Lan Fei talked to Yang Chen about the situation of the Green Emperor Pagoda as he walked.

"Brother Xiao might not know that this Xiao family is said to be the inheritance of the Green Emperor in the ancient times, so the wood attribute is the best at the practice. The 'Aoki Xuanxin Sutra' that can only be cultivated by this family is a secret that is not passed down, and it is both offensive and defensive. The Green Emperor Pagoda is to commemorate the ancient Green Emperor. The pagoda has 108 floors, and most of them are used to store practices and spells. But the top methods like the Aoki Xuanxin Sutra were passed down from generation to generation, and they are not placed here. Above the floors were the place to refine elixirs and to store raw materials. Usually, the masters that are good in refining elixirs will occupy these floors and the highest floors are used to detain prisoners.”

Yang Chen deliberately asked, “Does Brother Lan Fei know whoever is being detained in there?”

Lan Fei shook his head and said, “I’m not sure about it, and I haven’t been there either. I only know that it’s usually people who are against the Xiao family, some are traitors, and some who make mistakes. If they have a higher level of cultivation, they will usually be put to death directly, so as not to leave troubles. But some of them are not as sinful and will just be detained. It is said that not many people are being held there anymore, back then they held many cultivators in there during the battle between the 3 hidden clans. Us external cultivators can only access the levels that stored practices and spells. The upper levels are guarded by the elders of the Xiao family and only the direct family members of the Xiao family can access the place as they wish.” 

Yang Chen pondered. How should I get up there, Xiao Zhiqin might be up there, no? But above the floor of the book collection, there were elders from the Xiao family guarding it, which was really difficult.

Walking to the vertical passage with Lan Fei, Yang Chen looked up and found that each level had a golden formation blocking the place and it was shining and dazzling. 

These prohibitions would slow down the ascent of the cultivators by applying spiritual pressure, and restricted the True Yuan needed to breakthrough. 

This was also to test the level of cultivation of the cultivators who entered the tower. If a cultivator of the Soul Forming Stage wanted to rush to the highest level of the pagoda to see the most advanced practices, it was almost impossible. The top floors would require at least the cultivation base of the Ye Fire or Ming Water to enter it smoothly.

Some cultivators wanted to break through forcibly, although it was feasible, they would be rejected by the elders in the tower and obediently go to the lower levels.

This was to encourage the cultivators of the family to cultivate hard and also to prevent the cultivators from being too ambitious and disrupting their pathway. 

However, as a member of the Xiao family, juniors like Xiao Qiufeng and Xiao Manyan, although their cultivation level wasn’t enough, because they understood the methods of cracking these prohibitions, could enter and leave the top levels at will. 

When Yang Chen and Lan Fei flew up less than five floors together, they realized that it was already difficult to break through with the True Yuan of the early stage of Soul Forming.

Lan Fei was ‘considerate’ to Yang Chen, and said, "It's fine to just reach the fifth floor. I was on the third floor last time. Brother Xiao, let's take a look at the fifth floor then."

He could’ve gone a few more floors up but he chose to stay here with Yang Chen. 

Yang Chen felt a little embarrassed. Lan Fei regarded himself as a friend and didn't want to leave him alone on the fifth floor, so he stayed with him together. 

For a person who was so obsessed with cultivation, Lan Fei's decision was very precious.

Yang Chen patted the tan man on the shoulder, and said in his heart, if the situation permits in the future, I will definitely give you a bunch of useful elixirs, yet I have no choice but to conceal everything now.

The two entered the library on the fifth floor and looked around. A huge collection of books and some bamboo slips were placed on dozens of bookshelves.

The collections of the great ancient clan must be incomparable to those of the secular sects. Although it wasn’t possible to say that every one of them would be good, there were still many rare things.

Lan Fei quickly looked up a bunch of melee techniques and Buddhism practices and didn’t bother about Yang Chen.

Yang Chen wasn't interested in these exercises, so he looked at them casually. It was either too weak or too superficial. It was too far from the realm he was currently in, so it would only be useful for cultivators below the Tribulation Passing Stage. 

After seeing a very thick classic book placed in the most central position, Yang Chen became interested and walked over to take a look.

“Great Ancient Practice Codes?”

Yang Chen frowned, wondering what it was, and when he opened it, he suddenly came over, and he couldn't help but feel a little delighted.

