“Hehehehe...it's rare to see a kid who is not afraid of death. I am afraid that you don't even have the power to resist the True Yuan suppression of an end-stage Soul Forming cultivator. Or do you have a thousand years old tortoise shell to protect you?” 

A beautiful woman with a plump and curvy body came in from the door, wearing an aquamarine chiffon skirt, with long hair, crisscrossed lips, pointed chin, and nose. Every expression of her, be it frowning or smiling exuded a mature charm.

Behind the beautiful woman were two young people, a man, and a woman. 

The woman was dressed in a fuchsia tunic Han outfit, with a high bun, and her face was very similar to that of a beautiful woman. She had a willow leaf curving eyebrows, a small melon-seeded face, and a slight arrogance in her smile.

Another handsome young man with a handsome face and fair complexion was very stylishly dressed in the modern clothes of the secular world, a tailored close-fitting casual black suit and shiny leather boots. As soon as he entered the hall, he looked at Zhao Ting who was kneeling on the ground with ambiguous eyes.

These two women and one man, two classical charms and one modern fashion, were common scenes in the illusion realm. 

Xiao Mohui raised the corner of his lips and said with a smile, "Lil sis-in-law and Manyan are back? Haha, how are things going at the in-laws' family? Is Brother Shaogong coming over?”

Yang Chen immediately knew whoever was coming in the second he heard the name.

This woman was named Xu Yanan, who was Xiao Zhiqing's nominal mother and Xiao Mozheng's actual wife. The other was Xiao Manyan, the daughter of Xiao Mozheng and Xu Yanan, and Xiao Zhiqing's half-sister.

Although Xiao Zhiqing didn't mention it specifically, Yang Chen could also feel from the words of the woman that the mother and daughter were very vicious towards Xiao Zhiqing. They didn't treat her with any kindness since she was young, and they often abused her.

That’s why Yang Chen might seem tranquil on the surface, but in his heart, he wanted to kill the two women on the spot.

“Don’t be anxious, elder brother. Didn’t your Lil sis-in-law come over as soon as I came back with the two children? Like my brother said, he will come over after he completes learning a new set of sword skills. It’ll take between half a month to a month max," Xu Yanan giggled.

"Well, Brother Shaogong deserves the title of a ‘Sword Lover’! Thanks to you, Brother Shaogong is willing to come over and enlighten our disciples. We will be able to avenge ourselves during the 'Battle of the 3 Families’!" Xiao Mohui was satisfied.

Yang Chen curiously asked Zhao Muyang and his sister, "Who is that Brother Shaogong that they are talking about? He seems to be very powerful?"

Zhao Muyang was about to explain and the handsome young man in suit and boots interrupted and sneered disdainfully.

"Where did this stupid kid come from that he hadn’t even heard of Xu Shaogong from the Xu family? How did you even survive in the illusion realm?”

Yang Chen cursed inwardly. Did I ask you? Yet, he still smiled and nodded ashamed.

"Forgive us Eldest Young Master, Brother Xiao has just entered the illusion realm so he doesn’t know about Senior Xu Shaogong," Zhao Muyang turned his head and introduced Yang Chen, "Brother Xiao, this is Xiao Qiufeng, the eldest young master of the Xiao family. Senior Xu Shaogong is a master of the Xu family because he is only obsessed with swordsmanship and has the title of ‘sword lover’. He is also a well-known swordsman genius in the illusion realm and is currently recognized as one of the top ten masters."

Yang Chen suddenly understood. It seems that the Xu family is also a vassal family of the Xiao family, but because of a genius like Xu Shaogong, the Xu family's status is superb. As Xu Shaogong's sister, Xu Yanan married into the Xiao family, and her status is also good, no wonder she is particularly arrogant.

The top ten masters of the illusion realm, although not the strongest of these ten, were also the leaders of these powerhouses who had been active in the past 100 years, and were recognized by the people in the illusion realm.

As for some elders from the great ancient clan, or some old monsters who lived in seclusion in the casual cultivation, they were not counted into the list because god knows if they were still alive or not. 

To be able to enter the top ten masters, one must at least be above the Weak Waters Stage. Some of them were even more unpredictable, because no one had defeated them, and they didn't know how far their limits were.

If it wasn’t because he had to save Xiao Zhiqing, Yang Chen wanted to fight against these big masters. Winning or losing was the second thing, he hoped to understand a higher way of heaven from the battle, this would only be possible if he faced these masters. 

“Little guy, I hear you saying that you can fight against a cultivator of the end-stage of Soul Forming? Are you sure you are not talking big?" Xu Yanan asked with interest.

