Yang Chen felt that the woman was using her pair of snowballs to squeeze and rub his back, and those two bumps were extremely irritating and traversed the slightly wet marks.

However, Yang Chen was not affected by anything. He had already finished venting and this woman didn't deserve to get another round from Yang Chen. Which woman in my family is not more attractive than her?

"Take over me? Hmph, I doubt so!" Yang Chen didn't know what was going on, he just simply blabbered something in Xiao Qiufeng's arrogant tone.

Xiao Manyan didn't notice anything, and smiled and said, "Don't forget, brother, the Martial Competition is held every 100 years. The eldest sons and grandchildren of the three families are all going to battle, even the young geniuses transferred from the collateral families will be supporting. According to the situation in the past few hundred years, all the eldest sons and grandchildren of this sect have poor records, most of them will not be able to continue as the heir of the family after the competition...By then, the collateral masters may have the opportunity to enter the sect. "

“Those collateral little bastards may not be able to beat me!" Yang Chen pretended to be disdainful.

"Hey, brother, you should be more careful. Look at Luo Qianqiu, the patriarch of the Luo family. His father was from the collateral family back then. He stood out in Martial Competition and was drawn into the sect by the former patriarch of the family. Now that the family fell into the hands of Luo Qianqiu, the original descendants of the sect could only become the elder of the Luo family. Besides, Luo Qianqiu was as talented as his father so even if the elder wanted to regain the position of the head of the family, it would be difficult. I don't want to have this kind of thing in our house in the future. What should I do when the stinky men of other collateral families come to bully me?" Xiao Manyan showed a hint of resentment and a worried gesture.

Yang Chen felt sick for a moment but still tried to fake a distressed look. He turned around and squeezed Xiao Manyan's chest. "Sister, don't worry, your brother won’t be willing to send you a little fairy to someone else.” 

He then said in his heart, “If the geniuses from other families took over the sect, this little bitch will voluntarily offer herself, will she still care about her ‘cousin’?” 

After a few silly words with Xiao Manyan, Yang Chen came out from the inside and couldn't find his house, so he gave up and went straight to the quiet martial arts field.

Tomorrow was bound to start with Xiao Mohui and others, and he didn’t know how long he would need to spend with them so he could only take his steps carefully. Of course, even if he got exposed, he could just leave and change back into Xiao Chen, it just needed some extra work. 

By the next morning, Xiao Mohui and the others were ready to go. He was about to send the chamberlain Xiao Guyuan to call his son, but as soon as they left the main hall, they saw Yang Chen practicing on a giant wood next to the martial arts field.

All of a sudden, Xiao Mohui and several Xiao family elders who were passing by were a little surprised.

When did Xiao Qiufeng, a naughty kid, start practicing at night? Even Xiao Mohui, his biological father, didn't believe that his son worked so hard.

Yang Chen pretended to be slightly embarrassed. He flew down from the huge tree and said to Xiao Mohui, "Father, forgive me, I overlooked the time after I started practicing.” 

Xiao Mohui saw the embarrassment that Yang Chen showed, and thought that he acted this way after being caught by them. He then wondered, could it be that I have been wrongly blaming my son? He was actually working hard cultivating secretly?

After careful investigation, he discovered that Xiao Qiufeng had already entered the mid-stage of the Li Fire period! 

“Qiufeng, did you improve your cultivation level last night?" Xiao Mohui was somewhat surprised.

Yang Chen did deliberately raise his cultivation base to a higher level, from the early stage of Li Fire to the middle stage. Besides, this made sense as Xiao Qiufeng had already entered the Li Fire Period for quite some time. 

"Perhaps it was because of a bit of pressure, I accidentally broke through last night," Yang Chen said with shame.

Xiao Mohui laughed and patted his son's shoulder with satisfaction, "Not bad, at least you are putting in the effort. Although there is not much time left before the Martial Competition, as long as you progress fast enough, your grandfather can still assure you to be the heir of the Xiao family. It's fine to be temporarily worse than some of the collateral children, that is nothing to be ashamed of. As the so-called late bloomers, you are still very young!"

"Thank you father and grandfather for your trust, Qiufeng will be more diligent in the future!" Yang Chen immediately showed a look of relief, as if he had received some great trust and encouragement.

