After Yang Chen and Lan Fei settled the matter, they went straight to the residence of the Zhao family's brothers and sisters.

Zhao Muyang was sitting cross-legged on the bluestone among the forests, practicing his every day, and exhaling rich spiritual energy.

Perceiving Yang Chen's arrival, Zhao Muyang opened his eyes and smiled gently, "Brother Xiao, you always come to us so often, but it is not good for your cultivation."

"What's wrong, Brother Zhao doesn't welcome me?"

Yang Chen couldn't help feeling that most of these cultivators were mostly practicing everyday. There were probably very few who could be like him that didn’t need constant practice as he could just rely on absorbing the heaven and Earth aura through breathing. 

It's a pity that these people in the illusion realm seem to be unable to understand the mystery of the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture". To put it in another way, they didn’t even have the chance to understand the essence of it while lingering between life and death like what he did. 

Maybe this was the care given by the Goddess of fate or God's compensation for his growth in the dark quagmire.

Zhao Muyang was very concerned and exhorted, "Well, Brother Xiao is the benefactor of our Zhao family and we will remember it in our hearts. However, in about a year, it will be you can enter the final stage of Soul Forming or enter the Tribulation Passing Stage. By then, you will stand out among the young cultivators of the Xiao family and get key training by the family."

"Only cultivators below fifty years old can participate in the competition? Why is this?" Yang Chen had not figured out what the situation was like. The Xiao family seemed to attach great importance to this Martial Competition, and even asked Xu Yanan to beg her brother Xu Shaogong to come and give instructions.

Zhao Muyang was taken aback, only to realize that Yang Chen didn't know it, so he briefly explained it.

The Martial Competition was an arena battle that happened every 100 years in the illusion realm. It was originally participated by all the families of the illusion realm, but now, only the three hidden clans were eligible to participate in the battle.

The reason for such an event to happen was that the ‘Eye of the Sky Demon’, a great ancient realm, would be open every 100 years. 

The Eye of the Sky Demon was located in the extreme southeast of the illusion realm. It was said to be the tomb of a powerful demon in ancient times. It was also said that it’s a special space formed after a generation of demons blew up. It was also said that it was a battlefield in ancient times, so there was no definite explanation about it. 

However, the place was filled with a large number of ferocious demons. After some cultivators died, the demonic spirit was sealed in the place and gathered the spirit energy inside to form a fierce energy body.

Some of these demonic spirits had very low wisdom and were purely cruel while others had a high level of self-consciousness because of their high level of cultivation during their lifetime.

Just imagine, for tens of thousands of years, being locked in the confinement of the world, without a physical body and consciousness was the only thing left. In the choice between dying completely and longing for resurrection, each of the demons had turned into a fanatical monster.

Since there were many magic weapons, exercises, and spiritual elixirs left by the ancients in the Eye of the Sky Demon, whenever it was opened, everyone would send someone to search for them, be it the hidden clan or Hongmeng. 

People with a low cultivation base dared not enter, because many of the demons in it have extremely powerful cultivation bases. Even if they lost their physical bodies, some individual freaks could still fight with cultivators of the Weak Waters Stage. 

Therefore, each party would need to send a master of the Weak Waters Stage to lead other masters of the Ming Water Period. 

The reason why they could not send all of the top masters was that because the opening of the Eye of the Sky Demon would absorb the oppression of the True Yuan from the cultivator, and help it close by itself.

This also meant that if all the players in the Weak Waters Stage went in, the thing would close up by itself after ten of them went in. These people would have to wait a hundred years to come out of it, provided that they survive the fights with the demonic spirits. 

The people from the Hidden clan and Hongmeng made a bloodbath for their families to be able to enter more cultivators back then. Later, everyone felt that it was wrong to go on like this, and the talents of each family had already withered, they obviously didn’t want to get vanished. 

Since then, the rules were set by everyone. Each family would send cultivators under fifty years old to compete. In the end, the families with the highest rankings could send more cultivators into the Eyes of the Sky Demon.

Sending cultivators under the age of fifty was to supervise the younger generation to cultivate, and secondly to avoid clan masters clashing with each other. If they fought until death or hurt their vitals, they might be taken advantage of by Hongmeng.

