Xiao Mohui observed the people around him were all waiting for a good show. He frowned as his expression started to darken and he watched the battle anxiously. 

“Brother Qiufeng, please.” 

Xiao Yangxu adjusted his cultivation to the mid stage of the Li Fire period and poured his True Yuan onto the Feiyuan Sword which exuded a faint green light. 

The flying sword left his grip, a spiral ripple with bursts of sword light and green shadows went straight towards Yang Chen, forming a horizontal tornado, as if it was aiming to smash him in an instant.

Yang Chen immediately backed off and tried to dodge it by flying into the air. 

“This is… The Thousand Snow Sword Technique I suppose, what a good strike. I didn’t expect Yangxu to be able to manage this technique in such a mature way!” One of the elders who knew swordsman techniques immediately complemented. 

The swordsmanship of the cultivation realm would often transform into the imperial swordsmanship, exerting stronger power.

Many swordsmanships were powerful and superior, but due to the complexity of the moves and the chaotic movement of True Yuan, it was difficult to be mastered. 

Which was why ordinary cultivators that used swords would choose the most suitable practice for themselves to master instead of pursuing the imperial sword techniques continuously. 

Of course, Xiao Yangxu was undoubtedly a genius in using swords as he was able to manage the Thousand Snow Sword Technique that had been passed down for generations in the family in such a smooth way. 

His ‘Cloud Breaking Technique’ was dodged by Yang Chen, yet Xiao Yangxu smiled in disdain as he already had a plan. 

Soaring into the air, the Feiyuan sword sprang up from the bottom to the top like thunder!

“The rolling snow!” Xiao Yangxu yelled.

The flying sword condensed bursts of sword aura like snowflakes, lingering around, as if a snowstorm was gushing in. It was much faster than Yang Chen's movement, and it could engulf him in an instant!

Yang Chen obviously couldn’t dodge this with his current cultivation base level. He then stood upside down and used the Wood Spirit to gather the wood element spiritual aura and weaved them into a net to block off the attack. 

In the continuous bursting sounds, although Yang Chen looked a little embarrassed, he could not afford to retreat, but he was not defeated as well. 

“Damn, if Yangxu didn’t control his cultivation at the mid stage of Li Fire, this skill could be enhanced by more than 2 times and Qiufeng will definitely be unable to stop it. Yangxu is indeed amazing!” Another elder started to discuss. 

Hearing whatever they said, Xiao Mohui snorted coldly and his palms were sweating. Qiufeng better survive this.

But, he’s already in this state at the second move, can he sustain the remaining eight?

Xiao Yangxu seemed to be dissatisfied that he couldn’t finish Yang Chen within two moves and he looked more serious. The Feiyuan sword pierced towards him from all directions without giving him a chance to breathe. 

The continuous attacks turned into a condensed sword net, as if a hundred swordsmen were attacking Yang Chen at the same time!

Yang Chen shouted here and there and pretended to be panicking as he defended with the Wood Spirit Sword. However, he managed to block every single offense. 

What a joke, Yang Chen didn’t know any sword techniques but his combat awareness was obviously something these people in the Illusion Realm couldn’t compare.

Although the swords were fast, they couldn’t escape Yang Chen’s senses. He was literally only icing his combat awareness to block the offenses. 

Xiao Yangxu finally noticed that something was not right when he finished his fifth move.

Although he had been suppressing his opponent, he didn’t get much advantage as well. The skills of his opponent were not consistent but he always managed to cut down his attacks at the last moment. 

Under the same level of cultivation base, it was difficult to use the sword aura and True Yuan to suppress the opponent. He could only use his sword techniques to defeat him, yet it wasn’t as easy as he thought.

Most of the elders down below also felt strange. Xiao Moyue and Xiao Mozheng also didn’t understand what was happening. They looked into each other and seemed to be surprised. 

Xiao Mohui was anxious but at the same time excited as he found hope. He tried to suppress the excitement on his face and anticipated his son to be able to sustain until all 10 moves were finished! 

“Brother Qiufeng is quite agile it seems, let’s see if you can handle the upcoming ‘Snowy Cloud Storm’!” 

Xiao Yangxu had already used seven moves and only had three left, he then used one of the few strongest moves within the Thousand Snow Sword Technique. 

“Snowy Cloud Storm! Watch this!”

