Xiao Mohui’s face turned pale and he was stunned.

I’ve brought the group of elders with me and Xiao Mengyue has already started to mock Xiao Qiufeng before he served us tea?

Logically speaking, even if Xiao Mengyue thought in such a way, he should still hold back a little. After all, Xiao Qiufeng was still young, unless he couldn’t improve much when he reached his fifties, only then they could start looking for someone else in the clan to replace him. 

Xiao Mohui’s face was flushed and the corners of his lips were trembling slightly out of a sudden. He had no idea what to say at that moment.

Xiao Mozheng on the side explained, “Second Uncle, Qiufeng is still young and his progress is a little slow, but cultivation doesn’t represent everything about him as a person.”

Xiao Mohui looked at his younger brother in surprise as he didn’t expect him to help out. He then continued the topic, “Indeed, second uncle, please be patient. I will definitely let Qiufeng practice hard after we return.” 

Xiao Mengyue snorted lightly and pointed at the young disciples behind him, “Look at my descendants, there are 5 in the Samadhi True Fire Stage, 1 in the Ye Fire Stage and 2 in the Kui Water Stage and all of them haven’t even reached their fifties. Your son has way more resources than my descendants but look at where he is now? Don’t you feel embarrassed?” 

“Second Uncle, I know that you are highly respected in the family. My son might not be talented enough but please give him some more time. I believe he will not let you down when the time comes,” Xiao Mohui could only try his best to stand on his ground. 

Xiao Mengyue disdainfully said, "This kid has been given at least 30 years. Even if his cultivation level is not good, he must have something brilliant, so that old guys like us can be rest assured. Can you just talk about it and change the current situation of the Xiao family? Since you’re here today and I see how this kid has never improved, for the sake of the overall situation of the Xiao family, it seems that I have to go with a few other brothers to talk about whether he should be replaced by a collateral child."

Xiao Mohui’s face went stale but he couldn’t revoke back. 

In fact, if Xiao Qiufeng was more sensible, he wouldn’t even need to put away his dignity as the eldest master of the family and visit every single collateral family and send them elixirs. 

He didn’t expect to be unable to stop the collateral families from interfering in these matters, given that he was already putting in so much effort to maintain their relationships. 

Yang Chen then felt distressed. What kind of mess did this Xiao Qiufeng leave for him? How lucky am I to be meeting some members of the Xiao family that wanted to look for trouble when I disguised myself as him. For God’s sake, please don’t affect my plan in saving Su Xin. 

At this time, Xiao Mozheng suddenly interjected, "Second Uncle, although Qiufeng has a low cultivation base, his aptitude is definitely not bad, it is only possible that he has been playing harder in the past. Qiufeng has used swords since he was a child. Why don’t you send a young kid to compete with Qiufeng? If Qiufeng can win purely with swordsmanship, why don’t we give him another chance?” 

“Second brother, you…” Xiao Mohui was anxious. Sword battle? Although Xiao Qiufeng is a swordsman, he’s so lazy to cultivate, how good can he be in his sword skills?

Xiao Mozheng comforted helplessly, “Elder brother, this can’t be helped either. Our second uncle is unwilling to believe Qiufeng’s potential so we have no choice but to prove it to him, no? Qiufeng’s cultivation is not as good as anyone here, except for sword skills, there’s nothing else that is comparable.” 

Xiao Mohui’s face was flushed and he choked on his words. 

Yang Chen then thought to himself. What is this Xiao Mozheng thinking about? If I am really Xiao Qiufeng, I will lose to anyone here. What kind of potential does he have?

Logically speaking, Xiao Mozheng is Xiao Mohui’s younger brother. If Xiao Qiufeng lost the battle, Xiao Mohui will definitely be embarrassed and Xiao Mengyue will be pressured even more. How will it benefit Xiao Mozheng then?

Yang Chen threw his thoughts away temporarily since he couldn’t think it through.

Xiao Mengyue's slightly wrinkled face showed a look of impatience, "Well, since Mozheng is protecting your nephew in such a way, I will see how this kid's swordsmanship is. Swordsman, one of the best ancestors. Among the immortals of ancient times, only the sword immortal dominates. A cultivator who can make good swordsmanship will certainly not be badly qualified.”

That being said, Xiao Mengyue reached out his hand and pointed to one of the Xiao family disciples that was standing nearest to him. 

The man looked pretty young. He had a fair complexion, thin lips and eyebrows with short hair. He looked sharp and handsome and was carrying a flying sword on his back. 

