Su Xin must have gone through sufferings and grievances from being toyed with by Xiao Qiufeng. Perhaps staying alive was even more painful than death.

However, Yang Chen did not think she was dirty. Just like other women who sold their bodies to maintain a living, she did not choose this fate willingly. There was nothing to be disdainful about it; it made him respect her even more.

At the thought of that, he decided to risk it.

After a moment of deliberation, he raised his head and asked, “Su Xin, you’ve brought Zhiqing out of here once, so you should know which direction to get out of the illusionary dimension as quickly as possible, right?”

Su Xi nodded. “Yes, if you’d like to know, I can tell you in detail.”

“Here’s another question. If I were to take the herbs in the bottom levels as Xiao Qiufeng, would the elders stop me?”

She was puzzled. “Those herbs are provided to the elders who are skilled at pill concoction. If you want to get them, it might be difficult. Unless you’re only taking a small amount.”

“What if I want to take a lot of it?” Yang Chen’s eyes gleamed with cunningness.

Feeling that something was amiss, she asked hesitantly, “Mr. Yang, are you trying to steal the herbs? But most of the elders have at least the cultivation of Li Fire. Ten of them guard the tower the whole year and have the cultivation state of Ming Water. The remaining forty or so are in the Tribulation Passing and Soul Forming stages. You should leave here soon. It’s more important to save Ms. Zhiqing. Even if you take the herbs and no one can concoct them, they will only serve to boost the spiritual energy.”

“Who says no one can concoct it? I can.” Yang Chen chuckled. “It’s not my style to leave the treasure behind. Since I’m not planning to return to the Xiao clan after rescuing you, I should pull a big stunt before I leave.”

Su Xin’s mouth went slack, and she stared at him in shock, wondering if she had misheard him.

The man’s countenance was full of solemn. He asked, “Su Xin, are you familiar with the tower? If I fight with the Tribulation Passing stage cultivators in here, will the woman outside notice it?”

“I-I can’t say for sure, because there’s a defensive array outside of the tower which serves to block the spiritual energy and True Yuan from spilling out during pill concocting. So, technically, the people outside shouldn’t feel the tremors, unless the tower is destroyed.”

Yang Chen narrowed his eyes as he took out a set of women's clothing from the space ring and gave it to her. 

“Wear this. Even though you’re my elder, it’s not appropriate for you to stand before me half-naked.”

Su Xin’s bust and pubes were visible under the tattered clothes, and he had been trying his best not to lay his gaze there.

That set of clothing was bought by Lin Ruoxi in Korea when she was on a shopping spree. Since money was merely material to her, most of her clothes were left in his space ring.

Unexpectedly, it came in handy today.

Holding the cute cartoon T-shirt and short skirt in hand, Su Xin found them fascinating but did not think much about it. 

As she changed, Yang Chen turned his back against her. Once she was done changing, he could not help but blush.

It feels like I’m taking advantage of her… 

As Lin Ruoxi wore a size smaller than Su Xin, the T-shirt was right on the latter. It pressed her breasts together, and because she was not wearing a bra, her nipples were eye-catching.

Her skirt only covered one-third of her firm, milky thighs.

Compared to Yang Chen’s reaction, Su Xin was calmer. Probably because of what Xiao Qiufeng had done to her, she did not feel awkward and merely smiled when she caught Yang Chen staring at her.  

Clearing his throat, he pretended nothing had happened and asked, “Su Xin, I’m bringing you out of the illusionary dimension to my place in the mundane world. Would you be willing to come with me?”

“Mr. Yang, can I?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. Even though the woman outside has profound cultivation, she can’t stop me by herself.” He was not lying. After all, a cultivator in the Ming Water-stage was truly not a match for him.

Agitated, Su Xin held the hem of her shirt tightly and nodded. “I’ll listen to you and do everything that you asked of me.”

“You don’t need to do anything. Just watch from behind me. Once we get out of the tower, I’ll bring you to fly with me so that we can move faster.”

Once they had discussed everything, Yang Chen transformed into Xiao Qiufeng’s appearance and brought Su Xin down.

When they arrived at the nearest level that stored herbs, Yang Chen checked with his divine sense and found two elders with Samadhi True Fire cultivation and one elder with Ye Fire cultivation.

The three of them were organizing the herbs according to the formulae and were puzzled to see their young master and Su Xin.

“Young Master, what are you doing here?”

The elder with Ye Fire cultivation walked towards them smilingly, completely clueless about the imminent danger. 

Yang Chen seized the chance and summoned the Chaos Cauldron before the elder could approach.

Under his control, the Chaos Cauldron did not release its oppression. The cauldron, surrounded by black fog, enlarged within seconds and charged toward the three elders.

“Young Master! You-”

The three men could barely react when they felt a strong suction pilling them into the cauldron.

Yang Chen unleashed his true cultivation. With the Full Cycle of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation stage, he summoned a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy so that the Chaos Cauldron could engulf cultivators below the Ming Water cultivation stage before they could resist. 

Like a black ferocious beast, it swallowed the three elders, and in seconds, their spiritual energy was absorbed by the Chaos Cauldron and Yang Chen. 

Though they were in the Tribulation Passing stage, their spiritual energy did not feel much to Yang Chen. Nonetheless, it was better than nothing.

Even if he was already in the Full Cycle, the journey to the Tai Qing heavenly lightning tribulation was not so easily achievable.  

Yang Chen was not in a hurry. Anyhow, it would only do him good to have some more cultivation. 

He turned back and saw Su Xin staring at him and the Chaos Cauldron above his head in horror. 

As a gesture to comfort her, he grinned and said, “Don’t be afraid. It’s my artifact. I’m going to sweep the floor one level by one level like this.”

With that said, Yang Chen scanned the level with divine sense and stored the herbs in his space ring. 

Of course, he did not forget the elders’ bodies for any storage artifacts, but to his dismay, they had none. 

Since Xiao Tingxu did not seem to have noticed the commotion, Yang Chen was relieved to go down another floor.

This time, they bumped into an elder with Ming Water cultivation concocting a pill with a cauldron. 

Since ordinary cultivators could not use Samadhi Fire like Yang Chen, they ignited True Fire with special herbs, but as one might have expected, the quality and duration were far weaker. 

That sight made Yang Chen grin. How convenient. Fortunately for him, the elder did not like to be bothered and was the only person on the floor.

Without saying a word, he dashed toward the elder and summoned a hall of Ruo Water and slammed it on the latter’s head.

Soon, the elder’s body was corroded by the Ruo Water.

After absorbing the elder’s spiritual energy, Yang Chen glanced at the cauldron and sneered. It was of bad quality, so he did not want it. 

As this level was mostly used for pill concocting, it did not have many herbs. Hmm, can I make the Xiao clan suffer major losses by stealing this cauldron? After all, it must be a precious Great Ancient artifact to be able to withstand the heat of the Samadhi True Fire… In hindsight, I already have the Chaos Cauldron, so why should I take it? It would be a waste of space.

At that thought, Yang Chen unleashed the Purple Fire, much stronger and ferocious than the Samadhi True Fire, and melted the cauldron.

Su Xin, who was watching from afar, widened her eyes in shock. Who exactly is he! How did he manage to kill an elder with Ming Water cultivation with one attack and melt a cauldron in seconds?!

Yang Chen’s abilities gave her the confidence to escape from here, and at the same time, she was glad on behalf of Xiao Zhiqing for being able to find such a reliable man.