After Yang Chen drew a parabola in the air, before falling to the ground, he rolled in the air and landed steadily. He patted the dust on his chest, and it seemed that there was no injury caused on him.

Xiao Mohui and Xu Yanan showed a shocked expression. Not to mention Xiao Mohui's mid-stage Ming Water Period cultivation base, Xu Yanan also had a Three Yang Fire stage cultivation base, and she could still see through a lot of things. 

Is this physical quality created by the Xuan Iron?

"It seems that he does have some potential," Xiao Mohui murmured in a low voice.

At this time, Lan Fei had also noticed the strange fact, but his victorious personality made him feel as if it would be too embarrassing for him to be unable to defeat an early-stage Soul Forming cultivator. He then ignored other things and continued to attack.

Yang Chen still had no way to gain a better advantage against him. He was suppressed continuously while receiving a few more punches. The Luohan practice was strong and mighty and Yang Chen got hit heavily on his chest and abdomen. 

However, no matter how Yang Chen retreated, he just looked a little messed up. He rolled a few times at most without being beaten to vomit blood, nor broken bones and tendons.

In the end, Lan Fei had no reservations. After a long row of Luohan practice, he still didn’t manage to defeat him and he realized that he had used 23 moves, there were only 7 left. 

The clothes on Yang Chen's body were already in tatters, but he didn't even have any injuries on his body, and he still stood there with a smile, waiting to receive the move.

"Your body-building skills are really good, you have to be careful next, this time I won’t be using the brute force of the True Yuan," Lan Fei said solemnly.

That being said, a golden Buddhist rune lingered in front of Lan Fei, forming a Tianbao Magical Wheel, with Sanskrit writing flowing through it like water.

"Om! Well! Oh! Bah! Mi! Hum!!!" 

It was the Buddhist mantra, the Great Merciful Guanyin Bodhisattva curse. He wasn’t performing any ritual at this moment but was running the magic spell derived from the inner energy of Buddhism.

One by one, the gilded Buddhist charms exuded ripples of light waves. Although he was only at the end-stage of Soul Forming, it felt as if he was about to reach the Tribulation Passing Stage. 

"I didn’t expect Lan Fei to have such hidden talents, this should be a Shaolin Lion Roar Spell," Xiao Mohui said with squinting eyes.

“Probably. This spell looks very powerful, the surging True Yuan looked like ripples and endless waves. If Lan Fei can enter the Tribulation Passing Stage, it should be more powerful... It seems that Xiao Chen won’t be able to resist it anymore," Xu Yanan analyzed.

In fact, Yang Chen didn't care about the opinions of the people next to him. This was just an act. It would only take a flick of his finger for him to kill Lan Fei, but now, he just deliberately pretended that he had no resistance and could only be beaten.

Lan Fei was very serious, and after condensing the Buddhist mantra, he opened his mouth and shouted!


It really was like a lion roar shaking the sky, the Buddhist mantra was bullish, and they overlapped continuously in front of Yang Chen. The shock wave was so overwhelming that some people around needed to use their True Yuan to resist. 

Yang Chen pretended to be struggling while resisting, the True Yuan shield on his body was shattered, and his entire body was hit continuously in mid-air, making a few painful screams.

After the roar, Yang Chen fell to the ground, deliberately letting a trace of blood pour out of the corner of his mouth, stood up shaking, and wiped it off. 

This was a play to be done. If not even a bit of blood was seen while the opponent worked so hard, it would be too fake. 

Even so, the fact that Yang Chen could still stand stunned everyone, and they were once again amazed at Yang Chen's physical fitness!

"How could it be..." Lan Fei's stern face also turned puzzled. He looked somewhat solemn but more towards dejected and unwilling.

Xiao Mohui and the others were a little pleasantly surprised. As if they had met a piece of treasure, and they must train Yang Chen well. 

The Zhao siblings were also ecstatic. It seems that Yang Chen can really survive thirty moves, and we can get the Cloud Pill as we wish. 

“Eldest Master, I won't fight anymore. I have tried my best. Even if I make three more moves, I can't beat Xiao Chen."

Lan Fei turned around and bowed his hand regretfully to Xiao Mohui.

Yang Chen looked at Lan Fei a little bit more highly. This person was upright in nature and had a benevolent heart. He reminded himself to be careful before, and now he stopped here as it was not worth losing his rationality for the sake of dignity.

Xiao Mohui had known it already, and smiled, "Lan Fei, you are the first person in the young generation of our Xiao family to enter the Soul Forming Stage, you are even better than I thought. You have done a good job, and I will send someone to give you another Spiritual Pill. 