Yang Chen nodded, "Second Lady if you don’t believe me, you can find a cultivator of the end-stage of Soul Forming to battle against me. Although I may not win, it’s hard for me to lose as well.”

“Well, if you fail, the Xiao family won’t want you anymore," Xiao Manyan sneered on the side.

Yang Chen smiled calmly.

Xiao Mohui thought about it, and said, "In that case, Qiufeng, you go call Lan Fei and fight against Xiao Chen."

Xiao Qiufeng obediently took his orders and flew outside to find the cultivator named Lan Fei.

“Elder Brother, you are so cruel, Lan Fei is the youngest and most talented end-stage master of Soul Forming. The kid will suffer a lot to fight him," Xu Yanan said, but her eyes were full of interest.

Xiao Mohui looked at Yang Chen playfully, "Xiao Chen, if you can take in 10 attacks from Lan Fei, I will give you 3 of the Zhao family’s mid-grade Huaiyuan Pill. If you can sustain thirty strokes undefeated, I will give a top-grade Xiaoyun Pill, do you dare to accept it?”

Xiao Mohui also had his considerations. If Yang Chen could resist Lan Fei with 30 moves undefeated, even with ten moves, it would indicate that this kid was not lying and there must be something extraordinary about him. It was worthwhile to exchange the spirit elixir for a potential young man to work for the family.

"Xiao Chen is not talented, but is willing to fight for the Zhao siblings," Yang Chen said.

Zhao Muyang and Zhao Ting on the side looked very grateful, especially Zhao Ting, with tears flashing in her eyes. After all, they didn’t actually help Yang Chen, but he was willing to challenge an end-stage Soul Forming master for them.

In the eyes of the siblings, Yang Chen was really a rare kind person. If they didn't need the spiritual elixir that much, they wouldn't let Yang Chen take a risk.

For an early-stage cultivator to face the end stage, it was more than just the density of True Yuan, you needed experience and there were many differences between. Let alone 10 strokes, taking in 1 stroke directly would also be difficult. 

Soon, Xiao Qiufeng came to the martial arts field outside the main hall with a strong, tanned young man with short hair wearing a blue jacket and white short-leg pants.

This young man named Lan Fei was indeed at the peak level of the end-stage of Soul Forming and he seemed to be able to break through and enter the Tribulation Passing Stage at any time.

"Lan Fei, except for not using magical weapons, you don't need to retain your strength. Use 100% of your True Yuan to fight against Xiao Chen, and you can use up to thirty moves," Xiao Mohui ordered.

Lan Fei looked at Yang Chen a little bit puzzled as if he didn't think it was appropriate to use 100% strength to fight an early stage cultivator. However, since he was a cultivator who was under the Xiao family, he had to use the power of the Xiao family to help him in his cultivation, and he would need to listen to the Xiao family. 

“Since the Eldest Master has given his orders, I will not be merciful. If you can't hold on, don't try to force yourself. It’s not worth it to destroy your cultivation path since you’ve just entered the Soul Forming Stage,” Lan Fei said with a blunt face. 

Yang Chen couldn't help but be amused. This sturdy guy looked cold, but he was a kind-hearted person. He nodded, "Please make a move."

Lan Fei no longer hesitated, the True Yuan surged around his entire body and he made a swift impact towards Yang Chen.

Since he was not using magic weapons, Lan Fei used his fists and kicks purely. This was not uncommon in the battle of cultivators. After all, not everyone had magic weapons, except for magic spells, fists and kicks were the only things they had. 

The only difference between this with the ancient martial arts, the cultivators used True Yuan instead of True Qi. 

Yang Chen once read a lot of ancient martial arts secrets and introductions to various genres of martial arts in the Tang Sect. He could see that Lan Fei should be a disciple of Shaolin school, and he mostly used the Shaolin Luohan practice. 

Lan Fei's fist was like a steel pendant wrapped in explosives, one hook, one point, one pressure, and the force was heavy. If it weren't for the special material of the martial arts field, the place would have been smashed and burst.

Yang Chen didn't have a systematic martial arts study. He only knew that he could use his combat instinct to fight Lan Fei. He couldn't expose his cultivation base. He was unable to resist his True Yuan and was being defeated constantly. 

After a continuous leg sweep, Lan Fei kicked Yang Chen's fists away quickly like the lightning bolt and hit directly on Yang Chen’s chest. 


Yang Chen's whole body flew upside down, the True Yuan formed a shock wave, and took in another wave of True Yuan!

“It’s just the fourth move and he’s already flying out of the field, what a wasteful idiot,” Just as Xiao Manyan finished her sentence, she let out a “huh” and looked at Yang Chen shockingly. “How is it possible…”