Yang Chen feigned Xiao Qiufeng’s tone and warned, “I gave you all these behind my father and grandfather’s back because I see the potential in you. Keep it a secret. If anyone gets wind of this, you’ll be killed.”

The trio was so touched by his words their eyes turned misty. It was really important to them.

With these pills, Lan Fei and Zhao Muyang were confident that they could reach a breakthrough. It was a dream to them, as only the most valued talents in a prominent family could receive such treatment.

When Yang Chen was about to leave, Lan Fei seized the opportunity and asked, “Young Master, do you know where Xiao Chen has gone to? He just entered the Xiao clan and kind of vanished in the past two weeks. We’re worried about him.”

His concern made Yang Chen feel guilty. After all, it was rare for cultivators to long for a friend, who was not in a single way, related to them. Compared to the losers like Xiao Mohui and Xiao Mozheng, they were angels.

Nonetheless, Yang Chen could not speak the truth. So, he snapped, “How would I know something as trivial as that? Maybe he went out for his cultivation. What, am I supposed to keep an eye on everyone? Mind your own business and don’t waste my pills!”

“Yes, please be rest assured, Young Master. We’ll forever be loyal to you and the Xiao clan,” Zhao Muyang hurriedly responded.

Then, the trio continued to lavish Yang Chen with praises that he got so sick of it and quickly gave an excuse to leave.

When he arrived at the Green Emperor Tower, Xiao Tingxu, who was guarding the place did not suspect a thing and let him in.

Yang Chen sighed a breath in relief. I knew it. With the identity of the eldest young master of the Xiao clan, I can go anywhere.

After deactivating the array on the door, he moved up the tower without arousing anyone’s suspicions. 

At the same time, he realized that the top floors of the tower stored plenty of herbs. Although most of them were normal herbs for pill concoction, he thought it would be a good idea to steal some when he left the Xiao clan.

However, because every floor was guarded by an elder, he decided to take care of Su Xin’s matter first.

As he continued to move upwards, he finally saw the prison.

Undeniably, the creator of Green Emperor Tower did a magnificent job.

The three-story prison located at the top of the tower was a snow-covered area made from arrays. Only white could be seen all over, and the snow and sharp icicles were real. 

Cold air entered the tower from all sides, causing the temperature to drop below negative hundred degrees. 

Thanks to their True Yuan, cultivators could move about in this ice world. Otherwise, ordinary humans would have frozen into statues in minutes. 

Every story of the prison was made with the toughest metal in the world, and cultivators below the Tribulation Passing stage would not be able to force their way out of here with True Yuan.

With the divine sense, Yang Chen soon located Su Xin in one of the stories. In fact, she was the only prisoner in this ice prison.

In a flash, he appeared before a prison cell.

Inside it was a middle-aged woman, with messy hair and tattered clothes.

“Su Xin,” Yang Chen called as he stared at the woman, who was cowering by the corner.

Upon hearing his voice, she looked up, revealing a beautiful face under that disheveled hair. Though her face was pale and her lips were purple, he knew she would look pretty once she groomed herself, as her figure was not inferior to Xu Yanan.

With a gaze full of disgust, she glanced at him before looking down again.

Yang Chen was startled at first but quickly realized he was still impersonating Xiao Qiufeng. That realization made him sigh. 

From her reaction, Xiao Qiufeng must have done horrible things to her. Perhaps her tattered clothes were his doing.

“Su Xin, I’m not Xiao Qiufeng. Look.” Yang Chen recovered his voice and removed the Blinding Leaf’s effect. 

Su Xin thought he sounded weird, so she looked up and was immediately stumped for words. 

“W-Who are you?”

Confirming that no one could sense their situation here, Yang Chen chuckled and said, “My name is Yang Chen, and I’m Qing’er’s boyfriend. I know you’re her nanny and that you helped her escape from the illusionary dimension. It’s time for me to save you out of here now.”

“Qing’er? Is it Ms. Zhiqing!?” Su Xin exclaimed. She pounced onto the bars and asked anxiously, “How is Ms. Zhiqing doing? Is she okay? Are you really her boyfriend?”

Yang Chen was moved. At such a critical moment, this woman still cares about Qing’er. Whereas her biological father…  Vexed, he balled his fists tightly.

“Calm down. I’ll tell you everything in detail.”

He glanced at the bars and then summoned a ball of Samadhi True Fire to melt the cell.

Shu Xin gaped at him. “This… this is the Samadhi True Fire! How is it possible? What cultivation technique is this? How are you able to use the Samadhi True Fire?”

As someone who grew up in the illusionary dimension and possessed a cultivation of the Soul Forming stage, she was quite knowledgeable.

Yang Chen chuckled. It was not his first time seeing a cultivator being shocked by his abilities. After getting into the cell, with a wave of his hand, he melted the snow and ice with Nanming Li Fire. Soon, the temperature rose.

Seeing that color had returned to Su Xin’s face, Yang Chen recounted the whole incident to her. In the middle of it, she would keep asking about Xiao Zhiqing’s condition. When she heard that the young woman had fallen into the Luo clan’s hands, she frowned in distress. 

“I’m responsible for this. If you intend to blame me, I won’t try to defend myself. But don’t worry, I’ll save her.”

Su Xin shook her head. “Since you came to the illusionary dimension by yourself, it showed that Ms. Zhiqing did not judge you wrongly. You’re a dependable man. I might be a lowly servant in the Xiao clan, but I’m not ignorant. I’m grateful to you for coming here to save me, so I wouldn’t possibly blame you. Besides, there are plenty of elites in the Luo clan, including those old ones who hardly show themselves. Yet, you’re still willing to risk your life to save her. I’m impressed. Yang, uh, if you don’t mind, I’ll call you Mr. Yang. I don’t think you should save me. Since Xiao Qiufeng is dead, I won’t suffer much here other than the cold place. If you save me, I’ll only burden you. What if they become suspicious of us and stop us? It’ll be troublesome.”

Yang Chen denied her suggestion. “You don’t have to consider this. If I can’t even save you out of here, how can I save Qing’er?”

“I…” Su Xin frowned. “It’s still too dangerous. Back when that scumbag Xiao Qiufeng imprisoned me here, he received permission from the patriarch. Without his permission, I can’t get out of here. If she intends to stop us, the elites in the Xiao clan will be alerted, and it’ll only put you in danger.”

Yang Chen was startled. “I can’t bring you out even if I become Xiao Qiufeng?”

“No.” She shook her head firmly. “The hidden clans have stringent rules, especially the three major ones. They have to abide by the rules. Otherwise, the illusionary dimension would’ve been a mess millennia ago.” 

A deep frown creased his forehead. That’s troublesome. I’ve yet to meet Xiao Mengyu, so how can I obtain his permission to bring Su Xin out of here then? 

Seeing the troubled look on his face, Su Xin smiled. “It’s okay, Mr. Yang. I’m pleased that you came all the way here for me, but saving Ms. Zhiqing is of utmost importance. Ever since that scumbag brought me here, I never thought of leaving here. Just because his cultivation was better than mine, he assaulted me from time to time. I’m dirty now… if I wasn’t worried about Ms. Zhiqing, I wouldn’t have been alive till now. Now that I know she’s still alive, I’m relieved.” 

Yang Chen was deeply moved by Su Xin’s affection for Xiao Zhiqing. It was comparable to Wang Ma’s love for her daughter.

Qing’er was right. The only person kind to her in the Xiao clan was Su Xin, the nanny who raised her.