Xiao Zhiqing was puzzled to see her mother frozen in place. She followed her gaze, and at first glance, she went pale from shock.

The unexpected visitor was Luo Hang. The smirk on his face deepened when he saw the terrified expression on their faces. Then, he pulled the glass door, the lock did nothing to stop him from breaking in.

His movement jolted Xiao Zhiqing into her senses. Too panicked to remember she was still in her pajamas, she jumped out of bed and pushed Wang Ma out.

“Mom! Get out, get out now!”

Wang Ma instantly knew the man was dangerous. She hugged Xiao Zhiqing and yelled, “What are you talking about? Who is this man?! Qing’er don’t push me!”

“Oh, so she’s your birth mother? Hmm, I do see some resemblance.” Luo Zhang glanced at them, intrigued.

Just then, two figures jumped onto the balcony. It was Luo Xiaoxiao and Luo Lei.

The moment Xiao Zhiqing and her mother saw Luo Xiaoxiao, their expressions changed.

“It’s you?!” As if she had understood something, Xiao Zhiqing pointed at Luo Xiaoxiao, her face red with fury. “I trusted you and even had Hubby let you go!”

Luo Xiaoxiao only came up here out of worry and was surprised to learn that Xiao Zhiqing thought she ratted out on her whereabouts.

Taken by surprise, Luo Xiaoxiao didn’t know how to explain herself. She kept shaking her head and said no but couldn’t explain why Luo Hang showed up here.

Wang Ma was puzzled. She recognized Luo Xiaoxiao since she met her at a shoe store and the latter even got into a conflict with Yang Chen. Why is she here too?

Luo Hang’s face was dark like thunder. He sneered, “b*tch, how dare you defy me? Not only did you run away from the illusionary dimension, but you also called someone else ‘Hubby’ in front of me? I supposed you’ve forgotten about your lowly status!”  

Xiao Zhiqing’s heart sank. She knew she couldn’t escape from him. Yang Chen wasn’t around, and there weren't any powerful cultivators nearby, so they couldn’t possibly resist them.

As a matter of fact, she was relieved that Rose or Cai Ning wasn’t around when she saw Luo Lei. Even if Yang Chen had let the two ladies stay here to protect her, they wouldn’t be a match against him. 

As the heir of the Luo clan, Luo Qianqiu was more protective of Luo Hang compared to Luo Xiaoxiao, dispatching Luo Lei to protect Luo Hang. Since he was the butler of the Luo clan, his ability must be powerful too.

“I can’t resist if you want to bring me back, but I hope you can let my mother go.” Xiao Zhiqing moved out of Wang Ma’s arm and approached them.

Wang Ma felt a pang of heartache when she heard that. Frightened out of her wits, she stood before her daughter. “No! No one can take my daughter away from me!” 

It took me years to reunite with my daughter! I can’t let them take her away from me! Over my dead body!

Wang Ma wasn’t a fool. She could already connect the dots, considering that she knew quite a lot about Xiao Zhiqing’s past.

“Hah, as expected, there are many wretches in the mundane world! Who are you to stop me?” Luo Hang sneered. “Well, I was thinking of a way to torture this b*tch, so I guess I could start with murdering you. This would be the First retribution-”

“No!” Xiao Zhiqing shrieked and tried hard to pull Wang Ma away, but the latter refused to let her go.

In that instant, the room was filled with wails.

Luo Xiaoxiao couldn’t bear to watch on. She pleaded with Luo Hang meekly, “Please don’t do this. She’s-”

“Shut up! You’re in no place to talk!” Luo Hang glared at her. “You’ll be punished when we return. How dare you hide this from Father and me!”

She bit her lip, no longer dared to speak up. After all, she knew her pleas would go unheard.

Luo Lei chimed in, “Young Master, Sir has ordered us to catch Xiao Zhiqing, and we’re not allowed to intervene in any affairs within the mundane world, or else Hongmeng and the other two clans would chastise us. Please think things through and look at the big picture.”

