After a shudder, Xiao Qiufeng’s defense finally broke down and fell on the floor. He murmured as he panted, “I’ll say it… I’ll say it…”

Since he had given up resisting, Xiao Qiufeng didn’t reserve anything else and told Yang Chen how to break the magic formation. 

It was something like a ‘password’ method, but one needed to use the True Yuan energy to unlock it while applying a special method. 

It was easy for Yang Chen to learn and he also managed to understand the wisdom of the ancestors. There were very few people who know about magic formations nowadays and most of it was the forbidden formation and solutions that were passed down from the great ancient times. 

The ancestors of the Xiao family indeed had a very high level of experience and wisdom, sadly the current generation were all useless scumbags. 

Just like Xiao Qiufeng, he was literally nothing without the title of the eldest young master of the Xiao family!

“You, as the eldest young master of the Xiao family, are there any special steps needed before entering the Green Emperor Pagoda? For example, asking permission from your grandfather?” Yang Chen asked in detail. 

Xiao Qiufeng shook his head in despair. “No... The direct members of our family can go in anytime we want.”

“If I ask you to bring Su Xin out, can you do it?” Yang Chen deliberately asked.

Xiao Qiufeng quickly nodded when he noticed a trace of hope to stay alive, “Of course! Su Xin is all for me to handle now, meaning she’s my slave now. I can detain her and I can free her as well, the elders and guards in the pagoda won't stop me! Just let me go and I will bring Su Xin out immediately!”

Yang Chen grinned, “Take off your clothes.”


“I say, take off your shirt, pants, shoes, everything!” Yang Chen glanced at Xiao Qiufeng from top to bottom.

Xiao Qiufeng gulped and whispered, “You… Are you going to… do that to me?”

“What nonsense!” Yang Chen kicked Xiao Qiufeng hard in the chest, “You do know a lot despite staying in the illusion realm huh?! Take it off!”

Xiao Qiufeng rolled around a few times and had no choice but to take off his clothes. He then thought resentfully, I will definitely tell my grandfather to catch this evil bastard and torture him to death!

Yang Chen saw Xiao Qiufeng wearing a blue-gray ring on his finger after he removed his clothes. He immediately knew that it was a space ring and said, “Give me your ring.”

Xiao Qiufeng showed a bitter face but his life was more important so he still removed his ring for Yang Chen.

Yang Chen said satisfyingly, “Alright, I don’t need your underwear by the way.”

“Then… Can I go now?” Xiao Qiufeng asked embarrassingly. 

Yang Chen nodded, “Sure, but not to the Xiao family.”

“Then… Where should I go?” Xiao Qiufeng was puzzled.

Yang Chen pointed, “Hell…”

That being said, a faint blue flame jumped up on Yang Chen’s left hand!

Out of a sudden, the faint blue light reflected in the woods, as coquettish as the gathering of insects at midnight.

However, Xiao Qiufeng sensed a terrifying force from it and wanted to back off to escape subconsciously.

This was the azure fire that Yang Chen made using the combination of the Samadhi True Fire and Ming Water, although it was unnecessary to use it on Xiao Qiufeng.

But because he had bullied Xiao Zhiqing and tarnished Su Xin, Yang Chen hated this guy and felt that even the Chaos Cauldron would feel disgusted consuming this bastard. Not to mention the power of Chaos Cauldron was not easy to hide like himself, it wouldn’t be worth it if he got exposed by that. 

“No...I don’t want to die...I don’t want to die!”

Xiao Qiufeng finally noticed the odds and was thinking of flying away. 

However, Yang Chen’s speed was too fast and together with the force of Heaven and Earth Energy, he got pressed on the ground hard!


After falling heavily on the ground full of fallen leaves, Xiao Qiufeng saw that a blue firelight drew a graceful but deadly arc from Yang Chen's hand and fell on himself!


A heart-piercing scream cut through the woods!

Starting from his limbs, Xiao Qiufeng's body was eroded by the azure fire one after another, turning into a pool of blood, and then evaporating instantly. His True Yuan has also eroded as it was completely unable to deal with the azure fire!

The huge pain caused him to faint and wake up again. In just a few seconds, he felt as if he was suffering for centuries!

