Yang Chen wanted to curse so badly, but he couldn’t speak due to the oppression. Moreover, the precise control of True Yuan baffled him.

It was strong enough to take down the whole of Zhonghainan, yet it was only concentrated around him. Even the sofa below him was unaffected. 

Yang Chen knew he could never exert such a terrifying control over his True Yuan. Fully aware that his opponent’s cultivation was far greater than him, he no longer dared to put up a tough front. 

As someone adaptable, Yang Chen shook his head reluctantly, signifying that he had given up.

At that instant, the oppression was retracted as if it never existed in the first place.

Yang Chen had broken out in cold sweat. He slumped on the sofa, his chest heaving as he panted. 

He, too, found it unbelievable that he would suffer so much with his current physique.

Still feeling fearful, Yang Chen looked around the room. Only the old man, First, and I are in this office. Is that person outside of Zhongnanhai? That must be it. Their cultivation is greater than mine, and if they tried to hide, it would be impossible to locate them.

“Here, have some tea.” First picked up a teacup and offered it to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was obedient this time around, accepting the cup and sipping on it.

So he has a master around him. No wonder he’s so calm. I wonder if that person used their full potential. Regardless, I’m sure their cultivation is above Tai Qing. Is it Shang Qing or Yu Qing?

He dared not overthink it. Who’s that old monster? So terrifying. At the same time, he was wondering about First’s intentions.

“I told you not to act rashly,” Yang Gongming said, no longer tense when he realized Yang Chen was fine.

Yang Chen put down his teacup. After contemplating for some time, he looked up and said solemnly, “All right. We should discuss this matter further. My apologies for being rude earlier. Do you have any advice for me, First Senior Official?”

Yang Gongming’s eyebrows twitched when he heard that. He gave his grandson a side-eye as if chiding him for changing his stance so quickly.

Meanwhile, First said humbly, “Well, it’s not really a piece of advice. As an ordinary public servant, I’m merely carrying out my duty for the stable development of our nation and the harmony of society…”

Then, he gave a speech about how he worked so hard in his job, but there was always trouble lurking around, so he felt powerless.

Yang Chen never realized that First could be so long-winded when he watched him in the news before.  

At last, First said, “The Meng clan is waging war against you, and it’s not beneficial for anyone, including the stability of our country. How about this? I’ll be the negotiator on your behalf? The Meng clan still has Meng Yue, and she’ll continue to manage their forces in the mundane world. As for the Meng clan, they provoked you first and don’t have any evidence to prove that you stole their treasure, so they’re in the wrong. I think that they should admit their mistake and learn their lesson!”

Yang Chen touched his chin, thinking that it was a good idea. He asked, “Then I’ll have to offer something in return. What do you want this time?” 

First chided him, “Yang Chen, I have to tell you this. Public servants are not allowed to abuse our powers for personal benefits! I won’t ask you for anything, but the country needs you to provide equivalent contributions. We believe in the riches aiding the poor. For a rich young man like you, you should’ve contributed to the citizens when you returned!”

Yang Chen was on the verge of tears. He forced a grin and said, “All right. It’s my fault. W-what should I do for the people then?”

First nodded in satisfaction. Then, he walked to his desk and brought back a paper filled with words.

“Before you two enter the room, I was writing this. It’s a checklist. If you think it’s fine, sign it or press your fingerprint on it. As long as you carry out the conditions, our country will protect and praise you, for you have made considerable contributions to our nation,” he said while smiling.

Yang Chen picked up the paper and briefly glanced through it. The moment he saw the sentences, his eyes widened in shock.

It said that for the next three years, Yang Chen had to import petroleum, iron ores, potash, bauxite, and other premium resources at a low price. Moreover, he had to obtain classified information in the technology sector, mostly from other countries’ research projects. 

“30 kilograms highly enriched uranium?!” Yang Chen was nonplussed. “Where can I get this? No one would carry nuclear bomb materials around!”

“Oh? No? Then I’ll remove it.” First generously crossed out that sentence with a red pen.

Yang Chen continued reading it with a frown. “Uncle, it’s not that I’m not giving you face, but information regarding warfare weaponry, such as Aegis combat system, Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier, and the invisibility skill, I cannot share them with you. This will affect the progression of war, which breaches the Treaty of Gods. The other gods  will not forgive me.”

The first was easygoing. He nodded and crossed out those conditions related to war.

“So I suppose y

Yang Chen felt a pang of heartache. He had planned to cancel out these conditions, and yet he pretended to be generous. If I agree to the remaining conditions, I’ll have to spend at least three to four billion dollars in cash! Fortunately, I got lots of money and assets from Master Insect, or I’d have to use my own money or even have to cut down on the military resources. That would’ve been embarrassing!


Yang Chen picked up the pen and signed his name. “So, the issue about the Meng clan is settled, for now, right?”

As long as Hannya could seize control of the Southern China Gang, he would be able to earn that money back.

First glanced at the contract and nodded in satisfaction. “As expected of the Yang clan. I’m sure Marshal Yang Ye would be proud to have a descendant like you. As for the Meng clan’s matter, don’t worry about it. They have caused enough trouble, and it’s time for the younger ones to step up. I won’t let them trouble you again.”

To First, the nation’s stable development was the most important, followed by his reputation.

The Meng clan’s conflict with Yang Chen was destroying their peace in the country, and he couldn’t allow that. Besides, Yang Chen had sent them seven billion dollars worth of resources. That would greatly boost his career, which explained why he was delighted.    

Meanwhile, Yang Gongming watched from the side silently. He was impressed when his grandson gave out three billion dollars without much thought. 

Yang Chen was the only one who knew that he was using someone else’s possession.

Once everything was taken care of, Yang Gongming stood up with Yang Chen to leave.

Yang Chen couldn’t help asking. “Uncle, is that master your bodyguard?”

First affected a puzzled look. “Master? Bodyguard? Who? Did someone come here just now?”

Yang Chen thought he was great at acting, but compared to First, he was nothing.

“See you next time!” he uttered and left the room.

That’s so mean. He swindled my money and won’t tell me who the person is!

However, Yang Chen wasn’t actually angry. In fact, he was grateful toward First.

If he hadn’t come here, he wouldn’t have known that a master was hiding in China. If he continued to think he was invincible, he could’ve died on the streets one day.

Once they left, the smile on First’s face faded. He cast a meaningful glance at the ceiling. For a moment, it seemed like he was in awe at something above him.