The group was not flying at a high speed and Yang Chen would somehow lead the elders to mention things in the Illusion Realm and the clan occasionally without being suspected. 

Xiao Qiufeng used to be lazy and carefree back then so he would not ask too much about the history of their clan and the Illusion Realm. Now that he suddenly got so interested and was asking so much, definitely the elders were willing to share.  

The more Yang Chen listened, the more dangerous he felt it was to stay in the Illusion Realm and therefore he must be more cautious.

There were many things that Xiao Zhiqing had never mentioned before, in fact, the woman was not fully aware about whoever the masters were in the family. 

Xiao Zhiqing had been detained in the family for her entire time there as she was being used to test out the elixirs. Most of the information she got was through reading books so it stood to the reason that the things she knew were limited. 

Yang Chen didn’t dare to be relaxed at all as he still needed to save Su Xin before going to the Luo family to save Xiao Zhiqing. 

If he angers some of the old veterans, let alone the women, he might not be able to save himself as well. 

They then reached the first collateral family that they needed to visit after some time. 

According to seniority, the first to arrive was the youngest fourteenth, that was, the fourteenth descendant of patriarch Xiao Mengyu’s generation. 

Although they were all collateral families of the Xiao family, they were quite similar to the main family. The only difference was just that they occupied a slightly smaller area. After all, they only had like a hundred members. 

After they landed, the family had already been waiting for them. The chief was the cousin of Xiao Mohui and he welcomed the group in a warm manner, be it sincere or not, they spoke in a very friendly way. 

Xiao Mohui did not show any trace of arrogance and looked very kind, he even told the elder behind him a few boxes of mid-grade and low-grade elixirs. 

The resources that the collateral families had was obviously incomparable with the main family. Seeing the elixirs, the juniors of the family were so tempted to come up and snatch them away. 

Yang Chen was listening to Xiao Mohui and fourteenth’s conversation. They were mostly talking about the cultivation progress of the other members and also the conditions of the older generation. 

In the afternoon, the group then went to the martial arts field and looked at the battle between some of the Xiao family disciples. 

Although there were only a hundred members in the family and only thirty over Xiao family disciples, there were already a few of them that were in the Li Fire stage, one of them had even reached the Samadhi True Fire stage. 

On the platform, they were watching a mid-stage man fighting with an end-stage woman. Their sword skills were so amazing that it dazzled the eyes of the audiences and many of the elders in the sect also complimented their skills. 

Yet, Yang Chen felt extremely bored. These people were either boasting or degrading themselves. These so-called sword skills could only fool people for a while and weren't even technical, how could they defeat enemies with these?

Then again, the people in the Illusion Realm had never gone through major wars and they weren’t like their ancestors who fought with the gods back then. Let alone the great ancient immortals that fought with the chaotic beast. 

These cultivators were mostly respected and superior. The only reason they cultivated was for longevity and to obtain authority. It stood to reason why they did not have high damage abilities. 

"Uncle, the juniors are amazing, it seems that there is nothing to worry about in your inheritance." Xiao Mohui flatly flattered the Old Fourteen on the side. He stroked his goatee, and said humbly, "There is still a big gap between the geniuses of some other big brothers. My children and grandchildren can only guard one acre of land."

“Sigh… Although our Xiao family has the most supply for elixirs, we have not had any geniuses for almost a hundred years. That’s why the Luo family and Ning family override us. Father is indeed worried about the Martial Competition next year.” Xiao Mohui’s words were indeed true. 

Old Fourteen chuckled, “Elder brother, you’re overthinking. No matter how bad my kids are, the descendants of my other brothers are quite impressive and have good cultivation. When they gather together by that time, we can still fight the youngsters of the Luo family and Ning family. Of course, I am not saying that Qiufeng is not good, he’s already in the mid-stage of the Li Fire period, he can probably enter the end stage by next year. Qiufeng would probably not let my elder brother down.” 

Yang Chen heard himself being mentioned and pretended to be humble, “Thank you for your compliments, grandfather fourteenth.” 

There was excitement in Xiao Mohui’s eyes. Somehow my son looks more pleasing to the eye than before. Did he really get more ‘sensible’?

