It was already past ten at night, Yang Chen deliberately confirmed that there weren’t any cultivators with high cultivation bases so that his plan would not be interrupted.    

That being done, Yang Chen went to the Zhao siblings' residence. With the Blinding Leaf protecting himself, even cultivators of the Weak Waters Stage might not be able to sense his presence accurately, not to mention Xiao Qiufeng. 

Upon reaching the backside of the Zhao siblings’ wooden hut, Yang Chen hid behind a piece of ancient wood and dispersed his divine sense to check his surroundings. 

Xiao Qiufeng’s cultivation base was way lower than his so even if he got detected by the divine sense, he wouldn’t feel anything. 

Sure enough, there was only Zhao Ting left in the wooden hut and she was already asleep like what Zhao Muyang mentioned earlier. 

It was true that cultivators didn’t need to sleep but they were still ordinary humans back then. Young cultivators like the Zhao siblings would inevitably be unable to change their sleeping habits and they probably didn’t want to change it either. 

Around 5 minutes later, Xiao Qiufeng’s figure appeared outside of the wooden hut. He looked around suspiciously to confirm that there wasn’t anyone and gently pushed the door open. 

Yang Chen’s figure flashed like a ghost and appeared behind Xiao Qiufeng’s back in a blink of an eye!

Xiao Qiufeng was looking at Zhao Ting who was asleep with his greedy eyes. Her plump body figure and her sweet and delicate face made him drool. 

When he first saw Zhao Ting, he saw her as a sassy and wild woman and he wanted to put her in bed so he used refining the Xiaoyun Pill as an excuse to make the siblings stay. 

As for how to get his hand into this juicy woman, he already had his own plans. It’s not the first time that he used such tricks to get a female cultivator into his hands anyway. 

Most of these female cultivators that had lower cultivation than him would only choose to endure after being played by him. If he gave them some low-grade elixirs, they would even be willing to be his submission, which was why he got an even bolder,early-stage Soul Forming cultivator. Have you lost your mind?!”

Yang Chen touched his face with a bitter expression, “Right… If you are smart enough, you won’t think of such idiotic ways to play with women…”

That being said, Yang Chen revealed his actual True Yuan oppression!

Xiao Qiufeng felt a surging wave of True Yuan that was about to crush him down and he shouted in fear!

Luckily they were in a forest that was quite far from the Xiao Residence, or else it might alert some other cultivators as well. 

“You… Why are you…” Xiao Qiufeng’s face was pale and cold sweat was rolling down his body. 

Yang Chen retracted his oppression and asked with a fake smile, “Now… I shall ask and you shall answer, understand?”

Xiao Qiufeng gulped. I don’t know his actual cultivation base but he’s definitely not in the early stage of Soul Forming! Not just myself, even my father got deceived!

However, he didn’t dare to think further about who Yang Chen truly was and could only nod, hoping to stay alive!

“Good,” Yang Chen smiled kindly but he looked even creepier in the eyes of Xiao Qiufeng. 

Yang Chen stood up, took a few steps then asked, “You have a sister named Xiao Zhiqing, correct?”

“That little b*tch?” Xiao Qiufeng was stunned subconsciously. 

Yang Chen glared at him as if about to spill fire through his eyes, “F*ck*ng h*ll! Call her that once again and I will slaughter you!” 

“Uh…” Xiao Qiufeng nodded continuously and said obediently, “Yes… Yes… Zhiqing is my second uncle’s younger daughter.”

“Is she in the Xiao Residence now?” Yang Chen asked again.

Xiao Qiufeng asked in confusion, “Why are you...asking about her? Are you…”

“Cut the nonsense! Answer me!!”

Yang Chen immediately slapped Xiao Qiufeng on the face!

“Ouch!” Xiao Qiufeng cried. This slap was purely powerful but it still made him dizzy. 

“I… I don’t know where she is, but she’s definitely not in the Xiao Residence… She went out of the illusion realm for the sake of escaping from her marriage. I’ve only heard that the Luo family managed to track her down a few days ago but I am not sure if she got caught back or not… My second uncle also said that it was Xiao Zhiqing who betrayed the family and he has no intention to acknowledge her as his daughter anymore. So even if she came back, she was probably caught by the Luo family,” Xiao Qiufeng said timidly.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes and asked, “Then why are you in the Green Emperor Pagoda earlier today? Isn’t it because people are being detained in the top level of the building?”

Xiao QIufeng immediately shook his head, “Yes, but that’s not Xiao Zhiqing! Really! There are only people who go against our Xiao family and some cultivators that betrayed us!”

“Why would you visit them? Would you be happy seeing those traitors? Did you think I am stupid?” Yang Chen sneered.

Xiao Qiufeng didn’t dare to look up and stole a glance instead. Seeing Yang Chen’s face getting darker, he whispered, “It’s… It’s a nanny named Su Xin. She’s Xiao Zhiqing’s nanny who helped her escape back then and the family wanted to kill her. But… I thought that she was pitiful and I begged my grandfather to just imprison her…”

Yang Chen then remembered Xiao Zhiqing mentioning about not knowing how her nanny was, it seemed that she was being detained in the Green Emperor Pagoda huh?

Judging from Xiao Qiufeng’s character, even a fool could guess what he had done to Su Xin! I am afraid Su Xin has been used by Xiao Qiufeng as a tool for venting in the past two years.

Yang Chen was so tempted to smash this bastard’s head as soon as he thought of how Xiao Zhiqing’s nanny was being stained by him!

“Hmmph, you didn’t want to save her, you just wanted to touch her, no?”

Xiao Qiufeng spoke while trembling, “I… I saved her so I guess she should… repay me a little…”

Yang Chen resisted the urge to kill him and was determined to save Su Xin out of this place, or else he didn’t know how he should face Xiao Zhiqign in the future. 

“I know that there’s a unique method for the direct members of the Xiao family to enter the Green Emperor Pagoda, tell me!”

Xiao Qiufeng immediately knelt down and begged, “No, I really can’t! The Green Emperor Pagoda is the most important place in our family. If I tell you the method, my father and grandfather will kill me! I can give you all the elixirs or magic treasures, please let me go!”

Yang Chen's hand was directly on the forehead of this guy, and he asked in a cold voice, "Then you can choose whether to die right now, or... keep a glimmer of life?"

Xiao Qiufeng felt an awe-inspiring murderous aura permeating the surroundings, like death breathing in his ears, and the icy claws had already stretched out to him. He had never felt such a brutal and crazy killing intent in his life...