Finally, Xiao Qiufeng’s entire body turned into a cloud of mist that evaporated in the air, leaving behind some of the clothes he took off.

Yang Chen felt nothing about this guy’s death, even if he was the eldest young master of the Xiao family of the 3 Hidden clans. He was just a stepping stone for him to look for Xiao Zhiqing. 

When Xiao Qiufeng wore the clothes and shoes from Xiao Qiufeng, he immediately changed his appearance. 

The Blinding Leaf allowed him to camouflage perfectly, and as long as Yang Chen controlled his True Yuan slightly, he could change his voice to sound like Xiao Qiufeng. 

He then adjusted his cultivation base to the early stage of Li Fire; he went back to the Xiao Residence as he was satisfied with how he looked. 

As for his identity as ‘Xiao Chen’, he was just a Soul Forming cultivator; even if the Xiao family realized his disappearance, they wouldn’t mind. 

Yang Chen considered carefully and realized that it would be weird for him to go to Su Xin directly in the middle of the night. He might as well go there tomorrow morning since the real Xiao Qiufeng was already dead and no one would hurt Su Xin.

On his way back, he also looked through Xiao Qiufeng’s space ring, except for one mid-grade flying sword, there were only some clothing and elixirs. 

The elixirs were probably good stuff in the eyes of the rest, but they were just rubbish to Yang Chen as they had low quality. Why can’t he leave something nice after he dies?

When he reached the Xiao Residence, Yang Chen then realized that he didn’t know where Xiao Qiufeng was staying. He only remembered Lan Fei mentioning that the direct members of the Xiao family stayed in the same area. 

In desperation, Yang Chen could only fall to the ground, pretending to be walking between the quiet courtyards he was investigating which house was like Xiao Qiufeng's residence.

Just as we walked past an elegant and magnificent architectural style, like an ancient house in the Tang and Song dynasties, a fragrant wind flew out from the inside and immediately fell into Yang Chen's arms!

“Bad guy, why are you sneaking around since you’re here? Are you trying to tempt me?”

With a soft and fluffy voice, a peachy cheek, and a delicate face with sparkling eyes, it’s Xiao Manyan?

This "cousin" had taken away from the daytime purple-red Han outfit, but only had a translucent tulle nightdress on her. Her soft waist was tied with a white ribbon, and her slender legs were swaying. 

Xiao Manyan hooked Yang Chen’s neck and pouted her cherry lips resentfully. Seeing Yang Chen in a puzzled state, she punched him lightly on the chest.

“Why are you in a daze!? You will never be like this back then, or am I extra pretty today?” Xiao Manyan chuckled. 

Yang Chen gulped. Smelling this orchid-like musky scent into the nostrils, he glanced down a little, and he could see Xiao Manyan's open tulle nightdress neckline, a pair of jumping white rabbits were squeezing into the gully, and the two points standing up firmly. 

Even when Yang Chen was knowledgeable when it came to women, he didn’t expect Xiao Qiufeng and his cousin Xiao Manyan to have such a relationship!?

Was it that the Hidden Clan itself was messy or Xiao Qiufeng was just too weird!?

Yang Chen didn’t know how to react. How should I get out of this, but if I am playing Xiao Qiufeng, I can’t refuse her. 

All these thoughts were in the blink of an eye, and Yang Chen quickly showed a lustful expression, very much like Xiao Qiufeng himself.

He grabbed Xiao Manyan’s slender waist and pinched her flesh with one hand and her chin with another. 

“I can't help it, so I just walked around, yet you just ran out by yourself? My little beauty? "

Xiao Manyan hummed softly and said, "Good that you know... I thought you went to harm the girl of the Zhao family tonight. Guess my work is not in vain so that you can still remember your sister, me.” 

That being said, Xiao Manyan pushed in closer and kissed Yang Chen’s lips, she even pushed her lips into his mouth. 

He didn’t expect Xiao Manyan to be so direct. As soon as she came up, she just went straight to the point despite being in an open area. She probably messed around with Xiao Qiufeng a lot back then. 

Based on Yang Chen’s experience, this woman had many relationships with many other cultivators. 

Thinking about what Lan Fei mentioned about the second lady Xu Yanan, he couldn’t help thinking, like mother, like daughter.