“This is the son of my third son, Xiao Yangxu. He’s younger than Qiufeng by 5 years but is already in the early stage of Kui Water period. He is one of the most diligent descendants in my family and is majoring in swordsmanship, let him battle with Qiufeng then.” Xiao Mengyue said. 

“Second uncle, Yangxu is in the early stage of the Kui Water period and Qiufeng is just in the mid stage of the Li Fire period, is it not too suitable for them to battle?” Xiao Mozheng said. 

“No worries, I will control my True Yuan to be at the mid stage of the Li Fire period, it won’t hurt Brother Qiufeng at all.” A cold smile appeared on the corners of the lips of Xiao Yangxu. 

Xiao Mohui frowned tightly. This young man was like a sharp arrow that hadn't been sheathed. He was obviously a genius in swordsmanship and my son was literally like a pile of dog shit in comparison! 

But, I only have him as my one and only son, if he loses the battle, my inheritance will have a big problem!

What should I do now?!

“Elder brother, this is something Qiufeng must face sooner or later, just let him try it.” Xiao Mozheng patted his brother’s shoulder. 

In Yang Chen's eyes, Xiao Mozheng was undoubtedly acting like a hypocrite. At this point, wasn’t he the one who pushed things into this?

Yang Chen would never believe that Xiao Mozheng was only here to pay a visit to his relatives. 

“Since Qiufeng will be taking over the position as a patriarch in future, he must have some skills that can convince everyone else. Just like my elder brother, he’s always one level above us which is why we all regarded him as our leader and we respected him. I don’t expect Qiufeng to be able to overpower my descendants but if he can at least get through ten moves from Yangxu, I shall never ask about the replacement of the heir anymore.” Xiao Mengyue said arrogantly. 

Xiao Mohui felt extremely helpless. If we back out now, Xiao Qiufeng will never be qualified to take over as the patriarch in future. 

Ten moves… Hopefully he is in luck today and is able to get through it. 

Xiao Mohui patted Yang Chen’s shoulder and said, “Qiufeng, just focus and don’t be nervous. You will definitely learn something from Yangxu.” 

Yang Chen then imitated Xiao Qiufeng’s timid character and said with a bitter face, “Father… This… Yang Xu is a Kui Water cultivator…” 

“You fool! So why don’t you practice harder when you know they are better than you? He already said that he will reserve his True Yuan until the mid stage of the Li Fire period, what are you afraid of? Just use your sword skills to fight him!” Xiao Mohui was raging and was about to slap his son.

The Xiao family disciples were all looking at him with contempt. 

Xiao Mozheng and Xiao Mengyue looked into each other with a barely noticeable grin. 

“Many elders of the family are also here today. Yangxu, you don’t have to be conservative and just do your best. I believe the elders treat this fair and square.” Xiao Mengyue said loudly. 

The elders that came along with Xiao Mohui naturally agreed to whatever was mentioned. In fact, they already knew that Xiao Qiufeng wouldn’t have much of a chance to take over as the patriarch of the family, but they didn’t expect these people to be so impatient. 

“Brother Qiufeng, please.” Xiao Yangxu looked at him with a contemptuous look but still greeted him with respect. 

Yang Chen pretended to be very afraid, which was exactly like how Xiao Qiufeng should be, but he was enjoying it in his heart. Acting is indeed a work of art.

Everyone present shook their heads when they saw ‘Xiao Qiufeng’ walking up to the martial arts field timidly. 

Xiao Yangxu held his head high, and the Qiuhong long sword behind his back flew out. The sword was shining in mid-air, and the sword energy surged, sharp and dazzling.

"Brother Qiufeng, my Feiyuan sword is only a middle-grade flying sword, it’s only fast and sharp. I heard that my elder brother has a middle-grade flying sword, Wood Spirit, which can gather the spiritual energy of wood and have both offense and defense abilities. Do show it to me," Xiao Yangxu shouted these words, which was tantamount to telling everyone that not only did he lower his cultivation base, but his flying sword was not as good as Yang Chen's either. 

Yang Chen then only knew ‘Wood Spirit’ was the name of the sword. Anyways, it doesn’t matter since I’ve never used it before. He then took it out from the space ring and pretended to wield it a few times. Obviously, he just did it to confuse the others, it was just some weird moves. 

“What kind of technique is this? Is he just trying to use the flying sword to fight against Yangxu’s imperial sword technique?” 

Some of them started murmuring and some were trying hard to not chuckle but were ready to see how this eldest young master would embarrass himself.