Lan Fei heard it and was very excited. It’s a mid-grade elixir! This was an extremely precious thing for those casual cultivators, and it could only be given to him by the Xiao family that was willing to help the potential cultivators. 

“Thank you, Eldest Master! Lan Fei will live up to his trust and enter the Tribulation Passing Stage as soon as possible!"

Xiao Mohui nodded in satisfaction, and said to Yang Chen, "Xiao Chen, you’ve practiced well. Our Xiao family has never treated a talented cultivator poorly. I'll ask Chamberlain Xiao to arrange for you a place to stay and cultivate. In addition, 3 Bodhi Pill will be given to you to improve your True Yuan.” 

“Thank you, Eldest Master, what about Brother Zhao..." Yang Chen asked on behalf of Zhao Muyang. 

Xiao Mohui's brows wrinkled slightly, and said, "The Cloud Pill may have to wait because the high-grade pills have always been in short supply. Refining a new furnace for Cloud Pills will take around a month or more…”

The Zhao siblings showed anxious expressions, and they felt that the matter might be suspended again after hearing this.

“Hmph, will my father lie to you?”Xiao Qiufeng said coldly and arrogantly, "Although the Cloud Pill is precious, our Xiao family is not yet treacherous for a high-grade spirit elixir."

Xiao Mohui said as he nodded to his son with satisfaction, "Yes, Qiufeng is right, I, Xiao Mohui always keep my words.” 

"Eldest Master, don’t get us wrong, we can afford to wait," Zhao Muyang immediately said reverently. 

A strange color flashed through Xiao Qiufeng's eyes, and he glanced at Zhao Ting, and said with a smile, "Let’s do it this way, Zhao Muyang, Zhao Ting, you will live in our Xiao family for the time being and you can go back with the Cloud Pill when it’s done.” 

" this...too troubling for the family?”

"Zhao Muyang, you and your sister are both using swords. It won't be long before the senior Xu Shaogong comes to our Xiao family to teach the younger generation swordsmanship. Don’t you and your sister wish to learn more?" Xiao Qiufeng asked.

Zhao Muyang and Zhao Ting brightened their eyes. If they could get a little bit of Xu Shaogong's instruction, they would be more than grateful. Judging from their identity, under normal circumstances, how could they get the opportunity to get in touch with the top ten masters?

On the contrary, Xiao Mohui, Xu Yanan, and others looked at Xiao Qiufeng a little weirdly, but they didn't stop it as this was just a trivial matter.

After everything was in order, Chamberlain Xiao Guyuan came and took Yang Chen and the Zhao siblings to find two places to practice and live respectively.

The Xiao family occupied a very large area. They found two secluded places that had simple wooden houses in there, so it was convenient to stay as well. 

Xiao Guyuan didn't forget to give Yang Chen three Bodhi Pills, but he didn't need this inferior product. The quality of this pill was far worse than what he had refined.

Thinking of what Xiao Qiufeng said, it would take about a month to refine a furnace of Cloud Pill. Yang Chen felt puzzled. He could do it in an hour or two. How could they take a month?

Thinking about it further, he realized that he could use the Samadhi True Fire but the people here used actual raw materials to light up the fire. Not to mention the quality of fire, the firepower alone was incomparable to him, and of course, the refining would be very slow.

Yang Chen gave the Samadhi Bodhi Pill to the Zhao siblings. They initially refused to accept it, but Yang Chen said that if they didn’t it would indicate that they weren't friends. In the end, they accepted them gratefully.

Zhao Ting even looked at Yang Chen's eyes and began to show a bit of admiration, which made him a little bit dumbfounded. The female cultivators in the illusion realm were too bitter and they got touched easily by giving a little bit of kindness to them. His women consumed the pills like daily meals. 

In fact, Yang Chen also needed help from the Zhao siblings. Mainly because he wanted to learn more about the things in the illusion and the situation of the hidden clan. The siblings naturally talked about everything they knew since they received so many benefits from him. 

However, Yang Chen regretted that after two days of getting along, he couldn't get any information about Xiao Zhiqing from the Zhao siblings. He just learned a lot of general knowledge in the illusion realm. 

Yang Chen thought for a while, it was time to walk around in the Xiao family, but how could he walk around without being suspected of what he was looking for.

So far, although he hadn't noticed that any super masters in the Xiao family could restrain him, but because he couldn’t notice that he started to feel suspicious. 

Just as Yang Chen was distressed about this problem, Lan Fei, the man who fought with him two days ago, suddenly came to his residence early in the morning to look for him.