As they needed to visit more than ten collateral families, they could not stay in one family for long and they quickly continued their journey in the evening. 

Yang Chen sighed emotionally. This family that had been passed down for more than ten thousand years was indeed luxuriant, let alone the other branches of the family that were too distant; they still had more than ten collateral families. 

Besides, he couldn’t leave halfway and could only endure it. Then again, he still got quite a lot of information about the Illusion Realm throughout their journey. 

Time passed extremely fast for cultivators. 

After more than a dozen days, Yang Chen had already visited all of the families along with Xiao Mohui and the rest. 

For the sake of getting support for his son, Xiao Mohui kept on sending out elixirs to the families, but of course, these were all agreed by Xiao Mengyu. 

The further the family patrols, the more masters there are, and there are even two family owners. Old people of the same generation as Xiao Mengyu were already at the early stage of the Weak Waters Period. These old people were highly respected and would be the pillars of the Elder Association in the future and they would then become the great elders of the family. 

What Yang Chen felt fortunate was that the youngsters in these families didn’t ask him to battle and the danger that Xiao Manyan Mentioned before had not happened either. It was probably because of the elixirs. 

The last collateral family was also the family of the second uncle of the Xiao family.

Xiao Mengyue himself was already a master of the early stage of Weak Waters and he had more than a thousand disciples under him. His family was the strongest among the other collateral families and he was also the most authorized person in the family after Xiao Mengyu.

Xiao Mohui deliberately put one more top-grade elixir in the box to represent their importance. 

Just as they reached the main hall, they noticed Xiao Mengyue talking to another group of guests. 

The leading person was a handsome middle-aged man with black hair, and a mustache, wearing a blue brocade gown, talking and laughing with Xiao Mengyue.

Yang Chen thought that the man in blue looked familiar. After thinking about it carefully, he realized who he was. Dang! Isn’t this Mozheng from the picture Wang Ma showed me!? Xiao Mozheng!?

Sure enough, Xiao Mohui showed a trace of dissatisfaction but it faded right away. He then walked forward with a grin, “Haha! Second brother, how are you here? Are you here to join the fun because you know that your elder is here to pay them a visit?”

Xiao Mozheng had a bookish expression on his face and spoke elegantly, "Big brother, you’re joking. I didn't know that you were bringing people here today, but I just happened to take people to inspect the source of spiritual materials. I passed by here and remembered that I hadn't been talking with my second uncle for some time, so here I am.”

That being said, Yang Chen greeted the people around casually. 

The subordinates behind Xiao Mozheng all had the Tribulation Passing Stage cultivation base and he himself was in the early stage of Ming Water. Although he was not as good as Xiao Mohui, the difference between them wasn't that big either. 

Yang Chen calculated the timeline once again. It had only been 20 years when he and Wang Ma gave birth to Xiao Zhiqing. For him to be able to reach the early stage of Ming Water indicated that he was quite talented. 

With a simple first impression, Xiao Mozheng was much better than Xiao Mohui’s insidious and arrogant feeling. It’s no wonder that Wang Ma was so easily trapped in the first place, but Yang Chen knew how he was as a father, so he only had hatred towards his father-in-law. 

“Hmph, my second brother really knows how to take your own sweet time huh?” Xiao Mohui smiled coldly. He then turned to his second uncle and said flatly, "Mohui has brought some people to meet my second uncle, also, here are some elixirs from me and my father.” 

Xiao Mengyue looked like he was in his fifties and he faked a smile while taking over the box, “Thank you Mohui, how is my elder brother?” 

“Father has been retreating quite frequently these days to prepare for next year’s Martial Competition, or else he would’ve come to meet my second uncle,” Xiao Mohui said. 

Xiao Mengyue nodded, and suddenly he glanced at Yang Chen, "You also mentioned that next year will be the most important Martial Competition. This is related to the reputation of my Xiao family and also to the Eye of the Sky Demon. But, how is your son still in the mid-stage of the Li Fire period? Shouldn’t he be cultivating at home instead of going everywhere visiting us? Are you that eager for us to propose a change in heir to my elder brother?”