This was actually an "encyclopedia" of cultivation!

The reason for saying this was because it recorded the specific levels of cultivation since the great ancient times, as well as the specific differences and details of each level and subsequent levels.

For example, how far were the difference between a cultivator in the Ye Fire period and one in the Kui Water period? This book used a very simple example. Using the same volume of True Yuan, a Ye Fire cultivator would be able to completely smash a thousand dragon boulders, while the Kui Water cultivator could crush two thousand.

Dragon boulders were a unique stone in the illusion realm. Its firmness was almost comparable to that of fine jadeite, but it could be seen everywhere, so it was often used to test the strength of the True Yuan.

This kind of ‘scientific measurement’ type of comparison, although not completely accurate, given the fact that the actual situation was much more complicated, but was also a relatively objective comparison.

What was more interesting to Yang Chen was that there were some things he didn't know before and hadn't noticed much. These things had never been heard from Xiao Zhiqing before, and it was impossible for a woman to talk to him in every aspect.

For example, how did the cultivators of the Three Yang True Fire Tribulation and the Six Frost Water Tribulation cultivators overcome the stages, how did the Heavenly Fire and Xuanshui examine the cultivators, and so on? 

What made Yang Chen feel magical was that one was actually able to advance in the Tribulation Passing Stage!

To put it simply, the cultivators of the Three Yang Fire Tribulation, if they could reach the peak level of the Ye Fire, and if they had a higher realm of comprehension, they could continue to enter the Ming Waters or Weak Waters stages. 

Yang Chen hadn't considered this issue before, such as how the cultivator continued to progress during the Ye Fire period, whether it was purely to continuously increase his or her True Yuan. Now that he witnessed all these, it seemed like it was more than what he thought.

In the beginning, the cultivators in the Tribulation Passing Stage that entered the Heavenly Tribulation, were determined by their aptitude, roots, and techniques, but they were not immutable. Entering the Three Yang True Fire Tribulation was not the end of the cultivation journey, it would depend on understanding and chance.

Due to the harsh conditions and things like aptitude were difficult to change, not many cultivators could progress smoothly. 

Yet, this had also sounded the alarm for Yang Chen, because those masters in the Weak Waters Period would probably be able to enter or someone that had entered the Nine Heavenly Lightning TribulationStage, but he was still unsure. 

Unknowingly, after a few hours, Yang Chen read and thought about the contents of this code with relish.

At this time, Lan Fei had already selected a body protection technique that he was extremely interested in, and memorized it firmly, which was also stimulated by Yang Chen's battle.

Seeing Yang Chen looking at the practice code there, Lan Fei couldn't help wondering.

“Brother Xiao, why have you been reading this practice code? Don’t you want to choose a practice to cultivate?”

Yang Chen smiled casually, "I didn’t know much about cultivation and I’ve learned a lot by reading this code.” 

“I see, this practice code is placed on many layers. It is a very common tool book in the fantasy world. I think you should choose the practice method first," Lan Fei suggested.

Yang Chen didn't want to waste Lan Fei’s kindness so he looked around and quickly skimmed through all the exercises on the fifth floor with his divine sense.

When his gaze fell on one corner of the bookshelf, he found that one of the exercises turned out to be just a scroll-like  animal skin, which was quite different.

Yang Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed the technique in his hand.

"Tianyuan Fragmented Scroll?" Yang Chen couldn't see the name of this technique, it seemed like an incomplete practice. 

"Brother Xiao, I saw this 'Tianyuan Fragmented Scroll' just now. It is very obscure, and it is marked by the elders of the Xiao family. So far in this practice, the cultivators who practiced this scroll could only reach the Xiantian Stage. Maybe because the last page of this scroll was missing, but anyway this was so bad that there weren't even any attack methods stated.” Lan Fei waved his hand and felt that this scroll was useless. 

Yang Chen became more interested. This scroll was passed down for a very long time. If it was an ordinary technique, why use this rare animal skin to preserve it?

Without thinking about it, Yang Chen unrolled the scroll and glanced at it simply... 

The next moment, Yang Chen was dumbfounded for an instant, and only felt a burst of thunder in his mind!

The Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture!?

Yang Chen tried to endure without shouting, but he exclaimed in his heart.