After leaving Zhongnanhai, Yang Chen accompanied Yang Gongming to a decent-looking store for fermented soya milk and snacks.

He purposely found a more quiet place as Yang Gongming didn’t want to be bothered by others. After all, he was a bigwig amongst the elderlies.

They didn’t talk about the matter that happened at First’s office, instead, they chatted about Lanlan and Yang Chen’s lovers.

“You still haven’t reconciled with Ruoxi?” Yang Gongming blurted.

Yang Chen was biting on a bun when he heard that. His expression stiffened, and he smiled sheepishly. “Old man, aren’t you stating the obvious? I’m sure you know everything that happened between us.”

Yang Gongming took a sip of his soy milk and said expressionlessly. “Lookers on see most of the game. Give me a date. When are you bringing my granddaughter-in-law home?”

Yang Chen didn’t have any confidence. “I promised Ruoxi not to push her. I can only treat her well and so as much as I can for her. As for the rest, I dare not think about it.”

“Brat! Are you still a man!” Yang Gongming barked, his eyes ablaze with fury.

“Hey! You don’t know how complicated my relationship is with Ruoxi! You can’t scold me! Don’t think I wouldn’t dare to retaliate because you're two generations older than me.”

Yang Gongming didn’t take him seriously at all. He pointed at Yang Chen’s nose and yelled, “Man up! It’s not a big deal! The only problem here is that you are disloyal and had a child with another woman. It’s nothing compared to Hongmeng, the Gods, and diplomatic matters!”

Yang Chen was stunned by his question. Then he realized his grandfather did make sense.

“You’re not a good person, and I bet the three billion dollars you gave up earlier didn’t belong to you! You must have gotten it somewhere else, right?!” Yang Gongming’s wise eyes were gleaming as if he had seen through Yang Chen.

Yang Chen gulped, and Yang Gongming knew he had hit the mark. If that wasn’t true, he wouldn’t have signed the contract willingly and would’ve bargained to lessen the conditions.

“I know you well. You’re good at deceiving women or else they wouldn't fall for you so deeply. They didn’t know about your identity beforehand, so that can’t be the reason why they’re dating you. Use your brain and your schemes. Do whatever you can to bring her back, even if you have to lie!” Yang Gongming rebuked.

Yang Chen chuckled awkwardly. “Uh… old man, I-”

“Don’t give me excuses! I don’t want to listen to them! None of them are important when it comes to relationships. What, will Earth disappear tomorrow if you two reconcile? No youngsters in affluent families like us are clean. There’s no need to sneak around! If anyone knew that Ruoxi dumped you, I’d be too embarrassed to leave the house. Your mom might have told you to marry someone else but don’t listen to her. I never discussed this with you because I believed that you’d never let her act wilfully. Yet, you went against my expectations!”

Yang Chen smiled wryly. “It sounds like you’re just mocking me. You’ve already described me as a jerk, so how could I intrude on Ruoxi’s life?”

“Brat, you’re really pissing me off!” As if he had pent up his frustration for too long, Yang Gongming couldn’t seem to control his volume. “If you spent 10% of your IQ in cultivation on dealing with family matters, these wouldn’t have happened! How would you know you’re harming Ruoxi by keeping her close to you? You’re not her! She could be lying! Women always say things that they don’t mean. I know it better than you, so how could you be so clueless? Think about it. Ever since Ruoxi separated from you, has she ever looked happy? Is she happier than before?”

Yang Chen was stunned. He’s right. Lin Ruoxi didn’t look like she’s living a better life after leaving me. Wang Ma also told me that she isn’t happy. Have I made the wrong judgement?

Yang Gongming slapped the table. “Yang Chen, remember this. Do whatever you can to beg for her forgiveness. Cry at her company, hug her legs, do everything to bring her home!”

“That’s too embarrassing… Hug her legs and cry? You just said you're embarrassed by me.” Yang Chen shuddered and shook his head.

“Embarrassing? Nothing matters as long as you bring your wife back! A true man will do everything he can to make his wife happy so that she’ll stay close to him! If you two ever want to divorce for real, that should happen because you no longer like her, nor because she chooses to leave you over some random reason!”

Yang Chen’s lips twitched. “Old man, that’s too much. How could I bear to divorce her? I’d wake up every day smiling if she agrees to return to my side.”

“Useless! No wonder you're so easily swayed by a woman!” Yang Gongming barked. “Since you dare to date so many women, you should be able to appease your wife! Otherwise, you’d be henpecked!”

Yang Chen pursed his lips, displeased by his accusations. “Don’t make it sound like trash. I’ve told Rouxi about it a long time ago. Even if she refuses to see me, she can’t stop me from treating her well.”

“Hah, what’s the point of that? What makes you any different from those fools who only give presents to court a woman? If you’re an ordinary man, I wouldn’t have said anything, but you’re not! You’re the heir of our clan, so you should be respected. Look at your mom. She dared to leave Pojun, but she never dared to bring up divorce because she knew she can’t do such things before me. As for Lin Ruoxi, she left in front of me on New Year’s Eve, and I didn’t send a troop to stop her because of you! No one can come to our clan and go as they please! The moment she joined our family, she’s part of us, even till death! A divorce can never happen ever since she received the amulet from me.” Yang Gongming’s face contorted with rage, no longer the benevolent man he usually was. 

Yang Chen felt the murderous intent from the old marshal. If he were someone else, he would’ve pissed his pants from fear.

“Old man, I never expected you to be so chauvinistic and unreasonable.” Yang Chen grinned. 

Yang Gongming calmed down and returned to his usual nonchalant self. “I’m old, so I prefer to live a peaceful life. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have said those words. Chauvinistic? Unreasonable? Hah, those are the cries of a loser. In this world, those who have survived past hell know nothing else matters other than strength!”

Yang Chen chuckled while shaking his head. He stood up, stretched, and said, “All right, old man. Time for me to go back. This meal is on you.”

Yang Gongming nodded while gesturing for him to leave with his hands. Then he added, “Ask your mom to bring Lanlan back to visit me when she’s free. It’s okay to skip a few days of kindergarten.”

Without looking back, Yang Chen waved his hand in acknowledgment.

At that moment, he was eager to meet Lin Ruoxi and talk things out with her.