Although she was just a piece of mess, her appearance and body shape was still very good. Compared to when Yang Chen hadn't met Lin Ruoxi before, the little girls who he played in Zhonghai's bars and nightclubs were much more upscale, so naturally, he wouldn't be more repulsive.

Moreover, Yang Chen was not a good bird in this regard. On the contrary, from childhood to adulthood, even when he had Seventeen by his side, he played with many foreign women until he lost count. 

As long as she was good-looking, the background wouldn’t matter. Otherwise, he wouldn’t ‘happily’ accept Catherine's commission and did it with the Queen of Wales. 

A woman like Xiao Manyan was not a chaste and virtuous woman. Yang Chen wouldn't feel guilty even if he did anything to her, let alone have the slightest sense of responsibility, instead of being defeated and showing off.

Since the show had to go on, then be it. If I don’t get rid of her today, I'm afraid it will arouse suspicion, Yang Chen thought.

As soon as he thought of this, Yang Chen went in rough and moved both his lips and tongue, his face squeezed Xiao Manyan's cheeks, and the kiss was exerted to the extreme until he choked this "cousin" in the dark.

Xiao Manyan didn't notice the slightest difference, because in terms of skills, Xiao Qiufeng, who always played among women, was originally a master of all.

Finally catching her breath for a second, Xiao Manyan pushed Yang Chen's chest, and said with flirtatious eyes, "Go into my room, although there is no one outside, it’s not that convenient…”

Yang Chen then carried the woman and jumped into her room. 

As soon as she entered, he pressed Xiao Manyan on her bed, pulled away from the woman's white translucent silk nightdress, and played with the pair of soft snowballs to his heart's content.

Xiao Manyan suddenly remembered something, she cried playfully and asked Yang Chen to hold on. She then stretched out a hand and waved out a trace of True Yuan, and lit an incense burner in the middle of the bedroom.

Immediately, the scent of aroma filled the air.

Yang Chen smelled the extravagant fragrance, he frowned and said, "What are you doing?"

Xiao Manyan showed a trace of apology in her eyes, and she stretched out her red tongue and licked Yang Chen's chest wetly, "Brother Qiufeng, don't be angry... I didn't say you can't do it, it’s just to serve you better... Didn’t we use this Mandala incense before? And you managed to be on me for more than 2 hours.”

Yang Chen secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out to be helping Xiao Qiufeng to be ‘stronger. 

But for me? Do I even need it? No!

However, dealing with a woman like Xiao Manyan, Yang Chen was not interested in making her more comfortable, and would not do as much foreplay as he could like what he did with his women, for example, cuddles and kisses. 

Since it’s just for venting and acting, let's get to the point as soon as possible!

With an eerie smile, Yang Chen turned Xiao Manyan's fair and tender body over, opened the thin cover on her buttocks, stretched out his hand, and slapped it hard!

“Slap! Slap! Slap!”

Accompanied by the crisp slap, many red palm prints were left on the two pieces of fair flesh, trembling, and the juice in the middle of the peaches was flowing.

When Yang Chen saw Xiao Manyan turning around, she was enjoying herself, as if she really liked being beaten by him.

"Bitch indeed..." Yang Chen smiled, took off his pants, and went straight into battle!

Before Xiao Manyan could react very much, she felt a giant suddenly piercing in. The corridor below her was already not very tight initially, but because of the sudden increase in size, it was filled with every inch of soft flesh like never before. She then let out an exclamation!

"Oh! Brother! has it grown so much!?"

Yang Chen remembered that his place was not shaped like Xiao Qiufeng, as he didn’t take it into account so much. How can I tell the size of the bottom of this guy as easily?

So, he arbitrarily slapped the buttocks of his ‘cousin sister’ and said naturally, "Stupid [email protected] Don’t you know you can change it by consuming supplements?”

"Is that… The Tianyang Tiger Pill that’s rumored to be able to help increase the size?" Xiao Manyan knew there was such a pill, and asked in surprise.

Yang Chen didn’t bother about anything else, not like it’s going to help you grow something anyways.

Regardless of anything, Yang Chen kept venting his anger. Wave after wave of fierce offensive, like a tide that would engulf Xiao Manyan!

