The waiter was stunned for a while before giving them the menu. After all, her beauty was goddess-like and didn’t seem like she belonged here.

The passersby also slowed down their steps when they saw the beauty by the window.

Since Zhao Hongyan came from a middle-class family, she was used to an environment like this. Still, she couldn’t help but frown when Lin Ruoxi sat on the oily chair with her expensive outfit.

Lin Ruoxi was unbothered, pointing at the dishes on the menu. “We’ll have two servings of crayfish, this, that, these, and a soup.”

The waiter quickly relayed her orders to the kitchen. As she walked, she looked back a few times to check Lin Ruoxi out. She’s so beautiful! I mean, she’s not even wearing makeup, yet she looks prettier than the superstar Lin Hui!

Zhao Hongyan was nonplussed. She said she wants to buy me lunch, but I haven’t ordered anything! And I didn’t say I want crayfish!

To her dismay, Lin Ruoxi ignored her and started deshelling when the crayfishes were served. 

She was very careful and tried to get the whole meat out. 

Zhao Hongyan wasn’t good at it either. After spending minutes on deshelling, she gave up and ordered a bowl of rice to eat the other dishes.  

Lin Ruoxi deshelled around a dozen and put down the half-deshelled crayfish in her hand. “Hongyan, it isn’t an easy task to deshell crayfish. Even if I can control my strength, I still can’t do it fast.”

Zhao Hongyan swallowed the rice in her mouth and asked smilingly, “Why do you want to eat crayfish?”

An unfathomable emotion appeared in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. After a few moments of silence, she smiled. “Because… Once, someone deshelled me a plate of crayfish… And it tasted really nice. I wanted to try it today, but the ones I deshell don’t taste as nice as before.”

Zhao Hongyan froze and smiled wryly. I was right. Only he could bring her here and deshell the crayfish for her.

“I remembered calling him a fool. I guess I was right. It’s so hard to deshell, yet he deshelled so much for me…”

“Chairman Lin, excuse me for being frank. Aren’t you a fool too?” Zhao Hongyan sighed. “I couldn’t understand it. Even if you have your reasons, shouldn’t you face it? I and the other employees treat you as our role model. You were so resolute and firm and led us to this day. But why are you running away from your private matters? You brought me here because you can’t forget about Yang Chen.”

Lin Ruoxi smiled faintly. “It’s not that simple. Life isn’t the same as doing business. If I fail in business and the company goes bankrupt, I can always start over as long as I’m alive. That’s why I’m fearless. But life is different. There are some things that I don’t dare to gamble for. Once I lose, it’ll be a destructive loss. I can’t turn back time or travel to the past. If I fail, it’s the end. That’s why I choose to be a coward.”

Silence hung in the air as if time had stopped.

Zhao Hongyan looked at her wordlessly. She once envied her and still did, for she possessed incomparable beauty, wisdom, and love.

However, all she could see was sorrow. Her beauty, wisdom, and love didn’t bring her happiness.

Sometimes, happiness may appear to be near, but in actuality, it’s much further away.

Right when they were both sitting there silently, someone walked into the restaurant and stood next to their table.

A familiar yet unbelievable voice sounded.

“Silly girl, I’ve always called you one. Why won’t dare to gamble? If we lose the game in life, it can be game over forever. But if you refuse to gamble from the very beginning, you’re basically giving your life a death sentence…”

A look of surprise appeared on Lin Ruoxi’s face. Then she raised her head and saw Yang Chen with a familiar smile on his face.

“You… why…”

Zhao Hongyan was also surprised

Yang Chen didn’t answer her. Instead, he took out a crayfish from the plate and deshelled it while saying, “I saw you when you got on the bus. I wanted to know where you’re headed, and I was right. Hehe, darling, I don’t know what you’re hiding from me, but I don’t believe that you don’t love me or miss me.”

A blush crept onto Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks. She never expected him to appear, so she didn’t know how to continue the act.

It was apparent that he heard their entire conversation before walking in.

Yang Chen’s movements were quick. Soon, he deshelled one crayfish and put the flesh near to her mouth.

“Ah, open up.”

At that moment, Lin Ruoxi realized the people around them were looking at her teasingly. Even Zhao Hongyan was giggling. 

“What are you doing! They are all watching us!” she whispered, her ears burning. 

“So what? You’re my wife, so I’m allowed to feed you. If anyone dares to make any comment, I’ll kick them out of here!” Yang Chen said nonchalantly.

“I-I’m divorcing you!” Lin Ruoxi tried to look cold but with her puffed-up cheeks, she only looked adorable.

Yang Chen chuckled. “You're acting it wrongly.”

“I-” She was on the verge of tears. What should I do? My efforts are going to waste just because I came over to have some crayfish.

Unbeknownst to her, Yang Chen was prepared to pester her until she gave in. Even if she didn’t leave Yu Lei for lunch, he would still go to her office and make a scene there.

Noticing how flustered she looked, Yang Chen smiled. That makes things easier for me.

“Just eat it! Your husband is nice to you!” a middle-aged man seated next to them commented. 

“Oh, it’s a lover’s quarrel. Come on, don’t be mad at him! You two are a couple, after all,” someone coaxed. 

Lin Ruoxi felt abashed by their teasing.

Yang Chen sighed. “All right, dear, I don’t care what reasons you have. You can keep hiding it from me, and I won’t force you to tell me. I just want to tell you that I won’t let you go again. I don’t want to pretend to be generous. I’m selfish when it comes to you? No more lying to myself or listening to your excuses. I know your feelings for me.”

Lin Ruoxi stood up abruptly. She slapped the flesh out of Yang Chen’s hand and cried, “What do you even know? I said I won’t be with you anymore! Don’t ever show up before me again!”

Though her words were harsh, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Then, she walked past Yang Chen and ran out of the restaurant.

“Hey, stop sitting there! Go after her!” Someone hollered. 

Yang Chen knew better than to let her leave. With quick strides, he hugged Lin Ruoxi from behind. 

“You, let me go!”

Lin Ruoxi resisted and even wanted to bite his hand. Unfortunately, she couldn’t reach it. Because of her struggling, her soft bust was rubbing against his arm.

Yang Chen had a right grip on her. As he took in her fragrance, he nibbled her earlobe.

“No way. I won’t ever let you go again.”

“You… Yang Chen, let me go, please… We really can’t be together…” Lin Ruoxi wailed. The warm and familiar embrace made her feel restless.

“I want to be with you! I want you to be my wife. Lin Ruoxi, nothing else in this world is more terrifying than losing you.”

Lin Ruoxi shuddered. “Aren’t you afraid you’ll die from being with me?”

Yang Chen’s hoarse chuckle sounded by her. His laugh grew louder, which earned him weird looks from passers-by who wondered if he had lost his mind.

Nonetheless, the duo could only feel each other’s breath, oblivious to their surroundings. 

Yang Chen grinned and leaned to her ear. “Lin Ruoxi, you’re belittling me. To me, death is never scary. Even if I die, at least I didn’t live in vain. What fears me the most is losing my beloved when I’m alive. Because that means that even if my body is alive, my heart is dead and has been reduced to ashes…”