Yang Chen pretended to be triumphant as if it was not a big deal, which was in line with Xiao Qiufeng's compelling energy. He ​​chuckled and patted Xiao Yangxu on the shoulder, "Why will I blame you, Brother Yangxu?” 

Chills ran through everyone on the ground. They did not think that "Xiao Qiufeng" could really defeat Xiao Yangxu, not to mention that Xiao Yangxu had lowered his cultivation base, and had been suppressing him all the way. It was just that ten moves were too few and Xiao Yangxu underestimated the enemy.

"Second Uncle, how was it? Did our Qiufeng let you down?" Xiao Mohui felt confident now and asked loudly.

Xiao Mengyue said solemnly, "He is smart in some ways, but his cultivation is still too low. If he doesn’t grow further, I will still propose whatever I mentioned earlier.” 

“Of course, I will definitely guide him to practice harder when we return!” Xiao Mohui said. 

The matter of dismissing the succession of the eldest grandson of the sect seemed to be temporarily suppressed. Although the undercurrent was turbulent, Xiao Mengyue would not say much in a short time on the bright side.

After all, on the surface, it was still necessary to maintain the stability and harmony of the family. Xiao Mengyue then invited Xiao Mohui and his party into the inner hall to entertain them at a banquet.

Xiao Mozheng and the others also entered the hall with them. The scene of a toasting and drinking completely wiped off the previous depressed atmosphere. 

In the middle of the event, they started talking even more. 

Yang Chen did not even think of interjecting. He might accidentally expose himself if he talked too much. Drinking wine by myself was really boring and the wine here seemed to be brewed with some spirit fruit from the Illusion Realm. Although it had the effect of replenishing Qi, Yang Chen felt that the spiritual concentration of the Illusion Realm was meaningless at all.

Suddenly, Xiao Mengyue's words tightened Yang Chen's nerves.

“Mohui… I heard that the Luo family has captured Xiao Zhiqing back, was it true?"

Yang Chen immediately paid attention to their conversation, as he didn't expect to hear about Xiao Zhiqing.

Xiao Mohui raised half of the wine glass for a meal, and glanced playfully at Xiao Mozheng, who was on the opposite side, and said, "That’s the news we got. I don't know how they learned about that cheap woman and Luo Qianqiu asked Luo Hang to go out in person and caught him back.”

“That’s good, the family has been holding the Xiao family accountable for the sake of their marriage. There was once our disciples fought over this incident at the Snowy Mountain Range, saying that we, the Xiao family broke our promise and took the betrothal gift for nothing. Which is why the descendants of our family did not dare to make a move casually, how deceptive!" Xiao Mengyue snorted. 

"Hey...Second Uncle, I didn't expect this bitch woman to have that courage." Xiao Mohui then squinted at Xiao Mozheng and said, "Second brother, you didn't teach your daughter well. Although she was born with a wild woman in the secular world, she still has the blood of our Xiao family. If every child is like her unreasonably making trouble and daring to disobey the family's orders, won’t our Xiao family be messy?"

Xiao Mozheng raised his head without any slightest anger, but rather humbly nodded and smiled, "My brother is right, but it's a pity that the wicked girl is no longer at home, otherwise I will teach her severely!"

"Huh, about her, we don’t know how many times we couldn’t raise our heads in front of the Luo family. We were forced by the Luo family and suffered a loss in reason. Do you know how angry our father was for this? If I didn’t help you to suppress this, you would’ve been detained!” 

Xiao Mohui seemed to be venting his anger for what had happened just now, and Xiao Mozheng could not even look into him properly as he was being scolded. 

Xiao Mozheng did not refute and kept nodding.

In the end, Xiao Mohui felt complacent, and he did not forget to pretend to blame himself, "It was also because I was too gullible at the beginning to believe in my brother. I thought you could do your daughter's job well, so I proposed to our father to let her marry Luo Hang from the Luo family. But, we did not expect that she had the wildness of the secular bitch in her bones, despite her weak appearance. I am afraid she followed her secular biological mother."

Xiao Mengyue interjected at this moment: "Mohui, don't blame Mozheng completely. Although the wicked girl, Xiao Zhiqing has brought a lot of trouble to the Xiao family, her Nine Yin Meridians helped us to test out more than a hundred poisonous elixirs, so I guess not everything is in vain.”

"That’s right, Second Uncle, but it is a pity that she will be given to the Luo family to use in the future. Think about it now, giving such an excellent test drug tool to the Luo family is such a pity. I should’ve asked the Luo family for more betrothal gifts," Xiao Mohui said regretfully. 

“Haha, Eldest Master, you are bullying the Luo family huh? Although that bitch Xiao Zhiqing is useful for testing medicine, her Nine Yin Meridians are getting deeper and she won’t last for many years. Instead of staying in the family for a few years until she dies, we might as well take her alive and give it to the Luo family for the last few years to exchange a batch of magic weapons and spiritual elixirs. On the contrary, we will make more money.