Xiao Manyan felt as if there was a beast that didn’t know how to stop at the back. She only felt that her cousin was extremely powerful today and she thought it was the effect of the Tianyang Tiger Pill. 

In fact, with the Blinding Leaf’s help, it was impossible to tell that the current Xiao Qiufeng was fake, and Xiao Manyan was not so suspicious either. 

After an hour and a half, she gradually vented a few times, her whole body seemed to be emptied, and her eyes turned white.

Not because a cultivator in the final stage of Soul Forming couldn’t stand being played around like this, but Xiao Manyan was completely immersed in the game, and she didn’t even want to use her True Yuan to regulate her body. She just treated herself as an ordinary woman and endured everything just like that. 

In the end, Xiao Manyan was dazed, feeling that the underside of her body was empty as the big guy was drawn out. Suddenly she could feel a cool breeze filling in underneath.

Immediately afterward, Xiao Manyan was turned over, her cheek was pinched, and her mouth opened blankly...


Yang Chen stuffed his dragon horn into the woman's mouth. After moving it in and out quickly a few times, he vented out his essence. 

Back then he used to only do things with his women, and they wanted to have children, so Yang Chen was not willing to do something that might feel excessive to them, and they were all released into the women's bodies naturally.

Yet, it would be unnecessary for Xiao Manyan, he shall just let her have her supper. 

Xiao Manyan didn't seem to expect Yang Chen to do this. When she realized what was the sticky and stinky stuff in her mouth, she looked at Yang Chen in a complicated and bewildering manner.

Immediately afterward, she closed her mouth and swallowed it like this...

Licking her ruddy lips, Xiao Manyan put her arms around Yang Chen's neck, and said with a smile, "My brother is really bad, how can you think of this? Are you asking me to drain you out?”

Yang Chen squeezed her chin with two fingers, and smiled wickedly, "Do you like the rough way then?"

"I like it, I like my brother so much... "Xiao Manyan came up to kiss Yang Chen emotionally again, while still whispering, "My brother treats Manyan the best… Stay here tonight… Your sister is going to miss you since you’re going out tomorrow.”

Going out?

Cold sweat broke out on Yang Chen’s back, it turned out that Xiao Qiufeng was going out tomorrow? Fortunately, this hoove came and begged himself to do her, otherwise, he might be exposed!

 Yang Chen pretended to ask, "Why don't I just not go and stay with you this little beauty?"

Xiao Manyan rolled her eyes at him, "How can you? Uncle is taking you to visit the branches of the Xiao family so that you will have less resistance and more support when you take over the family. Brother, you only have an average talent for cultivation, if you don’t get through the relationship well, in the future, if the uncle or my dad have children again, or if your grandfather finds a member from the other branches to replace you, then it will be troublesome.”

Yang Chen secretly thought. So that’s what it is, visiting the branches of the Xiao family… I knew that there was definitely more than one branch of the Xiao family. 

Xiao Qiufeng seemed to be living under pressure, but he was not motivated. As the eldest young master of the Xiao family, his cultivation level was indeed low. It might be difficult to take over as the patriarch without relying on his connections. 

But it didn’t matter, now that he was dead, Yang Chen would have to visit those relatives instead of him.

He had no choice but to delay the plan to save Su Xin, but because the sword lover Xu Shaogong would arrive in about half a month, this trip wouldn’t take long as Xiao Mohui would need to rush back.

"What’s the big deal if I am out? You can find other men to play with, no?" Yang Chen said, getting up from the bed and starting to put on clothes and pants. He was somewhat unhappy that he needed to sleep with this woman for a night.

Xiao Manyan giggled and hooked Yang Chen's neck from behind, "Is my brother jealous now? I haven’t been playing with those men for a long time. Those cultivators are just slaves raised by our family, they are just toys for me during my pastime… You should know that your sister still likes you the most…”

Yang Chen felt chills running down his spine. These siblings were indeed of the same category, even he couldn’t stand it. 

"Brother, it's okay if you don't stay, but you have to be careful when you leave tomorrow. The Martial Competition will begin in a year. Those children from the Xiao family are all thinking of destroying you to get themselves into the list…”