One more person was equivalent to one more opportunity to find treasures and one more assurance The result of the Martial Competition was naturally very important.

This had also become a test once every hundred years to see the cultivation status of the younger generation in various families. Many young people wanted to show their faces and would have to rely on the Martial Competition. 

As for Hongmeng, because the heavenly elders of Xuantian Island couldn't compromise who would lead or send someone to enter, and they couldn't fall out with the three major hidden families, they had no choice but to withdraw from the fight.

"It is said that the demons in the Eye of the Sky Demon think that consuming the essence and blood of living humans can restore their bodies, so once a cultivator is found, it will attack frantically, which is very dangerous. The heavenly elders in Hongmeng don't want to take risks, just in case they are one of them. If they fail to come back outside, then their descendants and disciples in Hongmeng will be suppressed and humiliated, so it is normal for them to give up," Zhao Muyang said.

Yang Chen didn't expect that there was such a magical place in the illusion realm. He had seen demonic cultivators in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. Could it be that the Eye of the Sky Demon was really the ruins left by the ancient and powerful Sky Demon?

"Then those who came out, did they bring out any powerful magical treasures?" Yang Chen asked.

Zhao Muyang’s face was full of eagerness and authenticity, “Naturally, there are some. Although not every time there will be a big harvest, after all, the Eye of the Sky Demon is only open for three days, but each family will bring out several top-grade magic weapons, and some even excellent-grade magic weapons. Not to mention about elixirs and exercise methods.”

An excellent-grade weapon could help a cultivator fight, two opponents of the same level, at the same time. It was indeed a huge temptation, especially for those masters who were already at the top.

Yang Chen secretly thought that if he could go inside and take a look maybe he could find some superb magic weapon or something, but unfortunately, the entrance of the Eye of the Demon Sky must be watched by a large number of people deployed by the three families.

Even if I get in, it will be troublesome to come out as well!

Each family could only send one Weak Waters Stage cultivator by default and other cultivators would need to depend on the ranking in the Martial Competition. Yet, no matter what, there would definitely be many masters guarding outside and they could prevent the people from Hongmeng from taking advantage. 

After chatting for a while, Zhao Muyang patted his head and asked, "By the way, what brings you here, Brother Xiao?”

Yang Chen said embarrassedly, "There is something that I need Brother Zhao’s help but I don't know if you can...

“Just say it, I see Brother Xiao as my friend plus I’ve received so much kindness from you, how can I refuse?” Zhao Muyang said casually. 

Yang Chen immediately talked about meeting Lan Fei at night and added specifically, "Lan Fei said he will return to his residence after ten o'clock to wait for Brother Zhao, so..."

"Haha, it turned out to be that. I also watched your fight with Lan Fei that day, his fists and kicks and the roar are very interesting. I also wanted to meet him soon, sure enough, I will find him after ten o'clock in the evening."

Yang Chen said with a grateful expression, "Thank you Brother Zhao for your help. I hope Brother Zhao will not take Zhao Ting with you though. Lan Fei is a Buddhist disciple and doesn't like women appearing in his residence..."

Zhao Muyang was very natural, he nodded and said, "Don't worry, my sister doesn't like to watch battles either so she won't go with me. I'm afraid she will be asleep by then."

Zhao Muyang sighed helplessly as if he was having a headache because of his sister’s lack of motivation. 

After the matter was settled, Yang Chen thanked him again and again, and returned to his residence. He didn't idle, and took the ordinary flying sword that appeared in "18 Cloud Swordsmanship".

A cultivator couldn’t have magic weapons, but there were many flying swords made of fine iron. For example, Zhao Ting used ordinary flying swords.

Where Yang Chen lived, there was a flying sword from the Xiao family. Because he couldn't take out the magic weapon from his space ring, he used ordinary envoys.

Based on Yang Chen’s cultivation, fighting experience, and talent, he quickly modified many weak links of the swordsmanship, and slowly changed it into a more prosperous middle-to-high-level swordsmanship.

If this sword technique were to be placed in the Green Emperor Pagoda again, this imperial sword technique would have to be placed at least on the twenty-odd floors, the technique used by the cultivators during the Tribulation Passing Stage.