Xiao Mohui was flattered and waved his hand again to signal the compliments, but did not conceal his lust.

Upon hearing these words, Yang Chen almost smashed the wine table in front of him with his hands. Yet, he was trying his best to restrain it.

It turned out that the Xiao family had such an idea, no wonder they were willing to give Xiao Zhiqing to the Luo family.

Indeed, if it hadn’t been for himself, Xiao Zhiqing might have encountered a toxin attack in a foreign country one day, and she would have been completely wiped out...

Thinking that Xiao Mohui and others planned all this and Xiao Mozheng as her biological father turned a blind eye to it and even wanted to ‘teach her a lesson’, Yang Chen felt the urge to kill all of the Xiao family's children present!

However, his rationality still allowed him to endure it, as there will be a long time to come. When the woman was rescued, he would let them taste their own medicine. 

After leaving the second uncle's family, he finally completed the inspection of the collateral family and returned to Xiao Residence. 

Xiao Mozheng continued to take people to investigate the elixirs, so they parted ways. 

As soon as he got home, Yang Chen was called to his room by Xiao Mohui.

Xiao Mohui seemed to have a heavy heart, and his face was very ugly.

"Qiufeng, as your father, I don’t know when or how you practiced but I am very pleased to see your progress today. However, the speed is still too slow. Please try to reach the end stage of the Li Fire period before the Martial Competition next year, alright?” 

Yang Chen said in his heart, whatever it is, I am about to leave here very soon anyways. He then nodded very obediently.

Xiao Mohui said with a gloomy expression, "Your second uncle finally couldn't help it. I didn’t expect him to be able to collude with that cunning fox... Hmph, it's lucky that your grandfather was guarded against him a long time ago and he thought that we had no idea about his sneaky actions.”

Yang Chen pretended to be puzzled when he heard this, "Father, have they done something?"

Xiao Mohui glanced at him with satisfaction and sighed, "Originally, I thought that you kid only knew how to play with women. However, you didn’t seem to be so ignorant and forbearing today and you’re finally becoming mature. It doesn’t hurt to tell you I suppose. In fact, your second uncle has been having some private transactions with your second granduncle and they often send some spiritual materials to their homes to secretly refine pills. Your grandfather just tried to play dumb about these trivial matters, for the sake of avoiding conflicts. We just don’t know how they colluded and it’s true that there are indeed many highly qualified children in the second uncle’s family.”

Yang Chen thought, that Xiao Mengyu has really high tolerance, it seems, he can just endure his son betraying him without making a move.

"Father, doesn't this contribute to their strength? What will happen to us if they take action on us?" Yang Chen looked scared.

"Huh! What are you afraid of!?" Xiao Mohui sneered, "No matter how powerful this old man is, Xiao Mengyue is inferior to your grandfather. Your grandfather has reached the mid-stage of Weak Waters and may enter the end stage any time, so he has been retreating and seeking a breakthrough recently. What's more, we also have Xu Shaogong from the Xu family supporting us. With the Xu family standing on our side, other collateral clansmen will behave somewhat. Even if you are just in the Samadhi True Fire Stage when you’re fifty, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t stand still in the family. Also, you have your father in front of you, they can’t stop me from inheriting the family now, can they?”

Yang Chen thought to himself. Shouldn’t the Xu family stand on Xiao Mozheng's side unreasonably while Xu Yanan is still the second lady? Can there be…a hidden secret behind this?

Thinking of Xiao Manyan and Xiao Qiufeng’s affair, Yang Chen suddenly thought of something, and muttered in his heart. This family is indeed messy…

After he came out of Xiao Mohui’s room, Yang Chen thought for a while, and went straight to the Zhao siblings room.

It was not because he wanted to "say goodbye" to them, but he remembered that as soon as he left, they might not be able to get the high-grade spirit elixir so he simply took advantage of Xiao Qiufeng's identity to give them one.

For nearly half a month, Zhao Muyang and Zhao Ting have both felt astonished and worried about Xiao Chen's disappearance. Lan Fei had also looked for them twice, but they did not understand how a living person could just disappear out of nowhere.

After Lan Fei and Zhao Muyang talked to each other last time, they became good friends.

When Yang Chen arrived at the residence of the Zhao siblings, he happened to see Lan Fei discussing with Zhao Muyang, and they were practicing together. Of course, Zhao Muyang had lowered his cultivation.

Seeing "Xiao Qiufeng", the three of them immediately came to salute, feeling a little nervous, as they had a bad feeling about his presence.

Yang Chen didn't talk too much nonsense, and temporarily prepared two sets of elixirs, each with a top grade, three medium grades, and a dozen low grades, all as parting gifts for these few friends.

Lan Fei and the Zhao siblings were frightened when they received these spirit pills.