This series of expressions were purposeful, and they were also the result of Yang Chen's careful consideration.

Seeing his son’s joy of being recognized at the moment, Xiao Mohui began to wonder if he was too harsh on his son before, and this kid didn’t make much progress with his efforts, so he pretended not to work hard and didn’t want to disappoint himself... 

Now that he was discovered and only after being recognized did he look so moved.

Like what they say, parents would usually care for their children, Xiao Mohui always thought of his children for the good, which was what Yang Chen needed as well. 

For a while, Xiao Mohui felt that his son was good no matter how he looked at it, he didn't have any extra thoughts at all, and he was in a particularly comfortable mood.

"Okay, everyone has arrived, so let's set off. We must be back within half a month so as not to delay welcoming of the Xu family," Xiao Mohui ordered.

The elders behind and the Xiao family cultivators promised loudly, and under the leadership of Xiao Mohui, the group quickly left the Xiao Residence.

Yang Chen silently followed these people and listened to the conversations of these elders, and he also became clearer about the relationship network of the Hidden clan.

Starting from the main family, there were many collateral families with the same surname. These collateral families of the same root were the first to replace the family in case of a disaster or lack of outstanding talents and they would come up to preside over the overall situation.

Therefore, the family must first control and supervise these collateral families, and secondly try to establish a relationship as much as possible, so as not to fight against each other over and over, and never wait for the other two big families to infringe.

To reconcile the main and collateral families of the Hidden Clan, all family elders of the same surname will become an elder of the Xiao family, given that their cultivation base had reached the Tribulation Passing Stage. 

The Luo family and the Ning family also had the establishment of the Elder Association The power of the association was lower than that of the patriarch, but it also had the power to interfere with some important decisions of the family and was eligible to elect to succeed the collateral family of the family when the family was unsustainable...

Further down were those that first became vassal families and had strong masters, such as the Xu family. After Xu Shaogong, who was in the mid-stage of the Weak Waters Period came out, their status immediately rose, and they became more important than the other sideline families. 

Although there were many hidden Weak Water Stage masters in the illusion realm, but the numbers were not that high either. 

After all, the three major families were ultimately fighting for masters in the Weak Waters Period. The reason why the Luo family was the strongest was that they had the highest number of masters but the specific number was probably known by the core figures of each family.

The lifespan of the cultivators in the Weak Waters Stage could reach thousands of years, and even longer with the deepening of the cultivation. Some masters probably had not come out of the realm for hundreds of years, even the patriarch did not know if they were still alive or not. 

Those figures who stood at the top of the three major families were called the "great elders."

Yang Chen's heart was a bit heavy. At that moment, he saw Xiao Tingxu, a grandma guarding the Green Emperor Pagoda in the Xiao family, this indicated that she was probably one of the great elders as well.

So where will the other great elders be? He might be able to rely on the deterrence of the Chaos Cauldron to be undefeated in front of hundreds of masters of the Ming Water Period, but if he met even just a few Weak Waters Stage masters, he won’t be able to get through it easily. 

However, these older generations of weak waters Stage masters probably won’t come out at will. They must pay more attention to how to extend their life, seek a higher way of heaven, or advance to the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Passing Stage. 

Why should they care about families or clans if they couldn’t survive long after entering the Weak Waters Stage or even the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Passing Stage?

In the past, Yang Chen might not believe that there were so many masters in the world, but the experience in Chief No.1’s office made him have to admit that he was too arrogant.

Regardless of the major families and Hongmeng, they’re the same. The great elders didn’t want to go to war with each other, because they weren’t sure whoever would die. It’s not easy for everyone to get to this point, why bother to die for a group of juniors in the family?

Unless the family had reached the critical point of life and death, this group of people probably wouldn’t have a reaction, and the power struggle has long been seen, so let the juniors play.

Otherwise, Xiao Mohui would not specifically go to Xu's residence and ask Xu Shaogong to come and advise the cultivators in the family. He could simply call one or two great elders from the clan and none of them would be inferior to Xu Shaogong. 

It was estimated that even the head of the family, Xiao Mengyu, could not ask the elders to come out of their seclusion, and only then made the best move and asked Xu Yanan to go to her family to ask her brother for help.