the future.

Naturally, they were hoping to get in her good books.

However, the frigid expression on her face deterred her from doing so. In the end, they moved out of her way and watched her walk out of the club.

Is she walking back to Xijiao Villas?


By the time they chased after her, Lin Ruoxi was nowhere in sight as if she had vanished into thin air.

Back in the private room, Ning Guangyao sat on the floor with his head lowered as if deep in thought. Even when his assistant pushed the door open, he didn’t budge. 

When the assistant saw him, he rushed forward and tried to pull him up.

“Sir, do you feel unwell?”

Ning Guangyao waved his hand as reassurance. “I’m fine. Besides, you know my alcohol tolerance.”

While saying so, he stood up slowly. Though his cheeks were still flushed, his gaze was clear.

“Has Ruoxi left?”

“Yes.” The assistant heaved a sigh in relief and answered, “She walked out of the club. We didn’t follow her, and she disappeared when we tried to look for her.”

“Huh, the rumors are true then. Yang Chen did cultivate her.” Ning Guangyao chuckled.

The assistant said hesitantly, “Sir, since Miss Lin agreed to come over, she must hope to repair her relationship with you. Maybe she can’t get used to it yet.”

Ning Guangyao snorted and gave him a side-eye. Instead of replying to him, he merely chuckled to himself.

The assistant found it weird, wondering why Ning Guangyao was laughing to himself while standing. He didn’t want to say it, but he did feel that the premier was acting kind of silly.

However, that wasn’t the case. Ning Guangyao walked to the table and poured himself a cup of Wuliangye.

Raising the cup, he downed it. Then he let out a sigh and mumbled, “Ruoxi, my dear daughter… No matter how cautious you are around me, you’re still too inexperienced and soft-hearted, just like your mother… I’m drunk? Hah, how could I be drunk? But I have to say it feels good to have a daughter care about me…”

At that moment, a figure was dashing through the trees in a desolated hill nearby Xijiao Villas.

Her movements were so agile and light.

Suddenly, the woman stopped on a branch and stood on it stably.

As the night breeze caressed her cheeks, Lin Ruoxi looked up at the moon. The moonlight reflected in her eyes that were filled with a myriad of emotions. 

She didn’t know how and why she had such great agility. No one had taught her this, and she had never learned it, yet she had mastered it and felt it was like second nature to her. 


However, her mind wasn’t focused on that. While staring at the night sky, she said softly, “Hubby, my heart softened again. I know it’s all a lie, but I couldn’t stop myself from falling for it. What should I do? Hubby, where are you…”

At Hannya’s place in Tokyo, Yang Chen lay on a chair, facing the west. 

On his hand was the clear Fengxiang bracelet. While he touched it with his fingers, longing flashed across his eyes. 

Different emotions were displayed on his face. He would be smiling one moment, sighing the next. It wasn’t hard to tell he was having an internal conflict, judging by his sorrowful gaze. 

After a long while, he took a deep breath and stared at the moon with a dazed expression.


Kunlun has always been called the origin of all mountains. In fact, legends said that it was the residence of The Queen Mother of the West.

South to Kunlun was Kekexili, known as Qangtang in Tibetan.

People viewed Kekexili as the forbidden area for life as other than some animals, humans could hardly survive there. However, that wasn’t the case at all.

Before the disappearance of the great ancient gods, the great ancient formation still existed. To protect the formation from outer interference, the gods created an illusionary dimension that existed in a parallel space.

Because it existed independently of the real world, the illusionary dimension was much more vast than Kekexili and even retained some mysteries from the great ancient times.

At the same time, because of the formation, the intensity of spiritual energy was far higher in the illusionary dimension compared to the mundane world. Eventually, it became a favorite spot of cultivation for Chinese cultivators.

Over the years, the cultivation world underwent many changes. The good and the evil fought countless battles. It wasn’t until twenty thousand years ago did Hongmeng and the great ancient clans seize control of the illusionary dimension.

Hongmeng was based on the Gods’ Island located below the formation. A few elders in the Heaven realm held the greatest power within Hongmeng .

As for the hidden clans, the Luo, Ning, and Xiao clans merged the rest of the clans and eventually formed the top three clans in the dimensions. 

Hongmeng had been in control of China for the past millennia. Similarly, the hidden clans too had considerable power. 

As for the foreign gods that arrived in the dimension twenty thousand years ago, they remained at peace with rest by staying out of each other’s businesses.

The Luo clan resided in the Northeastern region of the illusionary dimension.

The Luo castle was vast, built with white stones. With the opulent structure, it emanated a dignified aura.

One of the studies in the Luo palace was furnished with traditional rosewood furniture, but modern technologies such as chandeliers, computers, and TV filled the area. 

It wasn’t at all surprising. Though they didn’t live in the mundane world, people in the illusionary dimension kept themselves updated with the civilizations. Thus, they were never against using modern technologies. 

After all, the children couldn’t enter the Soul Forming stage in one go. They would need to eat, drink, study and have some form of entertainment.

So, it didn’t make sense to let the children study with candles at night when they could make use of lightbulbs. At the same time, they couldn’t force the children to read through journals and books when a computer existed. 

That was why plenty of clans would embrace the use of technology. Despite that, cultivation was the most important thing since power determined the success of the clan and their survival within the dimension.

At that moment, a middle-aged man was sitting in the chair and staring at the white paper before him. 

He was dressed in a traditional light green Han outfit with his hair combed back. Although he was expressionless, his sharp features made him look exceptionally charismatic. 

Standing by the table was an average-looking long-haired man dressed in a yellow martial arts uniform. He looked a few years older than the other man and was looking restless. 

After a long time, he could no longer hold back his question. “Patriarch, is this Endless Resolve Revolving Scripture authentic?”