Luo Hang listened to him. Though reluctant to let Xiao Zhiqing off so easily, he was forced to give up on that idea. “All right. I’ll listen to you and forgive this old b*tch.”

As soon as he said that, he appeared before Wang Ma and Xiao Zhiqing and pulled them apart.

Wang Ma was lifted by the collar and thrown to the wall. She slipped to the floor and fainted.

“Mom!“ Xiao Zhiqing cried but couldn’t move out of Luo Hang’s grasp.

With one hand around Xiao Zhiqing’s chin, Luo Hang used his other hand to inject a ray of True Yuan into her body.

When he realized she was no longer a virgin, his face turned dark with malice.

“You b*tch, sl*t! You slept with that bastard?! Why didn’t you poison him to death with your Nine Yin Meridian?! No one is allowed to touch the woman I’ve tossed away! Fine! Since you’re no longer a virgin, there’s no need to put up a show and have a wedding. You’ll be a test subject in the Luo clan for the rest of your life!”

Tears streamed down Xiao Zhiqing’s face as her gaze was fixated on the unconscious Wang Ma. She couldn’t care less about the dire state she was in.

Thinking that she was disregarding him, Luo Hang slapped her hard on the face out of fury.

Since Xiao Zhiqing didn’t have any cultivation, her face turned swollen and red from the impact almost immediately.

“Young Master, it’s time to go. Sir has ordered to return as soon as we-”

“Fine!” Luo Hang snapped and turned around furiously. In the next second, he flew away with Xiao Zhiqing in his hand.

Luo Lei sighed and left with Luo Xiaoxiao in his grip.


In a lavishly decorated office located in Zhongnanhai, Beijing, Yang Chen and Yang Gongming stood before the red wooden door.

Standing on their side were two bodyguards.

Though the First Senior Official had summoned them over, he didn’t meet them immediately and had them wait for the reason that he was dealing with work.

They had been waiting for 15 minutes since then.

Yang Chen used his divinity and knew that the First was in the room by himself. He’s obviously trying to exert dominance! 

If Yang Gongming hadn’t held him back, he would’ve kicked the door down and barged into the room. Then, he would lift the First by his collar and bellow, “Do you know who I am?”     

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do such a thing not because he was afraid but because he didn’t want to trouble Yang Gongming and the rest.

Only the First could make Marshal Yang wait for 15 minutes obediently.

“Old man, I think he’s too busy, and it’ll take him a long time to meet us. Why don’t we go out and have some fermented soya-bean milk?” Yang Chen suggested smilingly.

Yang Gongming glanced at him. “Soya-bean milk? I haven’t had that in years. I kind of miss the taste now… I guess we could drink some.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Yang Chen tugged at his sleeve.

Yang Gongming shook his head. “We should wait after we meet the First.”

The corner of Yang Chen’s mouth twitched. “He’s doing this on purpose! Why is he so childish? We could’ve just talked it out instead of playing mind games like this.”

“Don’t say that. You’re in no place to make remarks.” Yang Gongming frowned. 

Yang Chen sighed. He wasn’t feeling confident. After all, he didn’t know about the First background to have full control over China and even the forces in the illusionary dimension, so he dared not be arrogant.

In simpler words, he trusted Yang Gongming. He wasn’t one to shy away from danger since he dared to pass the clan to him and was unfazed even when surrounded by the army.

Yet, someone like him was being so cautious around the First. This meant that the First was not to be taken lightly.

Just when Yang Chen was wondering how long they had to keep waiting, he heard sounds coming from the office.

Footsteps sounded, and the door was opened from inside. A slightly stout middle-aged man with his hair gelled back appeared before them. 

“My apologies, Mr. Yang. I was dealing with work matters earlier on.” The First smiled warmly as he turned to face Yang Chen. “You must be Yang Chen, right? Haha, I’ve been meaning to meet you. Come on in.”