“It’s not too late. I just had to deal with something.” Yang Chen pulled a chair to sit down. “Since you know I would contact you, then I’m not the only one who sensed it. Tell me. What is it? Why did the spiritual force in my divinity increase? I can sense that it’s still increasing.”

“Such a spoilsport. I’m wearing this in front of you, and yet you’re talking about things like this.

All of a sudden, Christine moved forward and fell onto his lap. Her perky buttocks pressed against his thighs as she reached out to hug his neck.

All he could smell was her fragrance. His chin was pressed against her chest, and if he wanted, he could just nibble it.

Undeniably, the appearance and physique of a superstar were irresistible to him.

Fortunately, Yang Chen could still hold it in. With a wry smile, he said, “Since you’re acting like this, does it mean that you’re refusing to answer me? This makes me feel that you’re hiding something important from me.”

Christine wriggled in his lap, rubbing her buttocks against his crotch. 

When she felt the hardness beneath her, she leaned closer and nibbled his ear. “Dear, how about this? You fulfill my needs, and I’ll tell you the truth. You know that I’ve never done it with this body. It’s tight…”

Yang Chen’s Adam’s apple bobbed as excitement coursed through his veins. How bold of her to say such things. 

Most men would've jumped at the chance, but Yang Chen was nonplussed.

“Plenty of men would be willing to fulfill your desire.” 

Christine snorted. “I have men in each of my reincarnation, but in this life, only you are up to my standards.”

“Thanks for the compliment. I’d be rude to reject you away now. How about this? Tell me the truth, and I’ll fulfill you two times.” Yang Chen smirked.

He knew that if Christine truly wanted anything to happen between them, it would’ve happened ages ago. After all, they weren’t conservative people. 

They both had divinity, so spiritually speaking, their bodies were just shells.

He believed that she wouldn’t reject him if he wanted to bed her. In fact, they would be compatible in bed. 

However, Yang Chen knew that it was because Christine used to have a past with the last Pluto, though he didn’t know the details. 

Since the last Pluto abandoned Christine and dispersed his consciousness, it must have hurt her. 

Reincarnation didn’t mean the end, so they could still be together. However, with the loss of consciousness, he would never return.

She must have directed her feelings onto me, so that’s why we got closer. 

However, Yang Chen didn’t like it. If they slept together, it would mean that he was taking advantage of her feelings for the last Pluto.

For Gods who had lived for thousands of years, a love as deep as that was satirical.

“You’re so annoying. I’m basically giving myself to you. Hades, am I inferior to your wife and lovers?” Christine chided, feigning anger.

Yang Chen shook his head. “All right, Aphrodite. We’re friends; I know you well. Stop concealing the truth and tell me what happened.”

His expression turned solemn which cooled down the amorous atmosphere from before.

Christine let out a breath and got up from his lap. She flicked his forehead as if venting her anger.

Then, she walked to the railing and looked at the city lights around Beverly Hill. “It’s Gaia’s Heart. Athen has revived it.”

Having guessed this beforehand, Yang Chen wasn’t surprised. However, he still didn’t know what it was.

“Does the revival of Gaia’s Heart mean the Gods will recover their powers?” he asked, frowning. “I remember in Korea when Stern, Alice, and Athena were talking, they mentioned Gaia's Heart and that it would significantly impact the whole world, something about destroying the world. But at that time, they didn’t give me an explanation. Shouldn’t you give me one?”

Resignedly, Christine turned around and smiled. “What explanation can I give you? You felt it too. With the revival of Gaia’s Heart, our powers are recovering gradually. That’s it. Athena wants to revive the Gods, and she has taken the first step.”

“What does she want to do? Does she want to slaughter humans like 20,000 years ago?” asked the astonished Yang Chen.

She shook her head. “I don’t know. She has always been unpredictable. Besides, even if we know her plans, who can stop her.”

Yang Chen fell silent. She’s right. Athena’s power is too profound. Even if my cultivation has improved, I might not be a match for her. Besides, with the revival of Gaia’s Heart, her powers are also increasing.

Yang Chen was about to ask something else when his phone buzzed.

He picked it up and saw it was from Ygm.

“Brat, return to Beijing now.”

“What happened? Yang Chen was surprised that Ygm called him so early in the morning.

“Hah, do you think First will let you off so easily? You think just by giving some petroleum, China will let you go on a rampage?”

Yang Chen also knew that having Hannya impersonate Meng Yue wasn’t sufficient to settle things down. “Old man, is First asking to meet me?”

“Come back. I’ll wait for you at Zhongnanhai. We’ll go in together,” Ygm said sternly.

Yang Chen wasn’t too worried about it. Since First has proposed a meeting, he must be meaning to have a discussion, not to oppress me. Besides, even if he wants to, he may not be able to do it. 

After hanging up the phone, Yang Chen flashed Christine an apologetic smile. “I’ve got to go.”

Christine twiddled with her hair and smiled. “Looks like you’re in trouble again. Good luck.”

“I guess we’ll have to go with the flow for Gaia’s Heart.” Yang Chen erased the doubts in his mind and put them behind him. As he got up, he said, “I know you didn’t tell me everything, but I hope that no matter what happens in the future, we’ll still be friends.”

Christine said nothing, merely flashed him a meaningful smile. 

Yang Chen’s figure soon disappeared from the balcony. As he flew toward Beijing, he thought, I’m really busy, going from one place to another.

Christine stared at his disappearing figure and sighed ruefully.

“‘Friends’? Hades, you’re a fool. I don’t want to be your friend… I want to be one with you again and say things that I don’t mean… I won’t have a chance anymore.”


As it was still early in the morning, Xiao Zhiqing was in a deep slumber in her room.

At that moment, Wang Ma walked into the room and shook her head when she saw the computer parts scattered around the room. The monitors were still running too.

I don’t get why she likes doing stuff like this, so unlike a girl. But I suppose it’s good to have a hobby since she can’t cultivate.

Once she got to the bed, she tugged on Xiao Zhiqing’s arm. “Qing’er, wake up!”

Feeling groggy, Xiao Zhiqing squirmed in her bed and whined, “Mom, I want to sleep…”

“Wake up! Didn’t we agree on visiting your grandmother today? We have to leave now or we won’t reach by noon!” Wang Ma patted her daughter’s back affectionately.

As she was only in her fifties, Wang Ma’s parents were still alive and well. They had just learned about Xiao Zhiqing’s return but were kept in the dark about her past. They had seen their granddaughter twice now and adored her. Hence, they urged Wang Ma to bring her over more often.

Reminded of their schedule of the day, Xiao Zhiqing pouted and sat up.

Wang Ma looked at the dazed expression on her daughters and found her extremely adorable. She couldn’t help but lean in to hug and kiss her daughter’s cheeks.

“My Qing’er is so cute!”

Xiao Zhiqing felt like a doll, being kissed and hugged by her mother. Still, a blissful smile crept onto her face. Ever since she reunited with her mother, her days have been filled with warmth, something she had never experienced in her life.

“All right. Mom, go down and make me breakfast. I’ll go down after taking a shower.”

Wang Ma nodded and stood up to leave when she saw something that frightened her.

Standing on the balcony was a handsome young man sneering at them.