When Gaia’s Heart started beating, all the Gods with divinity felt it.

In Hollywood, Christine, who was getting her makeup done at a filming set, jumped out of her chair in shock. 

“H-has she lost her mind!?” she muttered.

At a mansion in London, a couple that was carrying out the physical expression of love paused their moaning and groaning.

Stern widened his eyes as he watched the spark in Alice’s eyes die out.

The couple gulped and said in unison, “It has begun.”

In a luxurious hotel suite in Dubai, Ares, who was cleaning his beloved gun, stood up from the sofa abruptly. 

A maniacal grin appeared on his face as he guffawed. “My powers… My powers are returning!”

In the kitchen of a five-star hotel in Honolulu, the main chef was cooking a lemon salmon dish when he suddenly pushed the spatula hard on the salmon, breaking it into halves.

Under the bushy eyebrows were a pair of sparkling deep-set eyes.

Meanwhile, classical opera music was playing in a dark room inside a castle located in Italy.

Raphael, decked in a suit, was hugging a young Caucasian woman. She was lazily lying in his embrace, unaware that Raphael was sucking his blood by piercing his fangs into her neck. 

All of a sudden, his blood-red pupils constricted as excitement flashed across his face. His grip on the woman tightened, and he tore her apart!

Blood splattered across the room as the woman’s corpse dropped to the floor.

“Haha, haha, Athena, you really are incredible… It's done so soon?”

Though his body was shaking, it was hard to tell if he was laughing or crying.

Morning arrived in Tokyo.

Yang Chen stood up from the chair — which he had been sitting in the whole night — when he realized the divinity within his mind had moved.

To this day, he still couldn’t comprehend divinity. It was the most mystical component of the Gods. In layman’s terms, it’s a mark of spiritual force. Each God has a distinctive mark, just like how every human has different fingerprints and irises.

At that moment, he could sense that divinity was increasing!

It all happened without warning as if an energy was being pumped into his body, strengthening his spiritual force. 

Yang Chen could clearly sense that his powers would greatly increase even if he hadn’t mastered the space laws.

But how did this happen? Am I the only one, or is it the same for the rest of the Gods? 

Right when Yang Chen was puzzled, Hannya’s voice sounded from behind.


Thinking that he would call Christine later, he suppressed his puzzlement and turned to face Hannya.


He was stunned to see that Hannya had turned into “Meng Yue.”

Same outfit, same appearance, and even the same physique and bearing.

Yang Chen grinned. “Not bad. Appearance-wise and bearing-wise, you are Meng Yue. Did the interrogation go well?”

“Meng Yue” smiled sweetly. “Yes, she was very cooperative as she was afraid of being tainted by so many men.”

“She’s not a fool, so she knows stubbornness will bring her nowhere. She’s still useful, so don’t let your subordinates harm her. Just keep an eye on her.”

Yang Chen walked forward and held her hands. “All right. I’ll bring you to the Meng clan, and the rest is up to you.”

“Yes, Master!”

He was about to move but stopped when reminded of something. A large number of Meng clan members and Southern China Gang members had died, so if Meng Yue returned unharmed, they would be suspicious. He had to make up a plausible explanation so that Hannya could impersonate Meng Yue easily. 

After pondering about it, he told Hannya, “Get me a black cloth and find me a tailor.”

Hannya asked no questions and carried out his orders immediately. 

With the ninjas’ efficiency, the tailor was brought to Yang Chen in no time. Yang Chen ordered the tailor to make him Meng Qi’s black robe according to the sketch he had done. 

Once it was ready, Yang Chen deliberately made holes in the robe to make it look like it was tattered from battle. Then, he put it on.

Hannya watched him in shock when he transformed into an old man in the blink of an eye.

“Master, h-how…” Hannya was a master in ninjutsu, so she was certain that he didn’t use any illusions to change his appearance. Instead, he used a method which even she couldn’t detect.

Elder “Meng Qi” combed his beard and smiled thoughtfully.

“I’m sure you know who this is,” Yang Chen said.

“Yes, it’s the late Elder Meng Qi.” Hannya had memorized all the important members of the clan in preparation for her mission.

Yang Chen was proud that his cover was flawless. At the same time, he was impressed by Blinding Leaf. For someone like him with profound cultivation, having such an artifact would make it easy for him to fool everyone.

After setting his cultivation level to the Soul Forming stage, he pulled Hannya. “Let’s go. Tell them the elders protected you and brought you out of Yang Chen’s control, and the other two elders and clan members have died in battle. I’ll show up and announce that I want you to take over the Meng clan. Then, I’ll pretend I’m hurt and go for isolation training. With this, no one will dare to go against you.”

Hannya’s eyes lit up, and she nodded in gratitude. “Thank you, Mas-, I mean, Elder!”

In just a few minutes, Yang Chen brought Hannya to the Meng residence.

Just as expected, the Meng clan was in a state of turmoil, mainly involving the remaining members of the Meng clan and the Southern China Gang.

When “Meng Qi” arrived with “Meng Yue,” everyone was stupefied.

Yang Chen stood with his hands behind his back and swept his gaze across them. “Trying to start a revolt?”

The minute they snapped back to their senses, everyone fell to their knees and begged for mercy.

They thought Meng Qi, Meng Yue, and the other elders were dead since their bodies were nowhere to be found. Now that they were, in fact, alive and standing before them, they dared not have any thoughts on revolting. After all, they were mere humans who stood no chance against the old man. 

Yang Chen snickered in his mind. So, doing bad things while impersonating others is so much fun? Unfortunately, I have to deal with other things. Otherwise, I would’ve stayed and had some fun.

With that, he gave out orders about assigning “Meng Yue” as the patriarch and left.

Hannya continued the act as Meng Yue. With a voice and tone that were no different from Meng Yue, she gave out commands to reorganize the clan.

In just a few days, the Yamata sect’s Jounins would infiltrate the Meng clan, and she would be able to replace the Meng clan members with hers. Once she gained full control of the Meng clan, all she needed to do was wait for their support to show up.

Meanwhile, Yang Chen had recovered his appearance and went to Los Angeles.

He hadn’t met his old friend for a while. Since he wanted to ask her about divinity, he might as well visit her. 

When he arrived in the States, it was already dusk. Very soon, he confirmed that Christine was at her house.

With a flash, he stepped into the balcony on the second floor of Christine’s villa. The last time he was here, he enjoyed the service of a maid. I wonder if she’s still around.

Christine, too, had sensed his arrival. With her beautiful gold locks hanging over her busty chest, she pushed the door open and sashayed to him. 

“Dear Hades, I thought you’d call me during the day. So it turns out you waited till this late to give me a surprise?”