A trace of sharpness flashed through his eyes as Xiao Yangxu was giving everything he could. The Feiyuan sword cut a ripple of sword waves in front of him and the sword aura was like countless cloud waves rolling out. The layers surged but they were all condensed by the sword aura. 

As if a huge cloud of light green shrouding towards Yang Chen, it was an inevitable large-scale killer move.

When everyone below saw this, they were all a little surprised. None of them expected Xiao Yangxu to be forced to use such a big move.

Xiao Mohui was as anxious as the ants on a hotpot. How can my son take this? He then wanted to rush up to save Yang Chen.

Xiao Mengyue on the side then stopped him and said solemnly, “It’s yet to be 10 moves!” 

Xiao Mohui was raging in his heart, this old man wanted his son to die by ‘accident’, how disgusting!

But he wasn’t a compatible opponent to Xiao Mengyue, an early stage Weak Waters period cultivator, so he could only suppress his anger and look at the battle in the sky. 

All of this happened within a flash. Yang Chen saw a sea of ​​clouds formed by the sword's energy swallowing him, and he sighed in his heart, so he had to show a small trick. In fact, he originally planned to pretend to be foolish and hide it.

The wooden spirit sword in his hand was released for the first time, and in front of him, a circle of sword shadows formed. These sword shadows condensed into sword energy, one after another, continuously.

When these series of sword shadows surrounded Yang Chen like a steel ring, it happened that the sword gas cloud gushed down!


With a violent tremor, the clouds and mist were magically rotated and wiped away, and the pieces were scattered, like a goddess scattered flowers, dazzling.

“This… Is this…” Everyone below exclaimed. 

“Did I see it wrongly, it was the Eighteenth Clouds Sword Technique right?” 

“No… I think so, but I don’t at the same time…” 

“The Eighteenth Clouds Sword Technique is just a low-grade Imperial Sword Technique, but there isn’t something like this in it right?”

Xiao Mengyue said in a solemn manner, “This is thirteenth move in the Eighteenth Clouds Sword Practice, but it seems to have been modified…” 

“Not bad, Qiufeng used it in a more clean manner, how technical,” Xiao Mozheng forced a smile. 

Xiao Mohui laughed loudly and felt triumphant. Although he didn’t know when his son started practicing this technique, he didn’t suspect anything. 

In mid-air, when Xiao Yangxu saw the trickthat he thought was a killer was being cracked, he was furious. Only the last two tricks were left. With his anger, he continued to attack Yang Chen fiercely!

Yang Chen wielded the Wood Spirit Sword and targeted at Xiao Yangxu’s flaw. He then broke his attacks without leaving any trace behind .

After all, Xiao Yangxu lacked battle experiences. Although he was good in his sword skills, all he had was theories and principles. 

Swordsmanship had the same principle as martial arts, as long as you found the way to combine your soul and the weapon into one, you would be invincible. 

By the end of the day, if you could still distinguish yourself with the weapon and reach the level where you could easily let go of everything and go with the flow, that would be the ultimate ‘Dao’ that every cultivator would dream for.  

Yang Chen had countless insights into the battle on the death line. He had already taken off his shackles and comprehended his own unique fighting concept. He had his own opinions on whether to use martial arts or swordsmanship.

Which was why Yang Chen could write practices for his women and easily modify the sword practices and upgrade them to another level for his own usage. 

If the cultivation level was equal, Yang Chen didn’t think he would be afraid of any opponent. Even if he couldn’t win, he would still not lose, unless the opponent had a stronger magic weapon and other means. 

Ten moves had passed unknowingly.

When Xiao Yangxu wanted to make another move like a madman, Xiao Mengyue on the ground took the lead, and a majestic Qingmu True Yuan rose from the ground, cutting off the connection between the Feiyuan sword and Xiao Yangxu!

“Yangxu! Why are you still making another move!?” Xiao Mengyue yelled angrily and was dissatisfied towards his grandson. 

There wasn’t a better alternative anyways, they couldn’t take back their words as many people were having their eyes on them. ‘Xiao Qiufeng’ was indeed weird!

No one could see how brilliant his swordsmanship was, the only thing he could think was that maybe some of the potential had erupted during the crisis. 

Traces of resentment were dazzling in Xiao Yangxu’s eyes but he tried his best to hide it and showed hands to Yang Chen, “Good battle, Brother Qiufeng has good sword skills and I am amazed!”